Killing Floor 2 Potential Weeklies For The Future - Your Input Requested

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What outbreak ideas/types are you most interested in - Choose your top 2

  • Era/Themeatic Outbreak - Example Wild West Weapons only (new weapons would not likely be added)

    Votes: 13 21.0%
  • Perk Roulette - Swap perks/loadout with another player every wave at random

    Votes: 30 48.4%
  • Thick Skulls - Zed Heads are invincible, time to learn other takedown methods

    Votes: 8 12.9%
  • Time/speed changes based on player movement - Everyone still (zed time) - ramps up w movment

    Votes: 22 35.5%
  • VIP Must Survive - One player per wave is chosen as the VIP - zeds will target them more

    Votes: 20 32.3%
  • Ladies Night - Stalkers and Sirens are here to make a stand with the matriarch in tow - no commandos

    Votes: 3 4.8%
  • Friendly Fire - Learn to aim mercs, not only do your weapons damage friendlies, but doubly for you

    Votes: 1 1.6%

  • Total voters

Agent Pickles

Apr 15, 2021
Protect the King​

  • Every round, a different player is chosen to be the player to protect.
  • If they die, everybody loses.
  • All zeds gain the stalker invisibility, explode like elite crawlers upon death, and/or permanent rioter effect on all zeds.
  • Forces players to learn how to protect one another.
  • The changes to zeds helps keep it fresh during solo.
Special Designer Note:
Reward Idea: A backpack that looks like a bullseye/target, which has been damaged by bullet holes, scrapes, and has a machete and broken gorefast blade sticking out of it.​
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Active member
Dec 9, 2018
Protect the King​

  • Every round, a different player is chosen to be the player to protect.
  • If they die, everybody loses.
  • All zeds gain the stalker invisibility, explode like elite crawlers upon death, and/or permanent rioter effect on all zeds.
  • Forces players to learn how to protect one another.
  • The changes to zeds helps keep it fresh during solo.
Special Designer Note:
Reward Idea: A backpack that looks like a bullseye/target, which has been damaged by bullet holes, scrapes, and has a machete and broken gorefast blade sticking out of it.​
This one caught my eye, although it could still be ruined by the 'King' running into danger. Trepidation aside, I'd back this as a contender - anything which promotes teamwork and staying together I'm on board with.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 10, 2021
Weekly: Girls Night Out/Ladies Night

Function: Sirens,Stalkers and the occasional Edar only match with the Matriarch as the final boss

Tweaks: commandos can't use their ability to see invisible enemies and the zeds per wave is double or triple more than usual

Difficulty: suicidal or HoE on 7 waves

Reason: it just seems like a unique weekly game mode for killing floor


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
Added some new additions to the poll!


Apr 27, 2021
Added some new additions to the poll!

So after taking these poll ideas into account, I have a lot of questions. I'm assuming 6P mode for this (and HoE where specified), even if I almost never play weeklies online because I mostly just prefer to not deal with them and would rather tackle it solo. Most of these seem like they're at complete odds with the basic premises of the game, and there are others that are like taking all of the bad behaviors from pubs and just encouraging them as an actual mechanic.

Also consider if these weeklies would be "random waves" in Endless Mode, because I could see some issues with each of those. Some of the issues could be mitigated by giving a warning before each round, but they'd still be problematic in their own ways.

