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Hugely dissapointed.

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Can you confirm or deny improvement for AMD CPU/GPU users?

In theory, we are optimizing this as we speak. How much of an improvement you really see on day 1 remains to be seen. We're hopeful, but afraid to be overly optimistic.

No doubt that is true, because we all know the TWI guys have an incredible work ethic and really want their game to do well, obviously. And I have a ton of respect for them in this regard.

All I'm saying is that saying that it's "just a beta" doesn't hold alot of weight when the game comes out in such a short period of time. In other words, people have good reason to be concerned about where their money is going.

I agreed with you all the way up to "people have good reason to be concerned about where their money is going". If you don't want to play the game until it's your definition of "ready", then by all means get a refund, play something else for a few weeks, and buy the game again. Otherwise, this is simply untrue and is negated by your first paragraph...Tripwire always comes through for you guys.

so you are not going let us test this build?:rolleyes:

I didn't say that, but Slecht is also right:

They have real beta testers ;)

The way this plays out is still up in the air, as we're still knocking bugs out left and right(though we do have all of the major bugs fixed at this point...and whether or not your definition of major is the same as ours isn't our problem). ;)
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I agree with several of the OPs complaints (especially mp40 penetrating distant brick walls) and disagree with a couple of the others (zoom) BUT - and this is a big but - saying those flaws you listed leads to "the worst gaming experience of your life" is wildly hyperbolic and makes it difficult to take you seriously. If this is the worst gaming experience of your life, congratulations, you've somehow only played the best games of all time.
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The MP 40 had an effective range of 150-200 meters, what you describe makes it sound pretty effective.

Listen if you think the MP40 was as accurate as the one in the game there'd be no one left after a month of invasion...yes it has an accurate at that distance...on a range...I'm sure to god in Stalingrad it was very unlikely you where able to snipe using an MP40...one shot one kill from 150+ metres...hmmm...perfectly aligned sights....super clean bullets...and no wind..and a psychopath pulling the trigger cos he is as cool as a cucumber...fair enough. It was a spary and pray house to house\close combat gun...not a modern assualt rifle.

I think to recreate how effective an MP40 soldier was you have to make it less effective even though that was the guns statistics..RO had it about right.
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To be honest, I think TWI came very close to biting off more than they could chew. The Tanks in general demonstrate this. But they didn't over shoot it and I think generally they are going to have the game buttoned down in a few weeks.

This could very well be true. They have put so much into this game so it can reach out to the current base and new fans that I am really amazed. Its also an embarrasment for all the big money companies in my opinion.
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This could very well be true. They have put so much into this game so it can reach out to the current base and new fans that I am really amazed. Its also an embarrasment for all the big money companies in my opinion.

If Rising Storm comes as soon as expected, I'd have to agree. If more dev houses were willing to reach outside their comfort zones when it comes to game play, we'd all be better for it I think.
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Replies in bold.

Shift Zoom: The introduction of a better zoom on iron sights had a warm welcome on my part until i saw the "Additional zoom" This zoom is quite ridiculous considering that the maps are noticeable smaller this time around and the farthest range of engagement is about 170 meters as far as infantry combat goes. This zoom is close to the optics zoom of the marksman. In fact, it is much easier to pick off targets at long distances with the regular bolt because of the larger field of view in iron sights which allows much better leading on targets than optics and a noticeably higher fire rate at the expense of a slightly lower zoom.

Maps aren't smaller. Apartments is roughly the same size of Danzig, but with the new mechanics it feels smaller... many RO1 maps if translated to RO2 will feel smaller too.

Suppression: Suppression is utterly useless. Aside the blue screen, it doesn't affect your accuracy AT ALL. Sometimes you get suppressed by bullets that are randomly shot at a house that you are in but far away from them, sometimes you get perma suppressed and sometimes you get suppressed from falling.

There was some discussion some time ago about this, and the general consensus is that the supression should not make the target unhittable (the aim twitch on DH as an example).

Tank balance: The panzer four seem to be comfortably one shooting t-34's from 1200 meters to frontal plate while the t-34 needs about five shots to score a kill from such distance. Not to mention that the amount of ammunition in the t-34 is noticeably lower. Often than not, i get the feeling that i'm combating a Panther and not a Panzer 4 F1.

Only played with tanks 1 time, dunno if it is true or not.

Mp40: This gun have sniped me countless times at ranges of 150+ meters from windows in a matter of a second not to mention that it penetrates brick walls at that distance.

Rarely happened to me, really. And penetrating brick walls at 150+ meters? I call BS.

Hit detection: the hit detection is awful, numerous times have i depleted half of the dp drum mag into a german in close quarters combat to no effect. It is as if the bullets magically dissipated.

