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Killing Floor 2 Potential Weeklies For The Future - Your Input Requested

What outbreak ideas/types are you most interested in - Choose your top 2

  • Era/Themeatic Outbreak - Example Wild West Weapons only (new weapons would not likely be added)

    Votes: 15 17.4%
  • Perk Roulette - Swap perks/loadout with another player every wave at random

    Votes: 35 40.7%
  • Thick Skulls - Zed Heads are invincible, time to learn other takedown methods

    Votes: 12 14.0%
  • Time/speed changes based on player movement - Everyone still (zed time) - ramps up w movment

    Votes: 23 26.7%
  • VIP Must Survive - One player per wave is chosen as the VIP - zeds will target them more

    Votes: 36 41.9%
  • Ladies Night - Stalkers and Sirens are here to make a stand with the matriarch in tow - no commandos

    Votes: 5 5.8%
  • Friendly Fire - Learn to aim mercs, not only do your weapons damage friendlies, but doubly for you

    Votes: 9 10.5%

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    With what the team is hailing as a successful conversation in helping them get a deeper knowledge on what players would like to see with weapons, we are going to do something similar here for Weeklies.

    We are going to start this one a little different and keep it to a discussion (no poll) for now.

    Important notice: Any item included in this thread are not guaranteed to ever make it into the game. The goal here is to help the design team better match player want/expectation with their design goals for future weeklies. The better posts are what roll/function/challenge a weekly will fill in helping spice up the game loop.

    Hey everyone!

    The team is looking at what new weekly outbreaks players would like to see. The idea with this thread, once again, is to try and match up the designer goals with player expectations.

    We've seen some great suggestions already, but want to start the conversation to get a deeper knowledge and idea about the reasoning behind some of these ideas.

    With those things being said, we've been looking over some of the great suggestions from the community but want some more player input and reasoning on why those choices are the right ones.

    As we start to see trends we are looking to add a poll in a new thread to help us narrow things down.

    A great post here should look something like this:

    Weekly: Name Idea (The name itself is less important)
    How does this weekly work, be as exact with the details as you can (The function and roll this weapon fill is very important)
    Describe why its a great fit that meets the player wants and team goals. Simple fun, new challenge, different (maybe better in your eyes) gameplay loop?

    Special Designer Note: Ideas that combine existing features in new and interesting ways are far easier to slot into the update schedule over ones that require new features/code/enemy types - Use the newly added Weeklies (Coliseum and Blood Thirst) as good ways to constrain your ideas.

    If you like a posters idea, please react to it with a thumbs up. If you would like to add more to it, please quote it and add to it with good information (not just a +1 or "yes please" type post - these will be removed)
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    Weekly: Feeding Frenzy
    Function: In short it would be a counterpart to Zed Time in that game speed is doubled/tripled* making for frenetic action
    Reasoning: Why not?

    *Rough number, basically aim for 'fast enough to be significantly different but still playable'

    I've previously suggested a 'Dark mode', Invisible Zeds and Topsy-turvy (wherein everything is turned upside-down) but I'd imagine these might not gather sufficient support though you never know. 🤞
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    Weekly: Realistic WW2 era teams.

    Function: Limit of one weapon per player that re-models weapons that already exist in game.
    • Berserker—Japanese officer sword
    • Commando—MG42
    • Demolitionist—Panzerschreck, Schiessbecher, or something similar
    • Field Medic—M1
    • Firebug—WW2 era flame thrower
    • Gunslinger—dual lugers
    • Sharpshooter—WW2 era bolty or Boys Anti-Tank Rifle
    • Support—M97 Trench Gun
    • SWAT—MP40
    • Survivalist—De Lisle Carbine
    Reasoning: A good amount of new weapon suggestions revolved around a combination of "realism" and WW2 era weapons, even though a good number of those suggestions were minor tweaks to weapons that already exist in the game. Let's give them what they want.

    Special Designer Note: In a game that takes you from Santa's workshop, to face-to-face with Cthulhu, and through the gates of hell and into the afterlife, I don't understand why people expect realism...

    ...but if that makes the game more immersive to others, I won't say no to cool, classic weapons.

    In this weekly, dosh is for upgrades and ammo, rather than buying new weapons. I don't have an opinion on the availability of armor, personally. I'd play this weekly with or without armor.

    I made it heavy on German weapons as a shout out to KF lore, but a bazooka instead of a panzerschreck or a PPSh-41 instead of a MP40 are just as good, IMHO.

    BONUS: Lots of re-skin options to sell for the new models; can be applied to wild wild west, steampunk, Vietnam, modern, and futuristic eras as well.

    Alternatively: give players an option to choose any ONE weapon from their chosen perk to play throughout the rounds. Those who like realism will choose realism. Those who like fantasy will choose fantasy.
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    Weekly: Perk Roulette

    Function: The game randomly assigns perk(s) to player(s). Either everyone gets something random or everyone gets the same, random perk.

