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RS Rising Storm Singapore (Desert Rats V2)

If you need anything from HOTW just ask. I also know a bit about british uniforms in the pacific and can do textures as well if you want. The Australians for example liked the american boots and baiters. Even american HBT trousers. The british also wore a form of jungle battledress trousers as well. With either a KD shirt or JD shirt which are pretty much the same thing.

Both british and Australian troops dyed their KD uniform various shades of olive drab. 1943 onwards. Don't know what you want your time period to be singapore was quite early. The british in Singapore wore pretty much standard khaki drill with shorts. They wore slouch hats but with the rim not pinned. Australians had the pinned rim. New Zealanders went extra strange and peaked the hat.
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Thanks, will do.

Although unfortunately we're sorta limited to what we have character model wise.
Pretty much all I can do is give them a slouch hat look-alike.

Well we're only limited here by that hat. Since there is no model.

But other uniforms for later periods if you so wish don't need any new models created. Some magic and texture work can make it happen.
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Rising Storm Singapore v1.01 (1/19/16)
  • New map: Saipan
  • Updated British playermodel


Check the OP for the Workshop link. If you're already subscribed it'll update automatically.
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v2.00 is mostly complete, so I'm releasing a test version. Unsubscribe from the workshop submission (important!), then copy/paste all folders into "../Documents/My Games/RedOrchestra2/ROGame/", say yes to overwrite.

Take a look at the updated Otori Shima and the new Phosphate Plant and tell me what you think.

Known issues:
- PP Overhead map is missing
- Bren Carrier has missing materials on the destroyed mesh
- Lunge Mine is using placeholder art
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Rising Storm Singapore v2.00 (3/7/16)
  • New Vehicle: Bren Carrier
  • New Map: Phosphate Plant
  • New Voice: "Matthew"
  • New Voice: "Felix"
  • New Weapon: Lunge Mine
  • New Weapon: No. 2 Flamethrower
  • New Weapon: Shovel
  • Updated Map: Otori Shima
  • Updated Mesh: IJA Tropical Infantry
  • Updated Mesh: Dynamite
  • Updated Mesh: Lee Enfield
  • Updated Mesh: Bren
  • Updated Mesh: No. 36 Grenade
  • Updated UI: Morale Icons
  • Updated UI: Unit Select


I wanted to have a huge release with tons of media and even a video, but that all fell apart.
So have a mediocre release that's a whole week late and with crappy hastily-taken screenshots.
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