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  • Excelleeeent. I'm available once it reaches beta stages :D
    (don't forget to replace crap with epics)
    I assume you will be making at least one map for HoS.. so here's my idea. At the 2 minute till round end mark - a double rainbow appears across the sky. It would be.. so intense *sobs*
    Holy jumping Hobos, you're back! Going to make a Kriegstadt_final any time soon? :)
    Needs more cowbell.
    Also, stop being a pottymouth so Zips can't infraction you all teh Zeit.
    I suppose this goes out as a general answer, but at the moment progress on the 3D Audio mutator has come to a halt. As much as I would like to get a working version available, the issues surrounding Unreal code replication prevent me from getting the mutator working.
    I just want to know if you are still working on the 3dAudio mutator.
    If it worked online just as it does offline it would be amazing.
    I really look forward to its release, so just wanted to ask.
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