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  • I don't suppose you are still around? I am after the webadminmod zip .. the link appears dead?
    Cheers in advance. :)


    I like your map Brewery for Killing Floor. Is there a chance that you'll put it in the Killing Floor Steam Workshop ?
    It's funny you should mention that as I just had a good look through HH to check it's feasibility. Those wide hallways are ideal for motoring up and down and a wheelchair would handle the corners quite right. I'll ask braindead to add it to his list of potential goodies.
    You have permission to create a motorized wheel chair version for HH DCF. A bit like Dodgems or bumper cars hurtling down the hospital corridors. Just replace the stairs with wheelchair ramps!
    i'm currently under the use of a Westell verizon 7500 model router and i need to get the killing floor default port forwarding information (service/rule) back to allow server hosting.
    hey dude, i'm trying to enable my killing floor port forwarding information and accidentally deleted it. how do i get that specific service?rule back? answer me as soon as possible please!
    Hi. I need a little help.
    I made a custom mode for my server and everything is work fine but zombies not appears :(
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