Why and how did you choose your (ingame) nick

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 19, 2006
West "By God" Virginia
Strother, its my last name and it's simple and unique, I started using it during COD when I use to play with friends and we would make up stories and Id be Lt. Strother, my friends would be like Sgt. Davis or Pvt. Stewert etc...

I also go by

The Hamburglar....not sure how that started
Ketchup Suicide...I saw this written on a bench in Genova and was like wtf lol.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 2, 2007
I used to play as Street Preacher... from the movie Johnnie Mnemonic.

When I played DoD:S, Street Preacher just didn't seem appropriate, so I was looking for a new nick. One day, I asked a close friend: "Did you give your mom that ointment?"

"For what?"

to which I replied with something nasty and not worth repeating.

Oddly, Ointment seemed more appropriate for DoD:S, so I used that. When I picked up Red Orchestra, Red_Ointment naturally followed.

Headless Roland

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 14, 2007
Austin, Texas
It's from a song, I was inspired from the PPSh 41's resemblance to a Thompson submachine gun, and my fondness for it.

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon.

I was surprised anyone got the reference, but they have.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
Tolkien nerd. I don't remember when I picked it, but if I had known that I'd eventually play a game with voice coms, I would have picked something easier to pronounce.

My favorite attempt so far is "more-gah-megal"

PS: I was a Tolkien nerd before it was cool. It's cool now...right guys?!

Wrong. Being a Tolkien Nerd WAS cool, but now it's so mainstream! (saying that right after finishing reading LotR for about the twentieth time ^^)

My nick was created during my year as civil worker.
There is this relationship consultant who has a Q'n'A every Tuesday in austrias biggest newspaper. The problem of a guy was that everybody thought he was a nice person, but no relationship lasted long, as he was more of a "being friends"-guy than a lover. So he asked: "What can I do to set a Lady's heart on fire?" To which I replied loudly, without much thought:"Cunnilingus!".
A colleague, who wasn't into latin asked me what that was... and I explained it to him very graphically with my index, mittlefinger and tongue.
From that day, I was referred as "Bertl, die perverse Beutelratte" (Bertl the perverted Opossum).
And to return the favor of explaining, he rendered it in latin:
Beutel = bag = coleus (which, conincidentally also means testical)
Ratte = rat = rattus
so tada = ColeusRattus

For the pT-Tag, I had to leave out the "coleus" though, but you can still find me with that nick on sever games and forums.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 11, 2006
Major Denis Bloodnok is a flatulent coward and nitwit from the 1950s British comedy radio programme The Goon Show, apparently cashiered from the British Indian Army (Roper's Light Horse) for getting his hand caught in the till and ...er... something else caught in another officer's wife.

I took the name because I was looking for a comedy British military name when I first started playing DoD in about 2000/2001 and, after rejecting CaptainMainwaring, SergeantWilson and CorporalJones, thought that MajorBloodnok was the silliest (and highest ranking) of the bunch.

I have also used the name Ernest Trubshaw or Mr Trubshaw when playing the HL Mod Science and Industry but that's not been for a while (someone else had already used the coveted "Jim from Accounts" so I couldn't use that). Ho-hum.

PS Please note that I am not the highly esteemed "Bloodnok" from Iron Crescendo as everone keeps asking me, lol.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 23, 2006
Edinburgh - Scotland

Was looking for a name for a Dark Elf character in Morrowind so I began looking through books like LOTR eventually found one series of old books I used to read all the time, the Zagor Chronicles. He's a random sub character that's in for about 3 chapters in the 1st book and about 1 in the second book.

So now i pretty much use it for everything, that or my initials or first two initials and last name.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 18, 2006
Zagor chronicles?? lol, thats a killer.
For me Zagor is a childhood hero, an italian comics series I use to read all the time. Imagine Tarzan in the wild west- that was Zagor.

Zagor chronicles...you really killed me..


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 15, 2007
Thalvik comes from the movie "Ransom" with Sean Connery as Col. Nils Tahlvik from 1974. It's about terorrism and a hijacked plane.
I thought the name sounds well, but I've made a mistake at the registration and now it's Thalvik and not Tahlvik :) !!!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 1, 2006
Cornwall, UK
Lod is a nickname I've had since my sister was very young. She couldn't pronounce my real name (Lloyd), and used to call me Lod instead. It stuck from then on..
I have used it as my nick since the days of Mohaa/ RTCW.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 27, 2005
Smith and Jones, both are the epitome of the common American name. Just popped into my head. 0430. April 30. The day of the battle of Camarone. Seemed appropo to have a lost battle in my nick. There seem to be so many of them in RO.


Camarone Mexico, 1865. A company of French Foriegn Legion (around 65 men) was the advance guard for the French payroll convoy. They tripped an ambush by around 1000 Mexican cavalry just outside of the Hacienda de la Camarone. They fought their way back into the hacienda, losing about 15 to 20 legionaires. They fortified the barn while the Mexican troops took up the surrounding areas. They fought for the rest of the day, losing most of the rest of the company and thier commander, Captain Danjou. The remaining 11 men and the remaining officer, fixed bayonets and charged the Mexicans. The attack, of course, failed. The remaining 3 to 5 men fell back into the barn. The Mexican commander, impressed with their courage called upon them to surrender. They legionaries, led by the surviving corporal, requested the honors of war, and to send word back to their higher headquarters news of the fight. The Mexican commander agreed.

It is the symbol of the FFL. A hopless fight, in a lost war, for a doomed cause. It is also stands for the fidelity shown to all legionaires. Esprit de Corps.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 18, 2006
Back in middle school i used to drink a lot of energy and by third period i would get a twitch and all of the kids in my class used to call me twitchey


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 24, 2006
Back in middle school i used to drink a lot of energy and by third period i would get a twitch and all of the kids in my class used to call me twitchey

haha, kinda like twitchy from the movie "hoodwinked", not sure if you've seen it?

Myself I go by Syd, it was my grandads name, short & simple. Although Im amazed at how many people cant say it properly? I had one person call me S Y D, as in the letters. Is Syd that hard?

I have used Piggy in the past on other games, its my forum name and I find I can use it on alot of forums. I hate having to remember all kinds of different forum names when I log in so Piggy is always my first choice.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 2, 2006
When your last name is Smith the nickname "Smitty" just kinda goes with the territory. :)
Since I've been called "Smitty" for as long as I can remember it only seemed natural to use it in game.