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  • Hi Nymets,

    I've almost completed a Territories map for rising storm 2, I've tried cooking the map however it does not save out to published folder and only takes 46 seconds. In your example vid on steam it shows the folder directory it saves the published file to. I am not getting this when it cooks. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or a method to publish it better.

    Also do you have any knowledge on adding the underwater blue volume for rivers if you go under the water?

    I'm really itching to get my map live for testing and I'm being held back by not being able to publish it.

    I'd really appreciate any help you can give!

    Is your map saved in the unpublished folder? If it's not saved in the unpublished folder then it will not cook correctly. As far as underwater visual effects you can use a post process volume with a blue and blurry tint I have one on Cousteau if you want to copy it
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