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  • Doesn't have armour cover arc...but even without that it's a superb wargame...I won many and CMBN is my No1 game fulls top. Next in line is Pantehr Games Battle for the Bulge, though tactical is normally my thing. Squad Battles is a great series aswell but best played PBEM>
    Aha..thats where I've seen you...also on The Wragmer and Matrix by any chance?

    Oh and superb game CMBN...now I am eagerly awaiting my ultimate wargame CMx2 on the East front...I just hope it's no more than 5 years away!
    Are you the same Nox as the one on Battlefront CMBN forum? If so thats where I've seen your name.
    Nox I recognise your name....sent a freidn request...I will look out for you on the servers...going by some fo your omments we think a like with regards to RO2.
    Hey man, noticed you mentioned TF2 in the Synapse thread - my SteamID is kapulA, so feel free to add me or send me yours if you're up for a couple o' games of that sometime, I just got back home from uni and have been playing a bit of TF recently, so I'll most likely be around.
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