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  • hello

    today i enter in a server how have a turret called

    USCM sentry gun

    you can give me the files of this gun?
    plase send me MP
    First of all, I do want to thank you for the speedy responses and I would not mind to do this, as I am a server owner who look after three KF servers, and that with the amount of time I have (3 to 4 months, as my semester will start in Sept.), I do hope I can gather most, if not all, of the links for you.

    Recently, the thing is that what I am doing for some of the files (Russian weapons) that involves changes in the textures, animations, sound files, and static meshes, I am changing the file names to include the version numbers. The weapons (Russian-made only) that I have spotted so far are RPG-7, PPSh-41, AK-47, SVD, and PKM. As for file changes that involve only the .uc files, I will leave those alone as I believe it is the responsibility of the server owner to modify their ServerPerks file to include these .uc files to avoid any conflicts, at minimum.
    Also, I wouldn't mind to assist in updating the weapon mods list thread, as I do believe that in doing so will assist a lot of Killing Floor Players and server owners, whether it be setting up a server with the muts or installing the files as a player.
    It would be great if the weapon mods archive can be cleaned up (or a new thread be made for the list of the latest versions of the weapon mods).
    I see you're a mod now! Congrats, dude, and good luck- it's probably busy business, being a mod, but I'm sure you've got this covered!
    :dТЫ должен быть русским!!!
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