hold off on upgrading for ROHOS

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Colt .45 killer

Grizzled Veteran
May 19, 2006
my next gaming rig.

AMD 8 core CPU with some kind of ddr 3 ram. :D.

Of course my current 4 year old Q6600 4 gigs ddr2 1066 is still chuggin along just fine and can run almost any game with a good 40 FPS easily so I've no idea if I'll bother upgrading very soon. But it will most definitely be a switch to ATI, places still selling my Q6600 are still atempting ~300$, which is the price of AMD's current 6 core 3.3 GHZ Black edition CPU... disgusting..


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 8, 2005
No PC games worthy of an upgrade in sight, I may buy a PS3 instead, there are some exclusives I'm interested in.


Grizzled Veteran
Jan 19, 2010
Oh! Well you certainly have a point there! But i had an amazing experience with a Dell XPS 720 h2c a few years ago and i'm pretty damn satisfied with my laptop. So i don't mind paying a little more to get a Dell instead of building my own PC. Also, money is not really a problem for me, but i wont go buy an Alienware just because i have the cash. Buying an Alienware is simply stupid. When i had a good idea about what specs i wanted in my XPS laptop, i tried to see how much it would cost to get the same thing in an Alienware, and i was surprised to see a 700$ difference :eek:

EDIT: I'll give you 5$ if you stop playing Arma2 Lemon :p

EDIT2: Are they already lowering their prices? :eek:
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Laptop =/= Desktop PC

You can't really pick the parts for a laptop and build one on your own but building your own PC will always be cheaper and you have more control over what you need and want.

And no LemoN giving you money is for sure no good cause :p Save your money if you want to upgrade :IS2: