Darkest Hour Release Date Update

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Apr 29, 2006
Ontario, Canada
you got to be joking with a reply like that :confused: people are going to play this mod because there is going to be Legendary tanks in it :p jesus you are Badly Mistaken;)

Quite right. The King Tiger could destroy any allied tank at over 2000 meters!

Not even the Firefly or the JS2 could harm it at that range! :p


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Dec 7, 2005
May want to check your source reddog my no.4 is made by savage and thats what the model and texture is based on. I know it's not an indian model etc because its been in my family since it was issued and hasn't been modified once (unless someone did an aftermarket private mod on it but it seems unlikely seeing as it was boxed up in my grandparents attic then my parents attic until about 10 years ago).

Like you i'm big into No.4s My favourite is when you find them cut down and resold as the jungle carbine (quick look at the ironsights will tell you if its a real one or not).

p.s. the forums should work fine now
That's odd, I've never ever seen a British or Commonwealth manufactured No.4 that has the reinforcing screw. It's moot in any case the model itself is fantastic and I'll definitely be using it to kill jerries a plenty.

I know the forums are up now, I'm good mates with the bloke fixing em up for you ;)


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Apr 10, 2008
I dont want to sound rude, but the point where it would have made sense to release this thing is long gone. People will play DH...for a day, and then move on, just as they did with the earlier released mods. Save your time, lads, for your own good.

What a complete muppet, keep up the good work lads everyone DOES appreaciate it !!!!