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  • Hi, how are you?
    You who created the hillside map, I wonder why they removed the steam workshop map.
    I would like to ask if you are planning on Updating the Faked Suite Mutator. I would like to use it for my costume server to increase the amount of zeds in it.
    @ Skell, so I downloaded your files, but I am new to hosting dedicated servers, I am using a control panel and uploading mutators manually to the control panel's Killing floor main folders. I understand that I should place the "SkellsWelder.u" in the "Systems" folder, but what about the Classes? Do I create a subfolder in the "System" folder named "Classes" and place those files in there, or do I have to download the serverperks mutator for the welding mutator to work? I would greatly appreciate a step by step process if its not too much to ask
    hi Skell,

    I have a question. I am creating a mod where i need to edit the gametype. All is fine except i get these recursion errors during runtime:


    I took a quick look at your code and others for any idea as to why this is happening. I found that you created these classes:


    Since my error seems to be related to explosions and Stumble/stunning, I was wondering about these classes. Why are you using them? did u encounter a similar problem and this was your solution? Or do they serve a different purpose?

    Info would be much appreciated.
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