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  • Good day my dear friend. I am the owner of Russian server frontCCCP 24/7 Campaign-TE (RUS hard)> www.ro2.su which works since 2013, and had the status of the ranking server ip address but now I was forced to change the seat of the server and change its ip address. I applied for getting rank 16 January 2017goda address, but rank has not been received. I wrote about the problem on the forum and your employees [TW]schneidzekk,Yoshiro, but the response has not been received. Our server is in attendance in the top ten, but changing the ip address we lost the rank and all the players who asked us where the server disappeared. I ask you to help us with the rank of a new ip address. Thank you !

    I have a bit of a dilema coming up that hopefully the guys in TWI can help me with. I was a beta tester for RS and have managed to progress my player in game.
    Now for my dilema, my son also uses my steam account for his gaming, but is due to build his own pc in the next few weeks. He has spent a LOT of cash for games on my steam account and I intend to let him continue to use it while I create a new account for myself.
    He is intending to re purchase all the games I currently use in steam and my only problem I have is the progression I currently have with this steam account and my RO/RS player.
    Is there any way , once I have re-purchased the game, of having my current progression transferred to my new steam account?

    Hope you can help
    Kevin Moffat
    Can someone please let me know what is going on with not being able to post maps to the workshop since the halloween update? I spent 80+ hours making a map specifically for the event and cannot upload it : (
    Please pass my gratitude on to all the Devs for the fantastic new map and weapons! Great job guys!
    when will you add new zeds to kf, I mean it's been like 2-3 years, or even more, the husk is the newest, and he is like from 3-4 years in the game oh it will be cool if you add new bosses and people can vote for bosses at the boss wave for who they want to fight.. and maybe new perks and weapons... and don't make kf 2 with ultra bad *** graphics, some people don't have so powerfull pc's..
    Just a quick note: I am saddened that some achievements are now unable to be obtained at all. I'm fine with some achievements being only able to be obtained at certain times of the year (summer, Halloween, Christmas), but the ones such as the Golden Potato seem unfair that they cannot be EVER achieved. I'm one of the gamers who looks for 100% completion on achievements as part of my fun in a game, and it disappoints me that it is now forever impossible for me to get that.
    y hasnt the update to normal from twisted christamas event shown on my steam account? im still stuck on that theme. waiting for an answer.....
    Thanks for posting on my issue the other day and attaching a file to help me get the game back online. I appreciate your help.
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