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Release ArmoredBeasts 2.06 beta (update)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland

I believe I have something working that I can release at last (although it have
not all the features planned for 2.06 as some caused too much problems). I can't
guarantee it's bug free but at least the main sound bug should be fixed, debug
mode introduced, and hopefuly nothing broken in the process...

Getting warmer and more sunny here, hopefully I will have more time and energy for further work.

Unfortunately the attempts for variable shell speed option were unsucesfull, and speeds higher than 0.5
seemed to cause various problems on the server I tested them (mainly missing sounds) so inn 2.06 we are
still left with single and default 0.5 speed...

It's even not that bad... untill I want to hit a moving target :-/



Just put everything to the same places of your RO game/server directory as you
see in mod package. So things from System copy to RO/System directory, things
from Sounds copy to your RO/Sounds directory. New files overwrite old ones (so
say "Yes" if you are asked if overwrite).

(yes I know everyone says "folder" nowdays but I'm older than this MS style
language and it's still a "directory" for me, period. ;-).

If experiencing any problems - you installed the mod but it seems not work -
exit and send me (or upload somwhere and send me the link) your server .log file.
I'll check what went wrong - or you can do it yourself. The game usually says in
the log (after "Warning:" ) that it couldn't find some files or something like

The ArmoredBeasts2.ini file:

The switches in the .ini file can enable or disable the debug mode (and disable
shell dispersion for test purposes). The debug mode, showing penetration calcs
on screen, is meaned also for testing or for new players that want to see how
the penetration system works. Of course the game can be run without it, can be
enabled or disabled server-side with server ArmoredBeasts2.ini file

But I believe it can be used not only during pure tests but also during almost
normal gameplay too, as it doesn't show too much "spoilers" - yes it shows the
range, but only AFTER you hit something :).

After everybody knows how it works and doesn't need it anymore, it can be disabled.

To enable penetration calcs showing on screen, set all bdebugtext2screen
variables to true in the ArmoredBeasts2.ini file. To disable them, set all
bdebugtext2screen to false. Maybe I will make a mutator GUI for doing it in the

The setting is (or at least should be - I wonder where the next bug will show
up...) working server side (in online game). So if it's disabled on the server,
no one can enable it client-side for himself (client setting will not work
online as the text is broadcasted by the server).

The client (player) setting of bdebugtext2screen works only in practice
mode. In online play the server setting prevails.

I don't allow shell dispersion to be modified in normal gameplay. If you need it
for testing then ask me and I will show you how.

The bDrawPenetration variable is for testing only, and not meaned for normal

Warning: those new tank factories that are put in the "optional" directory (they
have PzIVG factory added) will not work with RO-Hubes_Breakout_B2 map and any
other that used older version of this package. Those maps will work with newer
versions of AB, but need the SAME ArmoredBeasts2_Tank_Factories.u package that
was used to made them. In the future this file this could be embedded in the
maps maybe... Mapmakers please read also note about PF pickup in changelog.

Changelog: 2.06

- ini file introduced, with tankshell speed and dispersion multiplers and
debug mode switches
edit: due to heavy problems, the option to change tank shell speed with
ini file had to be removed, as it worked only server side... Also tank
shell dispersion multipler is not public option, only for testing.

- the bug with penetration sounds missing in online play was corrected

- bug in Panzerfaust sight not working correctly at 30m in online play was
noticed and corrected

- some armor values tuned a bit:

Panther side armor quality reduced, it's little to good at angle.
Russians using captured Panthers believed it's worse than T-34 side
armor, though looking at numbers they are almost the same. Probably more

IS-2 1943 front hull armor quality decreased a bit (German reported up to 600m
penetration range for a Tiger gun, on early Is-2 they captured and tested. With
100% armor quality it would be only 100m. In 2.05 it was about 400m (from 150 to
500m). Now in 2.06 it's about 550m (300-700m) for Tiger's gun. Later IS-2 models
will have better armor quality.

PzIVH skirts thickness reduced, as I forget they were soft steel not
armored steel

- some shell damage values tuned. The min damage increased again to 0.1.
Wanted to make shell-specific min damage value, but would have to make new
TakeDamage function so dropped it, as I want anyway to rewrite it completly soon
so it would be wasted work.

