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Odd thing found, maybe new weapon?


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Sep 26, 2007
Weapon=(ClassName=KFMod.ZedControlDevice,PickupClassName=KFMod.ZCDPickup,AttachmentClassName=KFMod.ZCDAttachment,FriendlyName=KFMod.ZedControlDevice.ItemName,Description=KFMod.ZedControlDevice.Description,FallbackName="ZCD",FallbackDesc="An advanced tactical assault rifle. Fires in semi or full auto great power and accuracy.")
i found the animations/mesh for it before, just never looked in the kfmod.ucl until now when helping someone else out.
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Slappy Cromwell

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Jun 16, 2009
The Zed Control Device was going to be a weapon as part of Tripwire's planned PvP game mode for Killing Floor. From the leftover bits of code, apparently you had to shoot specimens with the ZCD (it had a charge up time) to take control of their minds, at which point you could set markers in the level to command your minions. I assume the point of the mode was to simultaneously fend off zeds and enemy players while mind controlling useful specimens to be used as your pawns in the battle. Of course, that's just conjecture.

The following snippet of unused code can still be found in the files:
Outside of the code, the only other remnant of the ZCD is the weapon's first person animations which can still be seen in the KF_Weapons2_Trip.ukx package. The weapon's mesh and texture are missing, however:

Unfortunately, rumor has it that everything about this PvP game mode was canned long ago.
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Left 4 Dinner

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Jun 11, 2012
interesting concept, really. As for the code, its funny how my 1 year of programming expeirence in college has helped me to understand the whole if else statements used in coding.