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Red Orchestra adds Steamworks

If you want anonymity you can set your status to offline. You can't see if your friends are online then but you can still play the games. Not much to do about the hours played though, sometimes wish there was a was to hide them from public too :D

Still, that idea is more limiting than the current state; it's like taking a step back. I don't want some people in my list to know which nick I'm playing with, but I want my other friends to know that I'm playing RO. Being offline is not an option.

In a mindless blazing away "fun" FPS like TF2 people may don't mind that feature; but in a serious game like RO that I've put hundreds of hours in many years, I do.
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So the new steam-friends-thingy will actually show me when Im fakenicking? Now thats just poor evil? No more undercover action? :eek:

On a more serious note: I am kind of disappointed (as much as confused) with the fact that the current work on RO went into something that nobody needed (SteamFriends) AND into removing a feature a lot of people liked (buddy-list) BUT NOT into something that is really broken (8-series lag?).

Now pls dont get me wrong, I know that the 8-series problem is Nvidias ****-up, not yours, and at the end of the day I appreciate it a lot (and I mean A LOT!!1) that you guys still havent abandoned this game. Big *thumbs up* for that :cool:

8 series lag is a fault by nvidia with all unreal 2.5 based games why should twi fix it if not even epic or any of the other devs using the UE2.5 engine do. Complain for that to nvidia. :\ They made the 8 series and their 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 series do work, why would it be the task of the devs to fix their 8 series :p
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And thank you hobo for being around so I could remember a real clan tag to look up,

here is CoreNA, several members with that steam name, plus the entire clan that you can look and find people in.


Yeah, but that's a list of people in a Steam group. Not a list of people in a particular server. Imagine if I'm on TS with EvilHobo, and we're both ingame on a different server. Hobo says, "hey, join my server". Doing this with the old buddy list would be easy, I would just add the CoreNA tag. But now, I have to:

1.) Alt-tab out (because I don't like having Steam in-game enabled, annoying popups etc)
:Yoshi: Can turn off popups and notifications in system settings of steam
2.) Sign into Steam friends
:Yoshi: Can set this to sign in on starting steam
3.) Right-click on EvilHobo (assuming he's on my Steam friends list, which he isn't, so I have to add him first)
:Yoshi: If they are ingame, should have an arrow you can left click that pulls down the menu(so you can bypass the right click part) I know same step, different button, just felt I'd point it out.
4.) And click "Join game".
:Yoshi:See step 3
5.) Hope that RO doesn't crash because it's loading a map while I'm alt-tabbed on my desktop
:Yoshi: Don't alt tab :) See step 1

... or I could join him through Xfire. But I'm not sure if that works while alt-tabbed, I don't think so.

Not exactly user-friendly, tbh. You assume that everybody likes Steam friends. And you know what they say about assumptions...
:Yoshi: Never assumed everybody would, however many people do ( not including the vocal majority here, once again we understand this)

I'm sure it's possible to bring back the wildcard search / old buddy system in RO, though.
:No, no it is not without bringing back up a UE 2.5 master server as the steam master server does not support this. If Steam Master server ever does support this or a similar function I'm sure TWI will add back in the buddies list.

Clearly a lot of people don't like this change. If I were you, I'd reconsider this change of direction, or at least contact Valve about this.
:Yoshi:We understand that people aren't happy with the buddy list removal, but at this point it isn't going to change. You yourselves can also contact valve about feature improvements, they have an idea and suggestion list just like we do.

:Yoshi:-Note this has yoshi additions cause I was too lazy to quote- I know its not as easy, and I never said it was. I'm just saying the system in place support similar functionality, it just takes time to get used to it.
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Mare Nostrum 1.2 Patch Released!

This is a minor release patch that fixes the following issues:
- added Mod compatibility with the RO 1076 patch. (Many thanks to TWI for helping with this)
- Anti-Tank Gun crew is now vulnerable to small arms, melee, and explosive attacks. (Many thanks to the AHZ crew)
- Fixed menu music not playing
- Updated Intro map to take you to the main menu once it's completed.

Known issues:
- When you launch MareNostrum via the Steam Servers join option, it will not automatically connect you to the game (only launch the mod).

Installation instructions for clients:
- Patch up to 1.1a if you have not already.
-Delete your MareNostrum/System/ MareNostrum.ini
This file will be regenerated next time you launch the MareNostrum client.

Installation instructions for servers:
- Patch up to 1.1a if you have not already.
You will also need to delete your MareNostrum.ini.
Be sure to re-add your server specific items. (sorry for the inconvenience)

OB1.2 Client Patch (7.2MB .rar)

OB1.2 Server-only Patch (3.3MB .rar):

Previous Client patches (you will need all of these to play)
OB1.1a http://masterblaster.mega-ton.us/MareNostrum-OpenBeta1.1aPatch.rar
OB1.1 http://www.marenostrumgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=826
Open Beta 1: http://www.marenostrumgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=801
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You have all my cooperation. I will write them.
Since the patch i can`t play koenigsplatz, ogledow anymore.
That`s for sure.

Some danzig and some other maps are no problems.


okay went just online...

Very strange when i point my mousecursor on a koenigsplatz server,
players went from for example from 7 to 0.
One koenigsplatz server was 6/15 i believe and it stayed.
This was the pzdf-koenigsplatz server.
Logged in choosed a side, could choose a weapon. I thought
this is a good server. Went in and i was playing with zombies.
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I really love RO and tripwire ans STEAM but this time i am so pissed off :

Since last update my game RO (computer Quad 6600 2.4Ghz + 4 Go RAM ) goes very slowly. Its not like a Lagg its just like if speed of game s been reduced...

To show you , my soldier run as fast as i use to walk before update...

I pray the almighty ( the relaser of this update ) that this can be fixed or if someone with the same problem can explain how he did to solve..

I am playing matches in Clan in RO ladder, i can just forget about that since to shoot straight with a rifle i now need to .... i dont know what, i just cant !!!!!!!

I just cant shoot straight now with rifle or snip so i ll just be a noob PSH41 rush player and thats it....

Please someone fix this and i send you 50
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