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UnrealEd Utility - AlignTex


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May 4, 2006
UnrealEd: Viewport #1

I recently ran into a need to use this old utility again while making a map for its texture skewing feature and thought I would post it here. Maybe some others can find a use for its niche function if they are using alot of BSP based design.

This is a simple tool used alot in UE1 mapping. However it still has its uses in the newer engine builds and offers a user friendly way to get exact texture scaling by just defining a few parameters without having to do math.

It also features a texture skew function(Normally only usable through the editor's console commands) that is very handy for getting perfect seamless texture alignment on slanted surfaces(attached images added to show what I mean).

Using this tool is simple. Run the exe file and the TexAlign window will open. Add the necessary numbers into the spaces given and it will spit out a command line for you to use in the editor console. More specific details are given by the author in the zip file.


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Mar 21, 2009
man, I wish I have known about this along time ago. Such a nice tool, thx!