I saw many threads about this one, its a very valid concern.

Machine gunner class: 80% of time playing the machine gunner class, you will be greeted by "cannot prone here" message or be deployed under the floor texture while trying to deploy to a window, then after you do manage to deploy, you will notice the horrible recoil that deployed machine guns have and will be sniped by the bolt extra zoom snipers and mp-40 heroes in a couple of seconds. Sometimes when you shoot trough a window, you see the bullets hitting a wall near you as if the machine gun was magically spitting bullets about 20 centimeters to the side of the barrel.

I think the "cannot prone here" is a good addition, sometimes i get confused why i could not prone but after looking around i see something that is preventing me to do so.

The window thing is very common though and i wish it would be fixed.

I think the recoil is fine and with a good spot the MG is a beast, it's really a matter of positioning.

The bullets being fired to the side of the barrel happens a lot for me on RO1, specially with the DP, dunno why.

Artillery: The artillery is capable of being deployed at an enemy spawn point. Making your spawn ending up in a death the moment you spawned.

It needs adressing like in RO1.

Performance: I am running an I5 2500k 4.1ghz 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram and an overclocked GTX570. The result? 17-20 FPS on the highest settings. Giving how this machine ran Crysis 1 silky smooth at maxed settings and 16xAA together with Crysis 2 maxed with DX11 patch, I am finding it hard to believe that it is a problem with my system.

Many people are having HW problems, its really strange because some people have PCs with less specs than yours and can run the game smoothly. Heck, i get more FPS than you (on medium) with a worse PC by a mile.

Latency: Simple test here. Pinging TF2 32 players UK server: 93ms
Pinging RO2 official TWI UK server: 250ms.

Maybe it's on a route that your ISP have problems with, hard to blame someone based on this.

Stability: Red Orchestra 2 have been crashing on me every 15 minutes or so trough all the patches and on all settings.

Can be many things, all we can do is send the logs and dumps to help TWI. From the last patch to this one the amount of crashes gone down a lot here.
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I also echo what the OP stated. Having preordered from the very moment it was available, I decided to try it out over the course of the so called 'beta' period. Having been a dedicated RO1 fan since release, being used to such high quality performance from that game is simply unacceptable for RO2 - though this is not the problem as later patches will, I'm sure, fix this.

The main problem for me is the key changes, and most importantly, the changes and features that really do not work or are incredibly intrusive and counter-intuitive (ex. cover system, which is quite literally a disaster). Zoom is another abomination that shouldn't have even been on the drawing board for a game such as this, and I'm not sure what and who were thinking of including such a function. It seems as though they tried to simplify a large part of the existing functionality of the game (ex. sprint from prone), but then started to add more functions and in turn creating and even more complex series of controls and sequences.

Unfortunately I will have to cancel my preorder, as I've found that this game is simply not for me. I do hold faith in that the RO1 community will continue to thrive, and I will continue playing and enjoying it into the future. Best of luck to TWI.
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WTF are you guys talking about ???

RO2 is AWESOME AWESOME :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

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This could very well be true. They have put so much into this game so it can reach out to the current base and new fans that I am really amazed. Its also an embarrasment for all the big money companies in my opinion.

+1 Moe

Also thank you Xienen, for taking time to answer what us AMD users have been wondering. I think I collectively speak for these users when I say we aren't expecting day one miracles. I'd be happy with a solid 30 FPS the first month, then it would be at least playable for us.(that have problems on high end hardware)

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So you haven't played many games then? I mean the worst experience in gaming would be trying to play the retail version of Battlecruiser 3000 A. D or experiencing such delights as Rise of the Robots.

Mechassault 1/2. They were okay games by themselves, but they took my most beloved franchise from childhood and then violently, brutally raped it while I watched. I have never felt so enraged and heartbroken all at once...
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I feel awfully mean to nitpick a post I otherwise agreed with entirely... but the F1 was still armed with the short 75mm. It was the F2 that had the high velocity gun.

And having tanked a bit, I don't think the T34 ingame is as bad as most seem to make it out to be. Sure at range the panzer seems to have the edge (as it should really). But if you get upclose you really can do the business with the T34. I think one issue is perhaps how wide and open the current tank map is. Doesn't present too many flanking opportunities.

The PVIVF1 ( in RO1 ) was armed with the short 75/24, and there was a Platoon of 3 in a each Tank Company ( along with 2x platoons of PZIIIJ early with uparmed 50/60 and 50mm front, 1x Platoon of PZIIF ( recon )

However, RO2 ( Stalingrad time-frame ) has either the stop-gap PVIVF2 with 75/43 or the more common up-gunned PVIVG early with 75/48 both having 50mm Front, and there is a Platoon of 4 in each Tank Company.
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