The tank engine have now damage multipler incrased a bit for various
tanks, it's modeling both engine and fuel tank hits temporaty (untill
real fuel tanks are coded). Panther and Tiger engine was surrounded by
fuel tanks and hits there were reported as fatal for the crew. Modifier
of 2.0 will be added. In T-34 the engine and gearbox combo were very
long and took whole rear of the tank, but was not so covered with fuel
everywhere. T-34 would probably set on fire with engine hit, and maybe
blowed up with direct fuel tank hit which is less likely as fuel tanks
are smaller. 1.2 modifier
On the other hand, T-34 had an unarmored fuel tank IN THE CREW
COMPARTMENT, so to model this vunerability of crew compartment... I
should probably temporary reduce the T-34 max health. edit: T-34 health

- Burning engine means no engine... If tank burns, the engine is disabled
already. And vice versa, a hit that disables the engine, sets the tank on fire.
edit: this feature was deleted from 2.06 as it didn't work in online games...
will go into next versions as problem is resolved.

- Muzzle speed and ballistic coefficients of tank MGs were corrected.
Muzzle speed is calculated wrong in RO for all infantry weapons. It's worth
noting that both speed and ballistic coefficients for many infantry weapons
(like k98, Mosin, MG-34/42) are also too small, those two things together makes
projectiles too slow and having ballistic drop two times more than they
should... Most of infantry weapons ballistics (especially MGs and rifles) are
completly wrong...

- The ballistic coefficients of tank shells were changed to achieve
ballisctics (speed loss on range) as close as possible to data from German
ballistic tables. Russian shell ballistics were estimated based on German BCs
and the shape of penetration curve. Also the speed and estimated ballistic
coefficient of PTRD shell were set to model BS-41 projectile

- First test of tank cannons reloaded by the R key. At last got it to
work. I'm also considering making default (at game start) cannon state as empty,
as this was normal state of tank cannon before the battle ;-), and to be honest
no one really went to the battle with shell in the chamber either (but I can't
force players to not do that in game). Could be bad news to IS-2 drivers, as
they would have to wait untill shell loads before driving to the battle, or die
if they forget to do this...

- I'm not touching tank driving code yet, but the way the gears shifts in
the game annoyed me from very beginning, so let's maybe at least try to set
different switch-up and switch-down rpms, to improve driving uphill.... (edit:
not much can be made globally, individual values for each tank would give better
results, but this has to wait for next version).

- I tried to set higher tank shell speeds, but any value higher than 0.5
seemed to cause problems (missing sounds mainly) for higher velocity guns
(Panther, PzIII, all APCR). It has to be 0.5 or there are sound problems :-( I
will try to overcome this later, but with not much hope, seems Unreal engine is
just not suited to make a tank sim :-/. Interesting is that the problem are
mainly broken synchronisation between server and client and broken
hit/penetration sounds/effects, but collision detection and penetration results
are usually ok on server side (so the one that counts). Maybe this is server or
connection related to some degree, because I played online games with AB2.01
(which had true shell speed) and didn't notice any problems ever. I will still
try to make shell speed changeable, so it can be tested on various servers, but
my both attempts so far worked only server side.

- Correct elevation limits set to all tank guns. IS-2 probably have even too
generous negative -3deg elevation limit, as most sources say -2deg. It's almost
impossible to use IS-2 for firing downhill from hull-down position. This tank
just couldn't do it.

Also correct elevation and traverse limits set for all German hull MGs, I don't
have data for Russian tanks so I just reduced them to more credible values.
Forget aboout +/-70deg (!!!) traverse of original RO (I can only ask why not
+/-89deg?). Real limits for tank hull MGs varied from +/-20 to as low as +/-5deg
for Panther. You can find that hull MGs are "useless" now, but they really just
had such limited field of fire, sorry, not my fault.

