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Level Design Dead Space - Medical Deck


Jul 12, 2012
I been working on making the medical deck from dead space into killing floor. Below is a download of a sample of what I have done so far. Want to know what people think about it so far.

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Do you think I should continue working on it?
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There are two because when I put only one in the middle of the door, it worked sometimes. It's probably due to the door thickness. So I just put two of them and that seem to fix that small issue.

I am a beginner in using the unreal engine editor. So if there are ways to make things look better, let me know. All I am doing is importing the stuff and placing it. Plus making the BSP around it.
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Changing the collision radius of the KFUseTrigger should get rid of the need for a second trigger.

KFUseTrigger Properties > Collision > CollisionRadius

You can also enable radii view on the top down viewport for better fine tuning.

Right click the tool bar in the view port > Actors > Radii View

Awesome looking map!
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