    • Takes teams out of their comfort zones; promotes a broadening of horizons.
    • Encourages teams to work together in new ways and see things from another teammate's perspective.
    • Allows players who are fighting over a particular role, yet insist on meta, to "settle the score".
    • Everyone a 'zerker? Total chaos! or Spartan phalanx! Show us what you've got!

    Special Designer Note: Examples...
    1. some players may ordinarily choose the X role because they feel that SOMEone should... even if they don't particularly like the role.
    2. some player usually plays the X role in their group of friends but are getting bored with it. They continue to choose X only because their teammates expect it. This gives them an outlet to try something else.
    3. someone else on the team always chooses the perk you'd like to try. Now's your chance without stepping on their toes or feeling guilty.
    Admittedly, this is a game and everybody should be assertive enough to play whatever role they want without the help of a weekly, even if it means there is an overlap in player styles or annoyed teammates. But some people struggle to be assertive, especially if a teammate is aggressive.

    Even if psychology isn't a part of team dynamics, the randomness keeps things fresh and encourages veteran players to accept the challenge given to them.

    Alternatively/additionally: Perk skills chosen randomly and/or secretly. No reliance on a particular build.
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    A bit surprised, considering you announced eight weeklies planned for this year... I'm curious if you're considering adding some more for next year (same thing for the weapons), if you had a change of mind and if so, if you maybe realized that the forums were pretty much dead for a good month or so? No matter the train of thought, I'm definitely glad us players are finally getting heard. Even if it's marginally, it's always great to be able to express our feedback.

    I already shared my ideas on a specific topic I created so I won't propose those EIGHT ideas right there. I'll just cast my votes on the good idea and keep my lil' mouth shut starting now to avoid generating useless amounts of extra discussion distracting from the main goal of the topic.

    Anyway, thanks Tripwire !
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    Feelin' Perky​
    All weapons are perk weapons for every perk. A variant of Beefcake, strong zeds will be needed to take on the barrage of overpowered players.​
    • Look forward to blowing off steam after a long day of work.
    • Finally give your Commando a weapon that isn't an assault rifle without handicapping yourself or your team.
    • Finally give any perk a Survivalist-only weapon without handicapping yourself or your team.
    • Now the Gunslinger has the ability to dual wield any weapon that is less than 7.5 pounds of weight, so that they might dual wield the katana, SG 500, Caulk and Burn, Mkb. 42(h), etc.
    • A Stoner or Flamethrower or Winterbites in the hands of a Field Medic with the Acidic Rounds perk? Yes please.
    • Min/maxers have new calculations to figure out? They'll need regular cigarette breaks and the Viagra hotline on speed dial for all of those 4+ hour boners they're going to have from working on their spreadsheets.
    • Arm your level 25 Rapid Assault SWAT with an M32 Grenade Launcher and reduce hordes of zeds into buckets of gibs with each zed time activation.
    Special Designer Note:
    It would be great if a player could mix up grenade options somehow as well.​
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    Weekly: Mysterious luck
    Function: Only survivor. At the start of each wave (or at the trader's time), players either get random weapons or the options in the trader are limited and cannot resupply their weapons, so they have to sell them.
    Reasoning: It's fun because you don't know whats weapon you can get and you need skills with every perk to survive

    Weekly: Tier list
    Function: at the start of each game players start with a tier 5 weapon and as they progress, they lose that weapon and acquire a lower tier one until reaching the boss using a tier 1 weapon
    Reasoning: you need to be very skilled and not depend on weapons, which can make the game more fun
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    Name: Thick Skulls
    Function: ZEDs are tired of their heads being shot for easy kills! They now have invincible heads. ZED count reduced by 15%.
    Reasoning: To throw a wrench into most players' default playstyle and give light to skills that do damage to limbs.
    This one intrigues me, may I put forward Head Strong as an alternative name.
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    3rd person weekly

    and for this the challenge would simply be obviously the higher difficulty setting but mainly learning to and adapting to a 3rd person view for the time of the game.
    Think this would offer a unique game experience from what we’ve had before.
    And since we enter 3rd at the end phase of each game anyway I’m assuming the jump wouldn’t be to impossible to make it a weekly.
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    Name: Russian roulette

    function: All fire rates are randomized within a playable limit for automatic weapons, semi autos will have a chance to not fire that bullet (just need to hit shoot again) similar to a jam or have a slight delay before the bullet actually fires like hangfire on a bad bullet and has a chance to slamfire a second bullet as a new one feeds allowing for sort of a 2 round burst on semi autos. Not entirely sure how melee could work as zerk could easily bypass this, possibly with the weapon possibly bouncing off the armor/bone and dealing less damage or slicing/smashing a devastating hole in a zed,

    Reasoning: spices things up for every class, every time you pull the trigger it can give you a boost in dps or it can hinder a takedown, its up to chance to decide. Puts more emphasis on planning which zeds to take care of first and makes the player focus more on where they are on the map and where zeds are to avoid getting into a pickle
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    A season is randomly selected. All weapons retain their current stats except...
    • Spring/Cyber-themed weapons do electric damage.
    • Summer-themed weapons do fire damage.
    • Fall weapons do bleeding or poison damage.
    • Winter weapons do ice damage.
    All enemies take on their seasonal-themed skins.

