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Gun Control in the Socialist Republic of Kahlifornia

Exactly, The government doesn't owe you anything except protecting your rights which the American citizen has granted to it. The people who do nothing productive in the system that aren't handicapped don't deserve to be here. Welfare encourages economic stagnation. Taking that away and giving major tax cuts encourages them to take some initiative and do something with their life.

Wasn't Jamestown built on the rule that if you didn't work, you didn't eat?
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Grimble Grumble said:
Guns shouldn't be accessible to anyonefor 'private' use, nevermind 15 year old children.

Ok so your one of those types that thinks that guns should only be in the hands of criminals and the Government?

Wow, what a concept. :eek:

Thank God you werent around when the 2nd Amendment was written.

I think that all gun hating, liberty hating people need a reality check. :mad:
Try this on for size:

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Bender711 said:
SO, the moral of the story is, you can continue being unarmed and we can keep are guns and then when the zombies come.........

But I think you pretty much summed it up. Those who need guns shall have them, and those who don't are free to rest unarmed ;). I won't convince any of you to not have guns, just like you will not convince me that it is neccessary for me to be armed :D
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[CoFR]BooBoo said:
That's the crux of the whole matter. We're not trying to convince you that you need to be armed (at least most of us aren't). What we're arguing is that you should have the right to make that choice to begin with. It should be YOUR choce whether you are armed or unarmed, not the government's or anyone else's choice.


If you somehow feel safer being unarmed then so be it.

I personally feel better being heavily armed. :D

Isn't diversity wonderful?

Penn and Teller could not have said it better. Some of us will call the police to protect us from the BG (usually after the fact) but....
Who will protect you from the Police??

People are so brainwashed with PC these days that they just can't fathom that question.
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Actually I see myself as VERY patriotic. I know a guy who is a police officer, while he is a good guy, there are some very corrupt officers out there, but then there are very good people on the force as well. And I don't hate the military. Infact, I plan on joining ROTC in college and serving a 6 year commission as an officer. Thats how much I love this country, that I'm willing to devote my life in its service while putting my life on the line. I think enabling a country's citizens to defend themselves is very important. But its also very important to have the strongest official army in the world. "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." And I'm the Soup Nazi because it was on Seinfeld, it was one of the most famous Seinfeld episodes.

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I live in a country were owning a gun is not allowed, even possesion of an airsoftgun is strictly forbidden.

Our capital city Amsterdam (also known to be the drugs capitalcity of the world by most Americans ;) and most of the time in foreign press mentioned as one of the most dangerous city's in the world) was in the news earlier this week, so far this year there were 4 gun related homicides there.
Now how many american citys have a record like that?

So the argument that only criminals and the gouverment have guns and that the civilians are in danger is bs.
sure most big (organized crime) criminals have guns, but they only use it to kill each other and nobody really cares about that.

If you want to live in a society where everybody carry guns just because they are afraid that the other will use them on you be my guest, I am very happy I live in a country with strict gun rules, I don't need a gun and I don't feel threatened :)
And I also do not feel the need to go hunting with a full automatic etc.
(is very hard to do here anyway since we have the highest population per square mile in the world (and still don't feel the need to shoot eachother ;))so what there is no room to hunt anyway)
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