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Hugely dissapointed.

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Performance: I am running an I5 2500k 4.1ghz 8gb ddr3 1600mhz ram and an overclocked GTX570. The result? 17-20 FPS on the highest settings. Giving how this machine ran Crysis 1 silky smooth at maxed settings and 16xAA together with Crysis 2 maxed with DX11 patch, I am finding it hard to believe that it is a problem with my system.

Our 3 year old core2duo - e6300, nvidia 7600GT, slow 2gig system does better than his claimed 17-20 fps. Sounds troll, or his system has a problem somewhere - His posted comments are "off" in way too many areas as opposed to what I have seen for myself.

That and our Phenom II 1090T with the cheapest motherboard, 8 gigs ram, and one nvidia560 that is getting 35-95 FPS now on the latest 4 maps - pretty much maxed at highest settings - it plays fantastically. Varies per map but it is smooth and the game is a blast !
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WTF are you guys talking about ???

RO2 is AWESOME AWESOME :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

What he said. With a few tweeks here & their I fear my social-life will be over.:D
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Listen if you think the MP40 was as accurate as the one in the game there'd be no one left after a month of invasion...yes it has an accurate at that distance...on a range...I'm sure to god in Stalingrad it was very unlikely you where able to snipe using an MP40...one shot one kill from 150+ metres...hmmm...perfectly aligned sights....super clean bullets...and no wind..and a psychopath pulling the trigger cos he is as cool as a cucumber...fair enough. It was a spary and pray house to house\close combat gun...not a modern assualt rifle.

I think to recreate how effective an MP40 soldier was you have to make it less effective even though that was the guns statistics..RO had it about right.

Wodin, I thought I read somewhere that the Russians were losing 20,000 people a day during the invasion - so the guns were quite lethal. That being said, I think that the game itself has some hit detection issues. I think the distant shots are too accurate, and the close quarters stuff is way off. We've all had times where we've put a clip into someone and they just walk up to you and bayonet you in the head. Hopefully some of these big issues will be fixed and we'll be good to go.

I assume that they'll put out a patch tomorrow and turn on all the maps on the servers to validate that some of the new code hasn't broken any of the 'old' maps. If they put out a patch tomorrow that fixes some of the GPU issues that people are having, and fixes the browser issues, and fixes the hit detection stuff, people will be happy. Perhaps they'll even turn off the debugging code client side and really let people play a pretty close to production build for two days. Two solid days and a couple of additional bug fixes and they should be golden for the release. This is pure speculation of course, but it's how I'd manage a project.

What I'd like to see though is the test plan. Seems that someone missed quite a few bugs that shouldn't have made it into the beta, but that's probably the price to pay for a developer centric shop instead of a more balanced group. Can't fault TWI though - they were just a bunch of developers with a dream, and I think they've realized the dream pretty darn well.
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The T-34's poor ammo loadout is a consequence of its design not game balance. Slanted armor means their is less space inside the tank.

It is not that the T-34 has a poor ammo capacity, it is that it has very few AP rounds out of its 80 or so actual rounds, around a 20/60 AP/HE distribution. Given the struggle the 76.2mm has been having, it is not enough ammo to do much on Gumrak or whatever its called.

Realistically, German tanks were better...Way better. It was a large part of the war for Germany that they owned everybody with tanks. Allies had a hard time counter the German's tanks. Russian tanks are fast, that's there strength, you have to us that or die. This game strives to be realistic, unlike COD.

Seriosuly stop saying this nonsense. Ask any German tanker from 1940-1942 who had the best tanks and he probably would not say Germany. Germany faced a host of nations with better armoured and armed tanks during this period than what was standard in Wehrmact formations. The German tanks tended to have better soft factors (comfort, optics, 3 man crew etc) but were generally inferior in hard factors (gun/armour/speed) compared to French, British (infantry tanks only), and Russian tanks for the early years of the war. Better german tactics and tank reliability overcame this during those years.

The modeling of the Mark IV special is easily about balance, it was still a pretty rare tank at this time compared to the Mark III, which would not do well against the T-34 for the most part. The Russians should not have to flank to get a kill on the Mark IV, its armour was not that thick.

Anyways beyond a few points I really enjoy the game, though I have kept away from tanking after a few bad experiences (it is buggy in general which kinda ruins it even without the inbalance). Infantry is quite fun, and the maps are very well made. I do think they should push back the release unless the last patch irons out most of the problems.
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The MP 40 had an effective range of 150-200 meters, what you describe makes it sound pretty effective.

To be honest though Jager. The maps distances seem really too little. One side of Fallen Fighters to the other is only around 180 metres. I'm not sure but I think Tripwire needs to make the ranges a bit further.

Also I'm not a fan of the huge zoom. I don't mind zooming in a tiny bit when aiming because to me it feels like I'm moving my head a bit close to the gun but the Shift Zoom is completely stupid.
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I know I know, it has been said again and again: "this is a beta."

But seriously, I have never played a beta THIS GOOD, dcs a10, the infamous il2 CloD (which is still, 6 months after release, nowhere near Red Orchestra 2 upon its initial beta release). Honestly, the improvement continues after the game's release as well as before it. And the problems are all very minor (apart from the crashes, which I seem for the most part immune from, apart from crash on server join if the server list has not loaded. And even this can be solved by just waiting and using connect instead of double click)

The game is easily playable, look how many people have 40+ hours on it already (yeah... I do... :eek:). It is addictive, it is good, it has quite a bit of polish already, the bugs are minor and I can't wait to see what the future holds for this game.
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sometimes you get perma suppressed and sometimes you get suppressed from falling.

