what are reputation points for?

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ah i see......ty.....yeah i guess if no one like your opinions, then your goose is cooked for sure....lol
btw how did i get 9 points?

there are still members with massive negative rep whose opinions are valued. Nutterbutter may have a solid red bar, but it's not like people just shun him or something.

The rep system on a whole is quite funny, I wouldn't put too much thought into it ;)


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Apr 3, 2008
my sig should help answer you question ;) there used to be multiple threads explaining the system in greater detail, both addressing the positives and negatives. alas they've for the most part all been deleted by now as apparently certain individuals felt the need to erase not just opinions but also facts that they didn't like being posted......

just don't take it too seriously.....the holy :IS2: can see deep into the hearts of men and knows who is really a true believer of the faith
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