- The tank guns now fire straight. Before, the shells were drifting to the left,
so they crossed the line of aim at about 1000m. This was corrected and now line
of fire is pararel to line of aim, as it should in WW2 tanks (without today's
electronics featuring "you_hit_where_you_aim" mode). Note that you gunsight is
usually about half a meter to the left of the gun. You know that if you fire at
100m, the shell will hit about same distance to the right from the aim point.
Now the same happens on any range. Even on 1000m range, the center of dispersion
pattern will be aboutn half a meter right from the aim point. Can be important
sometimes when firing to small targets like T-34 mantlet. Take this aiming
correction (equal to distance between your gun and gunsight) on any range and
aim a bit (30-50cm or 1-1.5ft) left.

- the AB version of satchel pickup was made, but it's replace was added and then
removed from mutator script. This was because then to have AB working I would
have to include SatchelPickup.u in the mod files. Or you'd have to find it and
download on your own. So SatchelPickups are not replaced by the mod by default,
untill I ask the author if I can include it in the package. Then I should
probably put both AB_SatchelPickup and AB_PanzerfaustPickup in separate file
like AB_Tank_Factories because if a mapper used it from the mod package, the map
would not work anymore with next versions of the mod... :-/. But if it uses it
from different package, which is not changed later (like AB_Tank_Factories) then
everything works ok. edit: removed completly from 2.065 so no one will place it
on a new map. Will be back in separate package.

So - map makers - please DON'T use the AB_PanzerfaustPickup from any version of
Armored Beast mod package. Use standard PF pickup now (the mod will replace it)
and soon I will put it into tank factories package and you can use it from
there then.

- I played with 3D program and added the missing stabilising part of Panzerfaust
rocket. Whole rear part is black currently (only stabilisers should be black)
because my SDK crashes when I try to change static mesh to brush...

- Panzerfaust ammo reduced from 3 to 2 rockets
edit: had to remove this as it caused problems (problems everywhere
arghhh) and will include this change when problem is resolved. So there
are still 3 PFs...

- maybe something else I forgot to mention ;-)

- like the destroyed burning tank sound, and corrected HE damage against tanks to
temporary fix the problem from 2.05, untill it's corrected in code

Known not resolved issues:

The PTRD can make no fire sound sometimes and the Panzerfaust have no fire sound
when launching last rocket (you had 3, two fired ok but the lat 3 fired without
sound). I still don't know what causes that (and if it was present before), but
finding this can take me few days so I will fix that in next versions. No sound
from time to time is not that bad bug I hope.

The PzIII APCR can make no penetration sound under 100m even with 0.5 speed
setting, it's just too fast still. Not sure if should set 0.4 or keep all
speeds in proportion... If it's only sound missing, it's not that bad I think,
in case of other problems I will reduce it's speed to 0.4 to avoid that...)

The burning tanks still doesn't work correctly. The don't blow up when there is
no crew, and don't blow up when there is crew only in the turret. I want to fix
it so they blow up regardles if crewed or not and where the crew sits.

The tank gunsights were never perfectly calibrated (and I didn't correct this -
with exeption of Stug and PzIV - because I knew it would be wasted work as I'll
be redoing their ballistics at some point). Now they are even bit more off
because the ballistics changed, and adjusting all of them takes long time. I
don't want more delays so I'm releasing as is and will calibrate them for next
version. The difference is not much in most cases, half a meter up or down the
aiming point on 1000m range - and in game you usually don't know the true range
anyway ;-) Now with debug mode on you can see the range so you maybe will note
that they are a bit off. Worst case is PzIII APCR shell which is totally of now,
and T-60 sight is not adjusted too.

