Why and how did you choose your (ingame) nick

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 17, 2006
It is just a stupid name from my early quake days. I just came up with it. No significance really...


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 15, 2007
I used to be ron_bastard on bf1942, but then some people complained about the use of the word bastard, which seems odd in a game dedicated to trying to kill people. So, after being kicked from a couple of games I changed that to ron_illegitimate, but that was too long to type, so I changed that to moron.

And my real name's not even ron. Or illegitimate.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 13, 2007
8th SS has a naming principle where you choose a german name, if possible that of a "good" (And i use the term exceedingly lightly) german soldier. No far from leading us to having dozens of the famous names, we've only got a few.

My personal name is Thomas Bottcher, a briton by the name of Thomas Cooper originally, who moved to germany before the war on the basis of a job there, which actually wasn't available when he finally arrived. He wasn't able to return to england as the war had started by that time so he changed his name to Bottcher, the germanic form of Cooper, and joined the 1st SS, rising to the rank of MG training officer and moving from the 1st to the 3rd and then the 4th. His last action was at the battle of Leningrad where he was wounded and later awarded the wound badge in black, making him the only british soldier in the german army to receive a german medal (That i know of at least.)

So yes, that's me:
Oberscharfuhrer Thomas Bottcher,
8th SS Kavallerie,
Gruppen fuhrer des RO unter Kav.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 30, 2007
Mikhail Panikako was part of a Marine Infintry Division sent to defend Stalingrad In September 1942. The surviving men of his unit along with men from the 193rd Rifle Division were defending the ruins of a school when German Infinrty and tanks came rolling in. With AT shells and ammo depleted Mikhail Panikako siezed two petrol bombs. He was poised to throw the first one when a lucky German bullet shattered it in his hand, covering him in flames. He flung himslef the last few yards and smashed the remaining one against the tank behind the turret, dissabling the tank and ending his life.

That is were my in game name comes from


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 1, 2007
OK, heres a bit of a convoluited story. Ive played under Jok3r for a long time on RTCW:ET, Call of duty and DOD, inspired by Full Metal Jacket obviously enough. However lots of other people have had the same idea and it was getting tiresome... Particularly the 1337 speek in the nick.

My new nick is inspired by the Iain M Banks culture novels. My favourite characters in the books are the Minds- huge ships with brilliant names like "Serious callers only", "Attitude Adjuster' and 'i said ive got a big stick'. One of the classes of ship are Rapid Offensive Units and I thought- hey, that pretty much sums up my style of play so I found an ROU with a name i liked, hence Steely.Glint. See, I said it was convoluted :D

(And for the geeks out there- yes Steely.Glint is a general contact vehicle, but by the time I realised that i was using the name so :p)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 22, 2005
I used to be ron_bastard on bf1942, but then some people complained about the use of the word bastard, which seems odd in a game dedicated to trying to kill people. So, after being kicked from a couple of games I changed that to ron_illegitimate, but that was too long to type, so I changed that to moron.

And my real name's not even ron. Or illegitimate.
I assume its 'bastard' then...


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 28, 2007
Edmonton Alberta CAnADA
RoyalHighlander.. I served with the Blackwatch (RHR) Royal Highland Regiment thus also known as The Royal Highlanders.. have been using this nick for ages.. NO I didnt take it from that stupid Movie/TV series Highlander lmao


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 9, 2007
White7 was my radio callsign while I was in the army...White, because I was in 2nd Platoon...7, Because I was the Weapon squad leader in a Mechinized Infantry Company.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2005
I recently took on a second nickname cause i got a bit bored of this one:
Saint Jude.
I got it from the game Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption. Basically, 2 lovers who cant be together (she being a nun, him being turned vampire and all.. long story, but its really great!), so the guy gives the girl a necklace he found.
It's the amulet of Saint Jude, patron saint of lost causes.
And because usually people come to me with their problems, it seemed fitting to me, and it also sounds cool IMO :)

EDIT: looked on wiki a bit, and found this:
The Armenian Apostolic Church honours Saint Jude, along with Saint Bartholomew as their patron saint. In the Roman Catholic Church he is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes.

The explanation of this nickname is further back, but in short it's basically formed out of 2 Slipknot songs called (SiC) and Disasterpiece :D
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 19, 2006
The netherlands
Greenhell is a nick I'm using since the early Quake days. Its from a song called.....Greenhell. Originally by the Misfits, though the version I heard first was by Metallica. That and the fact that my last name is Green and my life is a living hell...has been for many years.

I'm going to cry now...

Colt .45 killer

Grizzled Veteran
May 19, 2006
first fps i ever played was mohaa, running down omaha beach with bullets hittin the sand around me my tommy gun ran dry( ok ok i was trigger happy), out came this funny lookin pistol, after blasting one or two krauts with it, it wasent so funny lookin anymore. hence i became colt .45 killer. think that was in '02.


Active member
Jul 18, 2006
My name is taken from a fictional character in the danish film "Skytten" portrayed by Jens okking in which he is a anti nuclear power sniper who kills random people in order to stop the introduction of nuclear power in Denmark but in the end he gets wasted of course.

Skytten translates roughly to the sniper or the shooter but can also be translated to the german Sch


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 25, 2007
Denver, CO
I chose my nickname, Lettland, as that's "Latvia" in German. Being half Latvian, married to a Latvian and active in the Denver Latvian community, I felt it was appropriate. :)

Rommel McDonald

FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 14, 2006
Ontario, Canada
Started using the name Rommel McDonald when I played in an old *** BFE campaign for Dod 1.2 or 1.3, whichever version first introduced the MG
Then I joined a russian realism unit and adopted the name Sava. Means old man in russian I think.