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  • I see my IP is not whitelisted anymore on RO 2, is it intended?
    OfficialGameServer: Making Unranked: IP is not white listed (1053995584) I was ranked for years so I would like to know.
    HI!I have applied for a ranked server a week,please quick.
    Server name is "[CHINA] -RBQ- Server QQ qun 608704110" and CIDR is
    Hello! My friend and I have recently applied for a ranked server but when the server goes online, it's ranked for the first few seconds but then goes unranked.
    Server name is "Sparky2571's server" and ip is
    hi i did apply for ranked server and still no news about it and the server is not ranked

    Connection Info:

    Query Info:

    http://evocommunity.com if you need more information you can reply here thx for your time
    Good day my dear friend. I am the owner of Russian server frontCCCP 24/7 Campaign-TE (RUS hard)> www.ro2.su which works since 2013, and had the status of the ranking server ip address but now I was forced to change the seat of the server and change its ip address. I applied to the address but rank has not been received. Help me please get ranked for the server. Thank you !
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