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  • giggity giggity giggity goooooooo!

    i see with pleasure u fix great maps. grimpen for example. do u remember outpost 13? a ww2 map. u fight in trenches and it rains like hell. there is a pathing issue that makes zeds stuck and because of this its no longer on the whitelist. can u take a look at this issue and try to fix it. its a great map with intense gameplay compareable to hospital horror.

    thanx in advance

    You could send me a few of those de whitelisted maps, I can fix exploits I reckon
    w8 y did I write the gunslinger perk in ur visitor message? hmm must've confused u fer that otha' guy
    Ha Ha that shrimp like creature is a clot flying through the air in filthscross after an nade attack.
    If you want, I can make the Gunslinger perk for the Fall of Brittain project. Just tell me the level effects, requirments, ect...
    I wonder why he typed that in my visitor messages >_>

    Did he do that for anyone else lol?
    Umm dude don't make westlondon lights out because there alrdy is a map similar to it, its called KF-WestlondonNightV7 or something like that! Just warning you before you waist ur effort
    Good Friends
    I'm a server administrator of Korea KF4US Clan
    I'm wondering ...
    Bulletin of the screen, is it?
    It can move up or down there?
    I beg you to answer ... PLZ
    Another question ...
    You're supposed to step 6 level?
    I want to increase it ...
    For example, the mean level of 7-8 ...
    I do not get it to change it ... How to do that ?
    Do me a favor ...
    My friends tell me I want ...^^
    If I release my curiosity, I'll be sure to thank your mind ...^^
    Hmmm... can't say I'm too familiar with windows 7... have you right lcicked steam and set it to run in XP mode? That might help.. otherwise your on your own mate, still on XP myself :)
    LoL kinda fails, I myself had a **** spell on KF.. was just playing rterrible. Missing heals couldn't hit **** and ran into Sirens repeatedly :p

    THink I'da prefereed a failed steam update ;P
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