But to go down the list:
  • "Thematic" Outbreak:
    • Is there even an era that would actually cover a lot of weapons like this? I feel like this would have a knock-on effect of either promoting a single-perk team (for example, "old" weapons would basically limit things to Sharpshooters for maximum effectiveness), or promoting Survivalists just because most players would feel obligated to have any bases covered (even if Survivalist is not a good answer to the problem in practice). But a big issue I see here is that your loadouts would be heavily restricted for later waves and bosses, which could be a serious problem if you're trying to deal with late-game waves using only the Winchester and 1858s, no matter how many upgrades you slap on them.
    • For Endless mode: How would this affect players using the non-approved loadouts? Would their weapons get removed? Would they just be shut down for a round and forced to hold the Run button the entire wave?
  • Perk Roulette:
    • I just really don't see the point of adding a "randomizer" to a game where part of the base principle is picking a perk with a loadout you already do well with and sticking with it to the end of the game, maybe swapping as you see necessary. But I know a lot of players wouldn't lik this just on the principle of some of them hating certain perks and loadouts. I would be rather sore if I prepped a Commando loadout and got swapped with the team's Support Specialist using nothing but an upgraded Trenchgun.
    • For Endless mode: See previous point.
  • Thick Skulls
    • Continuing the trends from the last three years of "headshots were a mistake," we have this actual suggestion. Why? Just why?
    • No point in using half the classes in the game because they're headshot dependent. Oops.
    • Promotes poor playing and just flat reduces the skill ceiling for literally everyone except certain demo loadouts. As if we don't have enough of this phenomenon in HoE pub games already, now you're forced to kill Scrakes and Fleshpounds by just dumping ammo into their chest and hoping for the best.
    • For Endless mode: "Oops, you were Sharpshooter/Gunslinger/Commando/SWAT/Support and it rolled this? Guess you can sit in the corner and do nothing."
  • "Superhot mode"
    • Because it totally is this. Or maybe the "heat rune" or whatever DUSK called it. It's the same thing.
    • So I can see this being a fun solo mode distraction, but I'm curious as to how you'd even make this work in 6 Player mode. Leaving aside the fact that some perks move faster than others, how would this even programmatically work with six people moving at different speeds and doing different things?
  • VIP mode
    • Not an unviable idea in multiplayer, but: Does the game immediately end if the VIP dies, or is this just "increased aggro for one player specifically?" Poll description is unclear.
    • This is a complete non-entity for Solo mode. Just saying.
    • For Endless mode: See first bullet point.
  • Ladies' Night
    • I don't like this on the principle of locking out Commandos; we already have a shortage of good Commandos in this game.
    • This removes an aspect of team play in a really hamfisted manner.
    • Does the Matriarch still get those stupid robots in this mode, or does she only spawn Stalkers and Sirens on each health interval?
    • For Endless mode: If someone is Commando, how is this handled when the wave begins? Are they just instantly killed? Rendered unusable?
  • Friendly Fire
    • Oh look, a griefer's paradise!
    • There are such a thing as friendly fire custom servers and: with a full team on Discord, they can be fun, in a way.
    • In pubs, I wouldn't even dare. Even leaving aside intentional griefing, there's too many berserkers blocking line of sight, too many Demos willing to drop explosives where they shouldn't, and too many Firebugs willing to spam fire willy-nilly for this to even be a dream.
As this is an official TWI poll, I'm a little nervous about all of the above. But it really does strike me that these are at odds with how the game's normally played. Most weeklies are basically an aspect of the game taken to an extreme (e.g., "Boom" encourages the team to dispatch Zeds at a distance when they're already a threat up close to begin with), but these just seem like qustionable ideas.

Agent Pickles

Apr 15, 2021
Malfunctioning Trader Pods.​

An energy surge somewhere is causing pods to malfunction. They are spontaneously activating, exposing their normally-armored soft underbellies. The Patriarch is seeing a window to rid his world of Trader Pods and are sending zeds to attack the pods. These energy surges have made some tools a bit wonky.​

