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Immersion Overhaul Mutator Information


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 30, 2013
Russia, Pushkin
OK Fully understand nothing we can do about that. So for 2.00 a huge push for PR and communication. Reddit is a huge forum for this game, probably even more so for than this forum for the more casual player, so I would highly suggest making these folks aware of any new releases here on out.
Sure i will spread information about v2.00 everywhere i can.
Sep 28, 2014
Hold your horses guys. Beta 1.3 isn't even out yet.

It all depends on my university schedule. Finals are next week, and after that I don't know how much free time I'll have until the next quarter starts.

Either way, 2.0 is a very long ways away. Worst case scenario, it won't happen at all if Dibbler shuts it down. I told him about it, but who knows.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 12, 2011
While there always be features that people think need adjusting or adding, I think no matter how fun or feature rich the mod ends up being there are two things that should be the top priority.

1 -Make it self install. Unless you always want to be struggling to fill a single server on a specific event, this is the biggest obstacle. This community is mostly made up of sheep, they will just play on full servers and will barely tolerate DL a single map. You need to be able to click on a IOM server and join it. There's another reason as well, the player base is always in transition, old players get their fill and leave and new ones join. That's why it's pretty much stable in numbers. Ofc, there are old timers who have 1000+ hours in game and there are players who have 10 and bail, but most don't. They play a few hundred hours and move on, new people take their place. You will always have to be attracting new players and the best way to do that is populated servers. It's a small percentage of people who will ever come to the forums and discover it, make it brain dead easy or it'll always be a great mod no one plays.

If this can't be done without rewriting the whole mod, then I'm sorry, but it's an exercise in futility. The community won't bother with it or any other mod.

2 - Fix the suppression. I'll put up with most bugs and oddities in game, but the current suppression sucks all the fun out of it for me. Revert to an earlier version or the stock one. If it annoys me, it will definitely drive someone casusally testing it away.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 24, 2014
- Easier installation (subscribe to the workshop submission and be done!) Important
- More config options

- No more transport crashing Important
- Preloading content (no more freezing when you first spawn)

- Visible shadows Important
- Improved suppression
- Authentic map roles Important
- Detachable bayonets Important
- No zooming Important
- Helmet gibs Important
- Dynamic movement Important

- Accurate SNLF Important
- Hachimaki helmet variations Important
- Katana attachment Important
- Glove for US machine gunner Important
- Improved tropical skins Important
- More variation for IJA skins Important
- Stab attack for Katana Important
- Machete Important
- M2 Carbine Important
- Type 38/44 Carbine Important

- German helmet straps Important
- German greatcoat Important
- White Parka Important
- Waffen SS Important
- Brown Soviet greatcoat Important
- German sniper cape Important
- Soviet sniper cape + hood Important
- Shovels
- Dienstglas
- Flammenwerfer
- G98
- Gewehr 43 Important
- Geballte Ladung
- MP41
- PzB39
- STG44
- M38 Carbine
- DT28
- Molotov Important
- RG42
- RGD33

- Artillery Important
- Grenades Important
- Any others? Maybe fix tank / as supression feels broken, i would
prefer vanilla suppression / bullet whips/explosiv ammo

make all the rising storm stuff important. especially the SNLF they are a must for IOM because its focus is realisim
Sep 28, 2014
Remove that quote, jesus christ.

And I specifically told you directly on Steam, both the SNLF and the SS will be included. Stop going on and on about it.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 11, 2006
While there always be features that people think need adjusting or adding, I think no matter how fun or feature rich the mod ends up being there are two things that should be the top priority.

1 -Make it self install. . . . .
Been away from IOM for a bit . . . but really is this just popping up ?

Always put something away to support you guys through an Aussie / NZ IOM server and through my redirect but boy i wished thought was put into what LugNut says instead of the next obscure WW2 sub machine gun or whatever.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 13, 2015
Did anyone actually consider making barbed wire like in Verdun? Damaging or possibly slowing down the player?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 5, 2012
Any chance of more Russian uniform types? I'd love to see Russian naval infantry, always liked the look of the uniform.