The new feature introduced some time ago, the tank shell dispersion, and the
random penetration factors, combined with debug mode that shows which part of
vehicle was hit and what was the effect, can give strange results sometimes, as
you will see something different than is written (you see turret hit, and debug
says hull hit, you see penetration, and the debug says it was ricochet). This is
because the server and client are both firing shells and their versions
(penetration result and point of hit) can probably be sometimes not exactly the
same. Little different values can be randomised on server that on client. I
wonder if the same goes for infantry weapons which also have dispersion. Server
calculates projectile path and penetration results that are the ones that
counts. Client does the same to just play hit effects. Sometimes client can dice
a penetration when server calculated ricochet (if penetration is very close to
armor) and vice versa. Not sure if I should try to make something with it,
anyway it's server version that counts and client only plays effects and sounds.
So - effects you see on your computer can _sometimes_ be not correct and if the
other tank exploded or started to smoke when you saw ricochet, then just know
that the server decided it was in fact penetration and this is the result that
is valid. To avoid this I would have to remove both shell dispersion and
penetration dispersion which are very nice features so I guess we don't want to
remove them. And STILL server-client versions could be possibly different
sometimes, as I observed invalid collision detections even in stock RO, it can
be noticed only with enabled build-in debug features (log and hit lines).


- Fixed bug that caused random modified penetration to not work.... god knows
old it is, probably it's here from the beginning :-/ Always base table penetration
was used because of that, and not the one random modified by 2-4% up or down.

- Reduced unnecesary number of debug output to log file - now debug shold show
in the log only with "bLogPenetration" option set to true in the ini file.

- Su-76 got BR-350B shells which can make it's penetration higher than T-34

- KV1 (not S) got older BR-350A shells and has lover penetration than T-34 and KV-1S
(note that "normal" KV-1 in game is always KV-1S version, the KV-1 must be placed by
map makers.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 12, 2006
I think perhaps we need a better readme file on this, for server admins as to what files to keep, which ones to delete, which files go where, etc. I (our clan) have used your mut since day one, and have just updated to version 2.06....HOWEVER....unless I have deleted the wrong files, or taken some out, or not uploaded some (thus the comment about the MORE detailed readme file), the mut seems to not even BE there and working. These things I've noticed:
1. Tank shakes when gun fires
2. Stug sight has reverted back to stock RO sight? yes or no?
3. Stug tank gun is WAYYYYY off
4. NO richochet sounds, sounds are completely different (penetration) from 2.03
5. Tank shells take longer to load (ala stock RO)
6. Armored Beasts.ini file is in notepad form? And calculations do not show up on screen.

I believe this mut NOW is not even working on our server. PLEASE let's produce a better, more detailed read me file please!!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland
Hm I didn't expect that something can be done wrong when everything is in correct folders. Just put everything in folders as in mod archive, new files overwriting old ones.

The readme sure, should be better... but I was wasted that day and went to bed. So maybe another day I'll try to write something more descriptive. But remember I'm not a native english speaker :)

Yes the mod is not working from what you describe. To know what is wrong, send me maybe the server log file (or upload it somwhere and give me link to it). I'll check what was wrong (in the log the game says what it couldn't find).

I hope all needed files are in the package. It worked on my test server. Show me the server log and we'll know in 5 minutes.

edit: just found a bug in the penetration code.... arghhhhhhhhh how long it is there ?? The bug make the random penetration not working at all... so the results you see on the screen are not true, because the base table penetration is used not the random modified penetration.

I noticed few times that game announced penetration, when penetration was lower than effective armor. What the f... ? And I found it....

FinalPenetration = Penetration * RandomFactor;

and then I have:

PenetrationExcess = Penetration - EffectiveArmor

where this should be

PenetrationExcess = FinalPenetration - EffectiveArmor


well, seem I have to make 2.065 :)

sorry... so wait an hour before updating servers. And send me server logs when mod not work. It's possible I forgot to add some file to package (happened once) but in 99% of cases when it not worked it tured out to be not properly installed (missing sound file or something).
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 1, 2006
lol and I just wanted to post some things I did not understood like a Panther killing a T34/85 even though the effective armor was 12653.21 mm while the random penetration was 138.74 mm. :)

Still great job so far, the debug text is great!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland
You had to hit turret side armor and it's 90deg off so fantastic armor multiplers shows :). Well in this case the table penetration was for sure also lower than THAT effective armor :) so it's little strange anyway... Did it said "Penetrated!" after the calcs ?

Are you sure somene else didn't kill your T-34 (this happens all the time for me during online testing, when someone destroys my target and I wonder why the hell it blowed up ;-)).

In half an hour I'm uploading 2.065
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 1, 2006
I tested it offline and it said riccochet.