It's beta...

Tank balance: The panzer four seem to be comfortably one shooting t-34's from 1200 meters to frontal plate while the t-34 needs about five shots to score a kill from such distance. Not to mention that the amount of ammunition in the t-34 is noticeably lower. Often than not, i get the feeling that i'm combating a Panther and not a Panzer 4 F1.

Fair enough.

Mp40: This gun have sniped me countless times at ranges of 150+ meters from windows in a matter of a second not to mention that it penetrates brick walls at that distance.

If a guy with an Mp40 is regularly taking you out as a rifleman at 150m you're playing as rifleman wrong.

Hit detection: the hit detection is awful, numerous times have i depleted half of the dp drum mag into a german in close quarters combat to no effect. It is as if the bullets magically dissipated.

This is an issue. I feel hipshooting with SMGs is very unreliable, although it may be laggy servers.

Machine gunner class: 80% of time playing the machine gunner class, you will be greeted by "cannot prone here" message

Not even close.

Artillery: The artillery is capable of being deployed at an enemy spawn point. Making your spawn ending up in a death the moment you spawned.

Shame you can't pick a different spawn point then.

Latency: Simple test here. Pinging TF2 32 players UK server: 93ms
Pinging RO2 official TWI UK server: 250ms.

Not sure what this is about but I've struggled to find servers with less than 80 ping in game.

Stability: Red Orchestra 2 have been crashing on me every 15 minutes or so trough all the patches and on all settings.

It's a beta.
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I hate the 'it's a beta' line. Seriously on release I want everyone to apologize for using it when everything is still a broken laggy mess.

I guess I have 2 days left to decide if I want a refund.

I think the thing people have to remember that even if it is a buggy mess on release unlike other developers TWI will work hard on patching it quickly after release 4-5 weeks down the line these problems wont exist at worst case.. Comparing to another company that generally a patch takes 3-6 months after release.
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I must say I am believing that TW will make the game work at release for the majority. At PC gaming you cant make it right for everyone, to much different combos of ATI, Nvidea, AMD, Intel, OS, Drivers, etc.
I know a lot of people which dont have a clue: Drivers are out of date, Hardware doesnt fit together, they dont maintain their pc and more.
All that makes it for developers impossible to release a game that runs great for everybody. I guess thats why most of the developers dont give a f about pc gaming and develop games for consoles.

Even that I am having problems with the game I dont play any other game since the release. Its a beta and its still better than most of the games I play even with the issues I have.

TW will listen to constructive critic and will change things the community has problems with, no doubt about it. But the key elements of the game are great and I am looking forward to the release.

Still people should keep complaining and discuss issues to make it a better game. It should only happen in a mature way, this game is 18+ in most countries or?
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He does have a mediocre rig.

Get better equipment, then get a better internet connection, then get some gaming skills and maybe we'll see less of this forum warrior stuff.

We got to be concerned about cheaters and weapon balance, not people with cheap PC's and no skills.

Sure sometimes some settings that give a little better quality have a disproportionate affect on your fps but the dude's rig is more than capable of playing a directx9 game like RO2 at max settings and a smooth FPS. There will be big optimizations with the next driver release from ATI and nvidia once the game has been officially released.

I just hope crossfire is working asap.
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I've been having a way better time playing on 32 player servers. Runs much smoother for me (AMD CPU and GPU) and less whiners. I was thinking the other day as I played Sparta that once they iron out the major bugs this will be one of the finest games I've ever played. Absolutely. The only way I'll be disappointed is if they give up on taking care of the bugs, which I know won't happen.
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Honestly, you people are pathetic.

Wah wah wah, despite the dev TELLING us they have most of the bugs ironed out I'm still thinking about canceling my preorder because the beta isn't an early finished preview of the game.

Seriously, you folks make me sick. You have no idea what goes into the development of these games, do you? TWI has just TOLD us, in this very thread, that they have the vast majority of bugs ironed out. They have TOLD us that whatever isn't fixed by launch will be fixed very shortly thereafter. Yet you people stomp your feet and whine like a toddler who's upset that he has to wait for his parents to put his toy together Christmas morning.

**** the whiners. Cancel your preorders. It's your loss. I'm ****ing sick of hearing you bleed.
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I agreed with you all the way up to "people have good reason to be concerned about where their money is going". If you don't want to play the game until it's your definition of "ready", then by all means get a refund, play something else for a few weeks, and buy the game again. Otherwise, this is simply untrue and is negated by your first paragraph...Tripwire always comes through for you guys.
I hear what you're saying, but really what I mean is that people do have some reason to be alarmed, even though many of us are aware of how hard you guys work.

I'm personally not in anyway questioning where my money is going, as I know these issues will be fixed, and I'm somewhat confident that my gameplay concerns will be heard out in the long run.

All I'm saying is that I can understand why some other people might be a bit put off by all these issues with the game so close to release. After all, prior experience with other gaming companies in situations similar to this one hasn't exactly provided much of a basis for trust ;)
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