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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 21, 2005
Miami, FL
* Plays video. Check.
* Plays music. Check.
* Stores 4GB of data. Check.
* Has a touch screen. Check.
* Automatically detects if you're widescreen or portrait. Check.
* Built-in WiFi. Check.
* Capable browser, email, chat, and office software. Check.
* Bluetooth. Check.
* Built-in video-capable camera. Check.
* Nice looks. Check.
* Exchangeable battery with amazing longevity. Check.

Yeap, sounds good. Oh wait...that's right, I'm talking about my Cingular 8125 Windows Smartphone.

Which I bought last year.

For $300.

For the same price that they're selling the iPhone, I bought the 8125 as well as an Archos 504 with 4.5" widescreen and 80GB of media storage. It looks pretty but frankly doesn't bring much new or interesting to the table.

Go Cisco.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 2, 2006
Area 51
I even saw the iPhone on MTV news.

My K500i (it is a sony-erect........u know what i mean) battery life is 4 days sometimes more sometimes less but when I listen to music or play the battery can only last only maby an hour when I have full battery and that was when I first got it.

Dr. Peter Venkman

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 21, 2006
Apple is not going to even get their iPhone out.

Cisco is going to completely destroy them.

I remind you all that Cisco holds the copyright to the name iPhone.


In Soviet Russia, Yoshiro is a cake
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
However somebody else owns the name Apple, and Apple Computers just renamed themselves to Apple Inc. I smell more lawsuits.


Machete Engineering.
Staff member
Oct 10, 2005
What i meant is going to court and getting a decision.

Imho we are seeing a marketing campaign and both parties are involved.

Why does Apple call the iTV which is connected to iTunes, which can show iPhoto images etc. etc. appleTV?
I guess somebody did not want to give away the name iTV.

Of course that is pure speculation, but to say Apple did not know what is going happen is kinda silly :)