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Beta Map KF-MountainPass_Beta1


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Nov 22, 2005
Atlanta, Georgia
Download [FileFront]

Author: Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt
Email: [email protected]
Filename: KF-MountainPass_Beta1
Release Date: July 31st, 2009.
Map Size: 8MB compressed / 29MB uncompressed
Playable: Yes

Simply unzip and place the .rom file in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor\Maps

Breif Description
Earlier this morning a call came in from dispatch notifying us that a top Horzine scientist was being pursued by police somewhere in the northern mountains. Then all went silent. Command deemed it necessary to fly in and investigate, despite the early morning fog and our pilot's objections. Looks like he was right, our chopper went down in the forest near the highway. So now we're stranded, our pilot is dead, we've got no backup, and there's no way that howling sound is just the wind.

All content created by Tripwire Interactive and myself. Some textures have been heavily edited from CGTextures.com.

You are free to use all my custom content for your Killing Floor maps (including contest entries). A small mention in your map thread or readme would be nice but is not required.

If you have questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

[email protected]



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Well, I finally got this up to Beta status. I hope everyone enjoys the map! Constructive criticism and suggestions are more than welcome.

Additional Screenshots


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Hi DrGuppy,

I appreciate the technical advice you gave me with KF-CarryOnUp and would like to offer the same courtesy for KF-MountainPass. As this map is entered in the competition but still in beta I'll only place the comments in this beta thread.

Even in beta form KF-MountainPass is outstanding and beyond the visual beauty, you've just got to love the way the bots launch themselves from the tree stumps. Intentional or unintentional it's in there now and really works well.

Here are a few points to consider. They may seem somewhat petty but with the overall quality of the map they do stick out.

The sudden jump to darkness in the pipe feels unnatural and if you could make the transition a little less abrupt it would improve the effect.

The lights on the vehicle are effective from a distance but they lose their appeal as you get closer as they appear to be hovering. Maybe a little tweaking to give the lightbox itself a little ambiance will make it look more natural.

The mountain side is such high quality and then you run past and through the protective meshing. Any chance for some collision so that doesn't happen?

The biggie is this door as it's a potential exploit area. Once you've locked the left side, the bots refrain from entering. I waited like that for about a minute. I've seen this before on another door even when there was more than sufficient room to pass. If you wait long enough they have a habit of attacking it regardless of other surrounding areas that they could simply walk to. It looks like the bots are coded to give the doors priority over everything else.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!

Most of the things you pointed out arramus are because the map is still in Beta and I simply didn't have enough time to properly fix them. I appreciate the help though. The pipes will be extended inward to make them more natural, thanks for noticing that. I'll be redoing the cliff / wire mesh statics to make them look better and collide properly. Police lights are a bit of a pain because coronas disappear if you put them inside the mesh. I've got some ideas on a new system of doing them but again, it takes time. Not sure what I'll do about the single door at the moment. When I tested it the zeds would go through fine but if they're getting stuck I might just replace it with a double door. The stalker spawn is known and will be fixed.

I've got some custom vehicle statics in the works at the moment which will help decrease the openness of the road and make it more dangerous. The map used to have low fog emitters on the road but they ate up too much FPS to justify their inclusion. I'm also going to tweak the spawn areas to have crawlers jump in your way while on the road and possibly have more zeds spawn and jump over the guardrails to keep the pressure up.
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I would just suggest that the atmosphere and the amount of cars on the road is perfect. The road looks very eerie right now and gives off a very mountainous feel. Plus the road itself is so well done that its enough visual appeal. But if you are gonna add the extra statics anyways, it should be on the off-road place thing or at the camp site.
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