    • Selfishness, I suppose. I always look forward to the Halloween-themed enemy skins. I'd love to see them occasionally throughout the year.
    • I imagine that other people prefer certain seasonal themes and would also love to see them on occasion, especially if support for KF2 is winding down and seasonal events end.
    Special Designer Note:
    Reward ideas could be season-related "backpacks" (fills the backpack slot). Multiple rewards increases replayability.
    • Spring: a yellow rain pancho with hood
    • Summer: A beach towel tied around the neck like a cape
    • Fall: Dracula-style cape
    • Winter: Blood-splattered white fur hood and cape
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    Weekly: Scavenger Hunt
    Function: This is gonna need multiple bullet points
    • All weapons spawn with full ammo, including starting weapons when you spawn
    • All weapon and ammo spawns are active. Higher tier weapons have a higher chance of spawning in later waves, with Tier 1 weapons being phased out entirely on the second half of the game
      • The Medic Pistol will count as a Tier 2 weapon at the halfway point, so as to make healing items more readily available
    • Trader pods are disabled, but you will have 2 minutes and 15 seconds of trader time instead of one. This is to give players more time to forage the map for guns and ammo
    • During Wave 7 and 8, there is a 1% chance for a weightless instakill knife to spawn (Deals 58,275 Freeze damage on Bash, and Light and heavy attacks)

    Reasoning: Thinking this would be a nice alternative to the standard gameplay loop of Survival. I recall there being a KF1 mutator where trader pods are disabled completely, though I really don't think it was made with serious play in mind. Meanwhile, I think having a "No Trader" mode reworked as a KF2 weekly could allow for a game mode where players will have to mix and match weapons they may not typically use in the standard survival mode in order to maximize their chances of success.
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    Bosses Only​

    • Start with 1000 dosh and a random Tier 4 weapon.
    • Rounds 1-5 are the five bosses, one per round, in random order.
    • Round 6 is two random bosses at once.
    • Round 7 is the three remaining random bosses at once.
    • Players will probably need a higher respawn rate for the ammo.
    • If starting with 1000 dosh and a T4 weapon isn't possible, start with a wave of zeds and remove Round 7 in the list above.

    • Gives people a chance to practice the bosses. It bothered me, especially when I first started playing, with an inability to practice fighting a particular boss whenever I wanted to (or being randomly assigned a King Fleshpound 3 times in a row, etc), especially when a daily task is to kill a particular type of EDAR, which are so rare unless you randomly get the Matriarch.
    • Damn good XP.
    Special Designer Note:
    Reward idea: Abomination Helmet/Crown/whatever you call it. I've always wondered why this wasn't a reward.​
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    Double XP​

    • Just like it sounds... doubles normal XP and doubles prestige bonus.
    • As an alternative: for Ss and Gs, just doubles the number of zeds per round :ROFLMAO:
    • Leveling up can be a grind. Make it easier on veteran players with the occasional reprieve from the grind feeling, especially to encourage the prestige levels.
    Special Designer Note:
    Reward idea: A skeleton key that can open any one chest. Whet the appetite for purchasing keys and/or getting involved in the market.​
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    Citizen Clam​

    • A small percentage of the Slashers, Alpha Clots, Stalkers, and Sirens will spawn with a hat and tie for the male zeds and a curly-haired wig and sunglasses for the female zeds. These are Citizen Zeds.
    • Citzen Zeds sprint around but don't attack the players. They just get in the way.
    • Regular zeds ignore Citizen Zeds, but husks, bloats, and raging 'pounds could still potentially kill them.
    • Every time a player shoots one, the player's dosh drops to zero.
    • Every player loses X dosh every time a Citizen Zed dies, regardless of who is at fault. Protect them!
    • Optional: when a Citizen Zed dies, they drop X amount of dosh, which disappears as soon as the round is over.
    • Right now the game is a "shoot anything that moves" kind of game. Having targets to avoid adds new strategy requirements to consider. Splash damage, throwables, penetration, and perk options can all inadvertently kill a Citizen Zed, so this could potentially really mix up players' and teams' plans.
    Special Designer Note:
    Reward idea: Rosebud. A "hat" that is a rose that is pinned to the hair.​
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    The Gauntlet​

    • The player starts with the normal starting weapons but the Trader Pods are closed between rounds and there are no weapons to pick up.
    • The Trader Pod is available prior to the boss round.
    • All players get a minor speed boost.
    • An invincible King Fleshpound chases the players around the whole time, but also damages fellow zeds that get in the way.
    • The round ends when all of the mundane zeds are killed.
    • The challenge is to get the King Fleshpound to do most/all of the work. I frequently try to get zeds to kill each other as often as possible by simply running around and weaving between them.
    Special Designer Note:
    I'd like to see someone make this idea better. I can imagine it getting tedious.​
    Reward idea: A bullfighter skin for DAR. DAR needs more love.​
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