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What We Are Up To - New Hardware To The Front

IIRC, this is already possible. The mapper only needs basic coding knowledge to do it.

However, he has to shoehorn his new roles into the existing slots. The only difference between his roles and the game's would be their name, loadout, and availability while the amount of roles he may have is probably limited by the game's current number.

Did not know that, thanks for the info.

Of course, it was so much simpler in the previous version of Red Orchestra.
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twice captured t70
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I hope that too, mg ramboing is still one of the biggest gamebreakers in Ro2. Pls TWI dont make the same mistake again, 1000 times asked by the community to stop this madness, pls fix mg ramboing.

IOM, Classic, or even just Classic weapons handling as a server setting help a bit, but it seems the weapons are always carried at the ready to fire hip position, which seems unrealistic when you are moving and should only be available when you click the mouse or something similar.
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I don't see how one or two guys can turn the tide of the whole round... What? 32 players can't deal with 1 guy? Sure :rolleyes:

edit: for the record - I am NOT ramboing with the mg because I find this tactic as waste of class due to the nature of the whole machine gunner role to suppress, cut enemy movement lines and providing cover fire. But if someone wants to do it, I am fine with it but the guy will prolly just boost his kdr a bit, without doing much for the team (playing for the obj).
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