  • Throughout the round, different Trader Pods come under attack (one TP at a time).
  • If they're damaged too much, they no longer function.
  • The energy surges have busted your welders. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Kills only count if players are within the TP's defensive ring.
  • Players that leave the marked defensive areas can still kill zeds and heal themselves, but the kills don't count (for lowering the zed counter; as personal kills or assists; for receiving dosh; etc.) and they can't be healed by teammates. Lone wolf tactics render those players completely alone and pointless (except as described below). If a teammate is knocked out of the ring, help that goober get back in the ring so that their kills are counted again.
  • Despite the lack of welders, TPs can be fixed. When the TP reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% health, a nearby cog or data tablet can be discovered (inconveniently outside of the defensive ring, of course), retrieved, and slapped onto the TP, adding 10-15% back onto the TP and providing a dosh bonus for the person who dared to fetch it. Fixing TPs are optional, but you might want to make the effort, especially if you're down to your last TP.
  • A different, random pod comes under attack every XX seconds or XX kills, forcing the team to abandon their current position, elbowing their way to the next one, killing the zeds that are already bashing the next pod, and setting up new positions. Take too long and that pod might go down before you reach it. Maybe the team never had an honest chance. How unfair. Write a letter. Or just accept that you don't need all of the TPs to win.
  • Dead TPs don't end the game. The team can lose all of them and at that point they're just setting up in defensive zones to finish the rounds. It would suck if you have plenty of dosh and no TP to spend it at right before the Boss level, though, so that's what you're fighting for... especially in Endless mode. Better start scavenging.
Balance Options:
  • Active TPs are available for buying/selling during the fight.
  • TPs don't magically heal between rounds. That would be silly.
  • Laning a defensive zone can be easy and players only need one working TP, so I'd prefer that the TPs be fragile.
  • Perhaps the TPs spit out a Tier 1 weapon, stacks of dosh, and/or ammo when they die. Booby prizes for those who stayed near the TP.
  • Perhaps only Support can keep their welders and/or welders are rendered horribly inefficient (or won't recharge or only recharge when near new TPs), rather than get removed. Players would have to take turns putting their guns or syringes away momentarily to protect the TP. Dedicated meat shields might have to heroically jump in the path of incoming projectiles. Best use of zed time ever.
  • Perhaps welding the TP saps you of your armor. You're welding your armor onto the TP to protect it.
  • Because Horzine wants you to protect their property, perhaps Support and Demos get boosts at each new TP, allowing players to take advantage of free ammo and free grenades more often (or players receive more ammo/grenades than usual).
  • More ranged zeds and increased odds of husks performing suicide kaplooey to destroy TPs, take advantage of confined teammates, and prevent the Firebug from being OP.
  • TPs aren't fans of friendly fire, so maybe don't toss C4 onto an incoming enraged FP and watch where you shoot if zeds break through the line.
  • Sometimes two pods are active at a time, forcing teams to either split the team or accept that they'll always lose a pod.
  • Or the next pod opens prior to the current one closing, giving zeds first dibs on the newly exposed pod.
  • Perhaps syringes and medic weapons can still heal when administered from outside of the defensive zone, but only recharge when near active pods. No more pods = no more medic recharging, which might remain true during the Boss level. Heal wisely.
  • Maybe higher-than-average ammo and armor spawns.
  • Some players seem to struggle with the concept of how the defensive zones work. GET. IN. SIDE. THE. RING!
  • Encourage SWAT to get to know and love their new HRG weapon.
  • In normal mode, other players don't always care about defensive zones if it means they can hog all of the kills and dosh. This weekly punishes this behavior unless such behavior benefits the team.
  • Lone wolves really have to accept responsibility for their play style if they die. There's very little incentive or pressure for any teammate to follow the lone wolf, especially if welders remain in the weekly. There's plenty of incentive to stick together as you run to the next TP.
  • If we accept that the two main playing styles in the game are defensive and run-and-gun, then this weekly provides opportunities for both styles with clear times when to expect each style.
  • Welding doors gets more love, since displacing away from the defensive zone is only going to happen when truly necessary. Increased tactical advantage to door welding also means fewer door-welding trolls.
  • The difficulty is somewhat dependent on the map you play, increasing replayability. Seasoned players can try to accomplish this weekly on Farmhouse, whereas maps with the perfect layout and number of TPs will attract more casual players.
  • Since not all maps would be considered equal, I can imagine that some teams might agree to just let some TPs go down in exchange for defending the last one or two convenient TPs (I'm looking at you, Desolation map). Roll dem bones iffen ya dare. Kinda boring playing that way, but a legit tactic. Don't like that tactic? Don't play those maps.
  • Now there is a new tactic to consider when devs design maps. Go ahead and put that sewer tunnel right next to that TP.
  • New achievement options. Perhaps for players whose TPs all fall below 25% health but lose none.
Special Designer Note:
Reward Idea: A trader pod backpack or a trader pod themed welder skin.​


Nov 5, 2018
I wish I could choose them all to be honest, they all look like great fun and silly game quirks. I am always down for a weekly challenge, even if it isn't a challenge. So long as it is fun to play.

A post I made a while back, but still relevant to the thread at hand...