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Killing Floor 2 News From the KF 2 Press Event - Meet The Zeds Part 2!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 8, 2009
The zeds look awesome!
I like the bloat's belly bounce :)
The stalkers from the mod had that capoeira kick, too.
When I first saw the new siren the horror movie "Martyrs" came to my mind.

Dam siren... Her scream corrupted the scrake footage... :(


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 12, 2013
Over here, no not there, here.
If the Zeds are all suffering, that just gives us more of an excuse to be 'angels of mercy'.

... That excuse may not apply to firebugs, but whatever.

We definitely want to see justice done to the man who made these poor, suffering murder-machines, right?
Ah, right
That gives us a reason to kill things. . .


Grizzled Veteran
Jul 7, 2009

The only thing that could make this better is an implication that the trader got chewed up by some clots and buried in a shallow grave.
She may have been blown up at the end of KFO-Transit.

Anyways, there's a lot of neat information out from the press event. The new zeds are looking good, and I'm glad they at least acknowledged the scrake. Considering they did, making him a special case, I wouldn't be too surprised if he was the most changed of them all.
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>F|R< Sarcinelli

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 6, 2007
ES - Brasil

Gamespot: [url]http://www.gamespot.com/articles/killing-floor-2-makes-shooting-zombies-even-more-g/1100-6421604/[/URL]

The siren scream is probably done like that to make it harder to hit her during her attack. And it could look different depending on the difficulty level.

This seems to be the case:

Tripwire has also overhauled enemy AI to give each creature type unique abilities that change with the difficulty you're playing on.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 21, 2009
Loving the new Zeds, but I can't believe how cruel you were with the Scrake footage tease!

That Husk is bad ***, and with that flamethrower, it looks like he is to be feared even more! (The Husk always seems to be the one that causes a rapid end to the game for me and my buddy, hard to imagine KF early on didn't have him.)

Anyway I am thinking of ordering some man size nappies to wear when playing KF2!


Mission Incredible

FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 12, 2014
The Bloat...I think is just a tad more vile than in the "old" Killing Floor.

It now has double butcher knives, so maybe a bit more damage ?
The Hurling is a bit excessive, it seems, I mean its going to be worse than getting slimed on the Nickelodeon channel. I personally think the game needs a "poisoning effect" - One heal to stop the life draining (up to 50% of players hit points before hurl) and another to heal points back up.

If this beast RUNS as fast as the others - It would be a hoot to see it BELLY FLOP on victims should there be an event such as Halloween / Hill Billy Horror. All the Bloat would need is a WWE T-shirt. Then when that thing is on top of a player, it would take some ingenuity to get away, vice blowing it up and getting swamped in a sea of vile. I can imagine a player standing up after all of this, and a team mate either mistaking this...... thing standing up, slime covered and screaming obscene phrases, as either a threat, or that team mate simply busting out in laughter, taking the focus off the threats around them for a brief moment. It wouldn't have to be overly dramatic or long, maybe some sort of cut scene that lasts as long as a short Zed time.

Corrupt footage.... I think, the zed identification footage isn't over - who says there aren't more Zeds coming out? Alan W said "more of the same".... so more Zed types? More variety throughout the waves means, potentially , a slightly harder mission to defend against say 14-18 Zed types through XX number of waves. maybe we will get 2 more newer creatures...After seeing the new Siren and its imbedded electronics - anything is possible.

As for the PAT, didn't the walls on Aperture say don't let "her" out ? I wonder if the new Pat will be a female and offer Pat-like attacks, Missiles (yeah plural) and a Siren like scream (more earthquake style to induce inaccurate shots), or a more simpler attack phrase...called PMS.

But overall, yeah, the game does look interesting ! I have bought many copies of KF1 to spread around the mission incredible group and I aim to do the same for this awesome looking game. I applaud the way TWI is staying close to the same look and feel. Many other game companies that produce a sequel fall flat on their faces because they get too "creative" and change way too much. Keeping it simple and subtle with a few unexpected surprises seems the best way to go.
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The DooD

FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 3, 2011
I'm so hyped for KF2 it's crazy. I need a release date or more information or screenshots or something to tide me over, it's so distracting!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 19, 2009
So, it seems that my idea from a long time ago about giving husk a short-range flamethrower to counter jumping zerks will be in KF2 after all :D

Also, it seems that bloat has a new attack, immediately made me think of this:

Also, dual wielding cleavers? Tad excessive, don't you think? I'd trade one of the cleavers for nipple piercings :D

I love the looks of gorefast, stalker not so much, though. Wonder how good actually her cloaking will be in-game, right now she shows only marginal light displacement and would rather hard to spot.

I really, really hope that siren's scream won't look in-game like this, it's just horrible at the moment.

The Naz Effect

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 10, 2013
What if that particular Siren scream is reserved higher difficulties?

Never thought I'd say this in a million years but wouldn't it be cool if it would be a 1-hit kill? That'd make her a FP-tier threat.

I'm stoked for all the surprises we'll have thrown our way.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 25, 2011
i would like the stalker has the same appearance as in kf1 because now she has less hair than before

in this wonderful game of horrible and deadly specimens, it is very nice to see a sexy female specimen, but with hair, because in the trailer it looks like a clot with female body


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 5, 2011
i would like the stalker has the same appearance as in kf1 because now she has less hair than before

in this wonderful game of horrible and deadly specimens, it is very nice to see a sexy female specimen, but with hair, because in the trailer it looks like a clot with female body


Active member
Jul 6, 2011
Anyone else see the screen around 0:57? Well me and my amazingly average photoshop skills did.

Looks like we might have some sort of new specimen on our hands...

Is that some text at the top? Can we get a zoom in? Oh my...
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 21, 2010
This isn't so much a complaint as it is curiosity. With all of the new and awesome "voices" that the Zeds have in Killing Floor 2, I thought it was disappointing that the Siren made what sounds to be the exact same scream from the first Killing Floor. I was really looking forward to what her scream would sound like but it sounds just as unrealistic as before.

Take the Husk for example. That is an extremely well done mechanical type sound but is extremely eerie because they were able to underlay a very human sound to it. All of the different "clot types" have very unique and horrifying screams as well.

As it is, why leave the Siren scream unchanged while it seems like all the other enemies got an update? Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? Also, is there any insight on if something like this might still be getting worked on at this point, or since the specimen footage videos are out, are these pretty much set in stone at this point?

Other than that, loved everything about this second video and thought the Siren was heavily improved in every other way including her new squeaking sound as she walks :).


Feb 23, 2013

These trailers are pushing my hype meter to maximum, and the best part is I usually hate horror things like this because I'm a giant pansy

The Gorefast in particular looks ****ing terrifying and I love it, I also can't wait until we get news as to what the new Zeds do and if there are other new zeds

The only thing that upsets me is my new computer might not be able to run it, but I guess we'll see when the game comes out.

Jesus christ TWI you're doing a damn good job hyping the game up