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Hugely dissapointed.

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People that are honestly worried about the game aren't seeing the field for the trees IMO.

About the only people that I think really have grounds to be concerned are the ultra-realism fans. They clearly aren't getting exactly what they want.

The performance, the bugs, the improper scaling in places, the general uncleanlinss of some parts of the game like squads though....that's all going to get wrapped up in due time. To me I see a game that's 85% solid, looking great and is fun to play. The other 15% is something I have patience for.
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No doubt that is true, because we all know the TWI guys have an incredible work ethic and really want their game to do well, obviously. And I have a ton of respect for them in this regard.

All I'm saying is that saying that it's "just a beta" doesn't hold alot of weight when the game comes out in such a short period of time. In other words, people have good reason to be concerned about where their money is going.

You shouldn't have bought the game that fast, I also like civilization, I already had big concerns when getting more information about it (CiV V), then I played a demo, did more reading and made up my mind; I'm not going to buy it!

There are coming free weekends you know, short after release.

The price is not much this game, and it's made with allot a caring, they listen to the community but not too much luckely!!
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Most games have nearly no bugs at release. Tripwire should be ashamed.

Where is this magical world where you do your PC gaming, and how do I get there?

No, no, no its beyond the outer rim and passed the Rishi Maze its called Consolia its a barren boring wasteland with badlands as far as the eye can see and its inhabited completely by rancors.
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Apply useful tactics my ***. The Mark IV special in game should not be taking hits forntally from the 76.2mm and surviving, it just wasn't enough armour protection which is why the Germans uparmoured it en mass in January 1943 with the additional 3cm plate on the hull. The entire idea behind adding the relatively rare Mark IV specials against the much more common T-34 was to give a more balanced match up than the Mark IIIs would have provided vs the T-34. If the T-34 is getting pwned by the Mark IV, this destroy the rationale for the Mark IV in the first place.

There should be no need to flank with the T-34, both tanks should be able to KO eachother out to 1km, the fact the T-34 can't compete with the Mark IV special is an indication that something is terribly wrong with either the T-34s gun or the Mark IV model. It would be far more hisorically representative to have the German's struggling to get kills on the T-34 because by late 1942 the Mark III with short and long barreled guns were the dominant tank type employed.

Yeah again, no. This is not the late Mark IV G series. The Mark IV in game is either a F/2 series or early G series, regardless it quite vulnerable to 76.2mm shot at regular ranges, hence why it got uparmoured starting in 1943.

People need to stop treating this issue like it is an issue with player tactics. This is not, it is an issue with modeling or something else. The T-34 was not faster so it could flank the Mark IV, it was faster because it was damn well built to be faster. It should still be able to engage the Mark IV on relatively equal terms in a stand up fight.

+1...And, 100% correct.

I was also watching a few Vids of both dueling it out, and it seems they both were taking 3 to 4 penetrating hits to the front before death. However, in reality, both should KO each other in 1 or 2 shots max from 500-1000 meters...Actually, the T-34 still has a better edge if it turns at a 30 degree angle ( giving more protection ) and thus bouncing hull hits from the PVIVF2 early G.

I sure hope Mods, Mutators, etc will fix this problem as unfortunately, I think TWI has done it for play balance over Realism.
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Tank balance: The panzer four seem to be comfortably one shooting t-34's from 1200 meters to frontal plate while the t-34 needs about five shots to score a kill from such distance. Not to mention that the amount of ammunition in the t-34 is noticeably lower. Often than not, i get the feeling that i'm combating a Panther and not a Panzer 4 F1.

The reality of the tank match up is that it's mostly correct. While I agree that the Panzer 4 seems ridiculously tough, it is not unreasonable that it can one shot the T-34 at long range.

The T-34's poor ammo loadout is a consequence of its design not game balance. Slanted armor means their is less space inside the tank.

