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  • Hi Lemonater have a question about Vietnam. Do you know if it will have BOTS on full release??
    It won't actually. They have decided to get rid of the bots.
    We have had performance issues in the past.
    That's why our server is already a 50 players.

    With demorec if you hit 20 players it gets all laggy
    I will dig this...
    hi, we won't be using demorec, because it happens to make the game laggy.
    Si I have ask a friend to make movie from his point of view...
    Well from equipment, I have all I need. I have a samson C01U, adobe audition with some editing skills in for the audio and I am ordering a breath shield. Only problem is I can only do a german/english, german voice which you have enough of x)
    It's an M4 just like in the Fury movie, and yes I can model ANYTHING. Talking with Commander as of the post of this PM....
    I have a partially working Sherman Tank for this mod. I am not sure how to rig/animate the tracks and wheels for the Unreal3 engine. If I can get some feedback I could finish this up and donate it to the mod. No money just love the game and modding. I mod for Unreal 2004 game. You can see some of my work on youtube search for ODCDragon88....Let me know either way. Thanks!
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