Killing Floor 2 Potential Weeklies For The Future - Your Input Requested

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What outbreak ideas/types are you most interested in - Choose your top 2

  • Era/Themeatic Outbreak - Example Wild West Weapons only (new weapons would not likely be added)

    Votes: 15 18.8%
  • Perk Roulette - Swap perks/loadout with another player every wave at random

    Votes: 33 41.3%
  • Thick Skulls - Zed Heads are invincible, time to learn other takedown methods

    Votes: 11 13.8%
  • Time/speed changes based on player movement - Everyone still (zed time) - ramps up w movment

    Votes: 23 28.8%
  • VIP Must Survive - One player per wave is chosen as the VIP - zeds will target them more

    Votes: 32 40.0%
  • Ladies Night - Stalkers and Sirens are here to make a stand with the matriarch in tow - no commandos

    Votes: 4 5.0%
  • Friendly Fire - Learn to aim mercs, not only do your weapons damage friendlies, but doubly for you

    Votes: 7 8.8%

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Sep 18, 2012
Weekly: Laser Fight

Function: All zeds are now husks and your only weapon is a husk's cannon. All husk and your husk cannon now one hit and the husks are only capable of using their range attack. Perk abilities are also turned off, but you do get increase movement and reload speed. After seven waves you will fight the patriarch, hitting him once will make him invincible and at 1 hp in which he will run away and leave some husk. once you kill all the husk he will return with full health but in the yellow, and he will repeat this until he is in the red. once in red like casual patriarch he won't run away and you can kill him. Patriarch himself will only use his missiles and will on damage you if directly hit. once getting hit by patriarch you will insta die.

Reasoning: this is like a real laser fight were once you get hit your out, and I feel as a concept this sounds like it will be fun and with players possibly chaotic.

for a reward the husk cannon could get a laser gun looking skin.

Boy, instagib/instakill was MY JAM. Too bad I've always been a poor sniper, because it was a super fun mod.

However, I do believe that the player should get a slight advantage considering the husks would outnumber the team (and it might be tough to dodge 5-6 fireballs at once!). I believe a full armor should grant you one extra hit. That OR we could instead give the Railgun/M99 to the players, so they have the perk of having an hitscan weapon, making it easier to survive. Otherwise, I love the idea.


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Feb 1, 2011
Weekly: Headless Chickens
Function: An offshoot of Hell on Earth that increases body health by 30%, but head health is reduced by 60%.

-Decapitating a zed will not deal extra damage on head loss, but they will lose health at a rate of 1%/sec (bloats excluded) (i.e: if you decapitate a clot with a 20 damage weapon, its health won't suddenly drop to a third)
-Elite Crawlers will never spawn. This is due to how they will explode into poison gas if killed by any other method than headshot (bleedout will cause them to explode)
-EDARs will bleed out as if they were any other zed
-Neck stump will count as a head hitbox for the purposes of Sharpshooter's Headshot damage bonus and Rack 'em Up skill, Gunslinger's ReU and Skullcracker skills, Berserker's Smash and Demolitionist's High Impact Rounds.
-Bosses can be decapitated (head health is a function of body health * 0.3) but won't bleed out. However, this will do the following:
--The Patriarch can't use his minigun or cloak. Can also take self-damage from his mortar (has a 0.25x damage multiplier to his own rockets)
--Hans loses his HE grenades, StG44 deals 60% less damage. Draining deals 40% less damage and also heals 40% less
--Abomination can't eat or puke
--Matriarch can't scream or use her tentacle arm. Her weapon is also automatically destroyed on head loss
--KFP can't rage, chest laser deals 70% less damage

Reasoning: It's not often that you get to fight zeds in their headless state since they often die on decapitation. I think it'd be worth it to have a game mode entirely dedicated to headless zeds due to having tougher bodies but much more fragile heads.
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Apr 27, 2015
Russian Federation
I have an idea of weekly where you spawn only with a knife and all the zeds are replaced by poop monsters (abomination spawns).
You have to evade their suicide attacks, with successful dodges giving you some health and maybe other bonuses like speed.
Maybe players can also use 9mm as well but with very limited ammo to kill them in one shot, only as a last-ditch.

Perhaps it was suggested before.