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  • wait a minute can I just type in html on here?

    wow wish I remembered more html :I
    Wow it didn't take me like a year or so to realize what your profile pick resembles. No wayl! :eek:
    You used a "Rick and Morty" reference in one of your forum posts (specifically about the new Trench gun and killing), and I really appreciate it. That is all.
    Mrsiir i have a question is there any possible way to block communications with certain members? I don't want to get into anymore arguments or battles with certain members who i will not name and i'm sure you have already seen the post between me and a certain member and i would like to avoid this if possible.
    Thanks. I have to say it's hard to leave some of these threads without getting into some debates that seem pretty pointless at the end of it all...especially when the community is dying and even the successful discussions rare translate into changes in-game. But if people are reading through and gleaning knowledge from my posts months later, I guess there was a point after all, and it wasn't just a fruitless pissing match.
    Yeah, the new Youtube comment thing is doodie, but then again Youtube hasn't been that great for a while so I don't really care that much about it.
    I am issueing a public apology.

    After several weeks of research in terminal ballistics I have been forced to come to several conclusions to remain unbiased.
    In the past I have ranted about realism and guns and such (I probably still will) but after some intense research it has come to my attention that pretty much none of the guns in KF do realistic damage. I will now cease and desist using realism as a valid topic D:
    Though I still think things should be realistic when possible for immersion's sake.
    I will no longer derail threads and talk about realism unless I just REALLY want to or unless someone is making some claim like "Realisticly the 9mm would do moar damage :0."
    Sorry bout that :/
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