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  • I can see you're very interested in modding the game, how would you feel about helping me add 22 new custom playable characters to the KF game? I'm looking for a good texturer, coder and animator. The last modder I worked with ended up taking the cyclops which I can explain if we ever talk over steam.

    EDIT: I have 20 of the character models done
    Hey man i was wondering if you or your clanmates had mics that played KF. if so i'd love it if a few of you could add me on steam, just click on the steam icon under my rep to add me.

    A little desperate for people to play kf with that have mics =/
    You know what Hemi's go f your self!!! who do you think you are putting such trash on here???? I don't even know you, So if you want to start trashing server i'm up for it you f moron.
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