Another strange thing I encountered:

Distance 661.16 ImpactVel 344.21
Hitpenetration point (open hatch or something) Penetration.
Shot damagae: 712
with a Panzer IVF1

But I played offline without any bots, so the hatch or whatever could not have been open (I hit the tank one time before that killing shot).


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 12, 2006
Ok, now that I have figured out this new version, and have it for the most part working, and our server not screwed up, I'll try to rant a bit less.
I still do not have the function where calculations from hits show on your screen. What do you have to also do to "turn" this on, as the .ini file I had to upload did not seem to do it. Is there something else we need to do to show these calculations?
Second, did you revert the Stug sights back to stock RO? As they look unrealistic, and completely different than the "correct" and accurate sights you had in 2.03
Finally, what is the extra system file named Narva for? Strictly to use with Narva/Muddy Tigers?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland
The hatches are open for not crewed tanks :) it's same as in stock RO. Have to fix it somwhere in the future.

To see the debug text, the ArmoredBeasts2.ini file have to be present in System directory of the server (or on your computer in practice mode) and all the bDebugText2Screen variables in it have to be set to true (they are by default). To disable debug text set them to false. If you just install the mod (copy all files to proper places) it should be on by default. Remember to overwrite all old files by new ones during the install.

And please delete the ArmoredBeasts2_NarvaVehicles.uggg file from System (if you find one) or rename it to .u
The file extension was changed by some evil forces in 2.06 package... ;-) Not used by base mod anyway, only by Narva map.

bdebugtext2screen=true - debyg enabled
bdebugtext2screen=false - debug disabled



- Fixed bug that caused random modified penetration to not work.... god knows
how old it is, probably it's here from the beginning :-/ Always base table penetration
was used because of that, and not the one random modified by 2-4% up or down.

- Reduced unnecesary number of debug output to log file - now debug shold show
in the log only with "bLogPenetration" option set to true in the ini file.

- Su-76 got BR-350B shells which can make it's ZIS-5T gun to have higher penetration
than T-34. But in real life Su-76 were very rarely meeting enemy tanks and not more
than few AT shells were carried just inn case... It was NOT a tank destroyer, just
mobile field gun, supporting infantry...

- KV1 (not S) got older BR-350A shells and has lover penetration than T-34 and KV-1S
(note that "normal" KV-1 in game is always KV-1S version, the KV-1 must be placed by
map makers.


there is Polish test server running AB 2.065 and some tank maps:
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 18, 2006
Gdansk, Poland
Just my RO ceased to work online, from half an hour I can't connect to ANY server (mod or no mod) so I can't even verify if it's working correctly on my test server... maybe tomorrow things get better....


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 1, 2006
The results are impressive so far! I really like the HE of the IS 2 :)

What I found: The sights of the T60 are not correct. The Target was 674.12m away I set the sight at 600m and had to aim less (!) than at the 400m mark (I guess between 200-300) to hit the target. There were also not mentions of effective penetration or damage done, no matter what distance the tank was away. I even killed a tank but no mention of the damage.
This only happened in the T60. Tested offline without bots.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 12, 2006
Ok, well, this was done in our server files:

To see the debug text, the ArmoredBeasts2.ini file have to be present in System directory of the server (or on your computer in practice mode) and all the bDebugText2Screen variables in it have to be set to true (they are by default).

Server was restarted, and no one in our server can see the text. Something else have to be done somewhere to get this to work? Any help from those of you that see this text on shot calculations when in your servers? Thanks...

Just a couple of suggestions as well, for what they're worth, from again someone who has run this mod from day one, and gets regular server traffic because of running it.
One, please keep the accurate sights you had for the Stug in there
Two, now it appears not only the magnification on the Panther sight is gone, but on the binocs as well, and the binocs view has changed back to stock RO, so....
please keep the binocs accurate viewfinder with magnification, or the Panther sight mag if it was realistic

IMHO, it appears and seems that with each update and new version, you make giant strides to improve one area, then take two steps backwards from the previous version in another area (such as Panther sight magnification) and binoculars....