Machine gunner class: 80% of time playing the machine gunner class, you will be greeted by "cannot prone here" message or be deployed under the floor texture while trying to deploy to a window, then after you do manage to deploy, you will notice the horrible recoil that deployed machine guns have and will be sniped by the bolt extra zoom snipers and mp-40 heroes in a couple of seconds. Sometimes when you shoot trough a window, you see the bullets hitting a wall near you as if the machine gun was magically spitting bullets about 20 centimeters to the side of the barrel.

Find a better place to deploy. The issues with the machine guns have been addressed and they almost totally boil down to "zomg why are the machine guns not EASY MODE?!?!?!"

Stability: Red Orchestra 2 have been crashing on me every 15 minutes or so trough all the patches and on all settings.

I agree the game's stability is poor. I can't think of a single PC game released in the last 3 years though that wasn't released in a similar state though.

But the thing is, the release day is two days from now and the game feels like being in pre alpha state. I am for one kinda tired of the growing tendency of the industry to release horribly unpolished products to the customers. I want to buy games and play them, not dancing voodoo dances around them to make them work or having to wait to endless stream of patches to bring them to a playable state.

Hint: Tripwire is not the industry. They're a small time developer trying to make it *in* an industry that demands more and more and rewards with less and less.
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First of all, to me the game is great. Is it everything that I wanted RO2 to be? No, there are things I would have wanted differently but then I am not everyone :p

For me, I know the game may not exactly be perfect but with TWI's track record they will work diligently to correct all the problems that may still be in the release and then continue to work on the game long afterwards.

I could be wrong, but listening to some people, I get the impression that when the game is released, they feel that that will be it, no more fixes or adjustments, and TWI is taking their money and running with it and they will be stuck with the release version and no more fixes. As I said, some people and that will be sad for them if they have that attitude because I'm sure they will really miss out if they give up on the game then. Of course I want the game to work for everyone, I have some issues myself that I hope get resolved, but I am patient and know they will be taken care of.

Where it matters most is how the game will be reviewed with the release version. Hopefully enough is done and ready where the reviews will be glowing!
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OP does have a point.

Although the game has the potential to be great, there are enough game-breakers here at the moment (performance, balancing and glitches) that many people will simply give up on it.

I'm sure in three months time the game will be running very well and balance will have been tweaked, but a buggy release will mean fairly average reviews for the game, which won't be good for TWI.
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People don't seem to understand how accurate these guns are. Just because it's a "machine gun" doesn't mean it isn't accurate. I'v actually shot these guns and they are accurate if you know how to use them.

Shift zoom is necessary because (in real life) your not limited by the resolution of your screen.

Realistically, German tanks were better...Way better. It was a large part of the war for Germany that they owned everybody with tanks. Allies had a hard time counter the German's tanks. Russian tanks are fast, that's there strength, you have to us that or die. This game strives to be realistic, unlike COD.

This is a beta, performance issues will 100% be fixed. Update your drivers at nvidia.com, if already updated, then wait for nvidia to release a beta driver and try that as i'm sure it will help. My 550ti runs this game ultra and flawlessly!
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Let me shed some light on these things for you guys. No, I'm not going to promise that everything is perfect and polished, but I can tell you that the build you'll play in a couple of days is a big improvement over the one you have right now. Again, it's not going to be perfect, there are still a number of smaller things that we're hoping to address, but every major bug/crash that we could track down(with your help) has been fixed.

Also, there are issues that we're never going to be able to make everyone happy on, so keep that in mind. "Fair and Balanced" is highly subjective, but we're trying our best to ensure neither side has a distinct advantage by looking at statistics from a large sample of playthroughs.

So, trying not to be repetitive, but I'm trying to minimize the backtalk on this: it won't be perfect, but it will be a lot better.
so you are not going let us test this build?:rolleyes:
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Reviews will probably come to the same conclusion most people will. It's a good game with some launch issues.

My real concern is that it has problems on release day like KF did, where the server and game lag was so crippling due to player volumes we barely played at all. I'm hoping TWI and Steam are both prepared for that this time around.
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