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April 21st RO2/RS Update Changelog


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  • Oct 10, 2005
    East Coast
    2 new Transports
    • Universal Carrier & Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251 (SDKfz 251)
    • Winter and Summer textures
    • New Achievements
    • Transports implemented in 3 maps Arad, Barashka and Rakowice

    New Gametype S&D
    • 9 maps modified to work for SD (4 RO2, 5 RS)
    • 1 completely new map SD-Warehouse (for RO2 - Official Custom Map)
    • New achievements
    • Added a new bind '=' to drop the bomb in the game binding menu

    New RS map Maggothill
    • Merrill's Marauders, made up of a series of light infantry assault units (lacking heavy weapons), was ordered to take up position at Nhpum Ga and hold it against attacking Japanese forces in April of 1944. Ill equipped for this holding action, the Marauders were put under siege and often time surrounded by the Japanese.

      Faced with poor health conditions and limited supplies, the Marauders managed to hold. At the end of the battle, 400 enemy were confirmed dead with 57 dead marauders and hundreds more wounded or incapacitated.
    • Modes Supported: RSFF, RSTE, RSCD, RSSD

    Brewing system
    • After Brewing their map once, custom mappers shouldn’t have to brew their maps after future game updates
    • Testing has shown some existing cooked maps will work under the new system, but others have shown errors (such as missing textures) and will need to be brewed to have them corrected

    MCP Winners
    • Phosphate Plant
    • Myshkova River
    • Otori Shima

    Fixed Tank bugs
    • T-pose bots should no longer show up (fixed for 5 different variations)
    • Fixed vehicles staying in the wrong DepthPriorityGroup after a player finishes spectating (tanks could be seen as always on top of everything)
    • Changing position in the driver's seat of a vehicle no longer breaks the ability to switch to that seat
    • Vehicle Teamkill and Vehicle Kill Assist kill messages now display the correct text label (previously both said "Kill Assist"
    • Fixed tanks shooting off to the left when trying to shoot near an object between you and where you were aiming the cannon
    • Fixed inability to spawn in tanks as certain roles at times
    • Fixed tanks often getting stuck on objects
    • Fixed that firing HE/AP removed ammo from the MG as well
    • Made the spawntank cheat not spawn a tank stuck on the front of your tank
    • Fixed issue that makes you unable to look around on a non standard aspect ratio
    • Fixed log spam when at a resupply point
    • Fixed log spam when changing seats in a vehicle
    • When hitting an object with your tank you now hear the impact hit sounds
    • Fixed players getting insta-banned if they hit a friendly tank
    • Fixed players getting insta-banned if they drive over a friendly with a tank
    • Fixed cases of seeing tankers inside your tank without a head
    • Fixed cases of seeing the people sitting inside a tank appear through the outside of tank
    • Vehicles with a broken transmission can no longer turn
    • Destroyed T34's in non-winter paint no longer display ultra blurry, low res textures
    • Fixed spectator camera jerking around when someone changes seat
    • Tanker bots can now be removed as expected when using the KillBots() command or the Remove Bots function in WebAdmin
    • Added new setting FriendlyFireHitVehiclePunishScale to reduce instances of one-hit-bans for hitting friendly vehicles
    • Vehicle broken transmission sound no longer starts and stops abruptly. It fades in and out
    • Damaging an undamaged vehicle armour plate in an armour zone that is already in a heavily damaged state will no longer reset the zone's health back to a higher value
    • Players in vehicles should no longer be prompted to resupply MG soldiers outside the vehicle
    • Vehicle crew and passengers will now always play the correct death animation for the position/stance that they were in on death, rather than always using the one for the default position
    • Changing seat position while holding the fire button on a vehicle MG spot will cease firing as soon as the transition starts or the player is killed
    • Tank Icons on the overhead map now correctly scale with the resolution of your monitor (making them no longer appear huge on low res monitors, or tiny on high res ones)

    New Tank features
    • Server ability to force players to fire the current shot before they can reload a different kind of ammo
    • Added ability to bind the rotating of a tank turret to happen by keyboard instead of mouse in the default config files (this is currently unsupported functionality but can be found commented out in the defaultroconfig.ini file. This was done as an internal test to see what it would take to do keyboard controls properly and is this config is built off community work.)

    • Fixed bug where roles appear to be available but are not selectable (in campaign)
    • Fixed bug that allowed players to spawn on enemy squad leader when teams were swapped
    • Fixed incorrect icons in the campaign window
    • Fixed the chat automatically scrolling back to the beginning when voting over a territory
    • Pacific campaign map in WebAdmin now matches the one in game (was previously scaled differently)
    • Fixed incorrect spelling of the Pacific Campaign territory "Volcanoes"

    • Weapons now track ammo on both the client and the server, stopping players to fire more shots with a weapon than the mag contains
    • Fixed knee mortar reload sounds ignoring volume settings
    • Re-ranged the knee mortar to stop it from firing short
    • Bolt action rifles no longer lose shell ejections after performing a full reload
    • M1 Garand empty clip ejection no longer stops at random intervals
    • Players of the Japanese in RS can no longer get effectively unlimited booby traps
    • Players can no longer initiate a reload if they're bandaging
    • Fix for circumstances causing the player viewpoint to float above where it should be for machine gunners
    • Fixed the interruption of MG barrel change not stopping the 3p animation from playing, or preventing the code from swapping the barrel over regardless
    • Fixed machine gunners being able to unlock movement during pre-game countdown
    • Fixed Heavy machine gun ammo getting out of sync with the server when firing in fully automatic
    • Adjusted pivot points on RS MGs, so that they no longer allow the player camera to rotate behind walls
    • Fixed exploit that allowed iron sights to be raised instantly
    • You now correctly hear footstep sounds, when holding the fire button while moving around with a katana.
    • Fixed cases of deployable weapons creating T-posed soldiers or "Jazzhands"

    • Fixed the ability to join a full team by going spectator first and then selecting the team
    • Fixed bug that had AI being added to the wrong team when a player logged out, leading to a server crash if the other team's roles were all filled
    • Fixed exploit where footstep sounds could be disabled
    • RO2 level up messages no longer incorrectly play RS sound effects
    • Added new handling to allow native VOX for "no valid artillery target" messages when Native Voices is enabled
    • Switching to Axis spectator from the Axis team while online will no longer cause everyone in the server to speak using Allied voices
    • Teamchat messages in the campaign menu chat box now have a prefix of (TEAM) so that their teammates know that it's a private team message rather than a public one
    • Fixed a bug that limited the number of bots that could join a game
    • Fixed an issue where the camera view target would be set to the wrong thing
    • Fixed issue where reinforcements kept resetting after players have begun spawning
    • Fixed Allied players can say "argh i’m hit" with native audio from the Axis perspective
    • Automatic hint for Banzai charging should no longer appear for German soldiers
    • Selecting a role via the "Join a Squad" menu while the pre-game countdown is underway will no longer result in an un-possessed pawn at spawn

    • Map/Kick/RoleKick voting menus should no longer reset to the top every time another player casts a vote
    • Germans now see that they have to type np to forgive instead of kp
    • Commander orders icons on the overhead map now clamp to the edges of the visible map when zoomed in, rather than overflowing onto the rest of the HUD
    • Commanders now see orders icons offset correctly on the overhead map when zoomed in
    • Fixed options in Steam Workshop menu being clipped off the bottom of the screen (and therefore unusable) while using non standard aspect ratios
    • Fixed inconsistent uppercase vs lowercase role names on the pre-game ready screen
    • