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=GG= Mr Moe
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  • Hey Moe, if it's not too much of a hassle for you, I'd also like to know what the deal is with TE-Kakaz. Via PM or whatever, if you can be bothered :)
    Moe! I read your lamenting on favorite maps and created a favorite map predictor. It's loaded under beta map releases and requires Excel. I too want to play my favs and now I have an idea on when to fire RO up! :) hans
    EDIT: Moe, Here is your text. The TWB*Old Glory server is transforming to be a custom map runner so hopefully, the map predictor will give you an idea when your favs are due to play! "I have posted over at the TWB forums for their custom map of the month vote...and still miss those custom maps running on their servers every single time I load up RO". hans
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