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Jul 2, 2009
Oh, boy... I have waited this for so long... I am just happy for Firebug now, for the fact the flames actually distract the critters, and the new weapons... I am very excited. I can't wait to give them a spin. Downloading the update right now.


After a quick testing, I have to say my first impressions are good. I didn't test the Firebug improvements, but the new toys are excellent.

Katana: 3 slot weight, silent, fast attack speed, high damage and excellent reach, similar to axe, and doesn't slow you down much. The only downside is that it costs as much as the chainsaw, but if I had to choose between the two, Katana would get my vote, because it appears to be a very viable melee weapon. And the price can be worked around by asking a fellow zerker to buy you one. ;)

AK47: Fantastic weapon. That is all I can say. Excellent stopping power, good rate of fire, the only downside being high recoil which can be controlled by using semi-automatic or short, controlled bursts. This is what playing a commando should be like. And I love the open sights of the AK47, they are very easy to score headshots with. Well, at least for me. :)
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