How to make triggered projectors:

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Sep 26, 2007
just in case everyone ignores my previous thread about making the triggered projectors (since its a question that i found out how to do now) i will post again so its not as misleading
oh and the two actors script i found made by WORMBO
will soon be whitelisted, so the perks and everything will work.
hopefully we get some more dynamic interactive maps.
here's the instructions (maybe someone can help rewrite it so its easier to learn from):

this package has two actors in it:

(subclass)triggers->materialtrigger-> clientmaterialtrigger :
so materialtrigger will work for multiplayer

(subclass)info->replicationinfo-> materialreplicationinfo :
so clientmaterialtrigger will sync for everyone in the map.

how to use this (once its whitelisted):

triggerable textures:
open up the clientmaterialtrigger.u in actor classes first:
want something to change when a button is hit?
first make a materialswitch (texture browser, new, materialclass->materialswitch) choose the textures u want to change from/to
make the surface/projector the materialswitch u just made
now add in triggers->materialtrigger->clientmaterialtrigger
in the properties of the clientmaterialtrigger, go down to materialstrigger->materials to trigger, add, and then use the materialswitch you made. go ahead and give it an event->tag->changetexture(or whatever you want)
now make a usetrigger and give it an event->changetexture
ok when you use the trigger it should change the texture.
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