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  • hey im just wondering if anyone has the old rising storm beta and can provide me a link to the original betio map that was featured with the spider holes. the map also had correct SNLF 1939 tropical pattern green uniforms rather then the snlf khaki 1944 uniforms in normal game.

    if someone could upload those files to MEGA or something or tell me if its possible to access them in the original game somewhere that would be great
    Greetings. I wanted to know if by any chance there is or you got a tutorial about "KF2 Model (re)Texturing"?

    I'd love to make some textures myself.

    To specify, I don't need any tools such as GIMP or Photoshop, I only need to know how to extract the "pure" format of those textures and how to re-add them.
    Hello Slappy. I've been informed that you might be able to offer me some assistance with my Trader mod. I'm creating a new trader and after swapping the files I get a mismatch when joining other people's servers. I'd like my trader to just work client side with no issues like the RE4 merchant does.

    Thanks for your time.
    I wish to post a remake of your mutator: KFRangedPounds. They now have walking anims and they don't have any glitches or anything of that stuff that it previously had. Do I have permission?
    its not that you're pointing out things you'd like to see changed. That's fine, and it's encouraged. It's the tone you are using when you do so.

    Rest assured that Tripwire is listening to the community, (you included) and fixing issues where they exist. Being obnoxious and harping on things over and over again isnt going to get them to work any faster.

    that is all
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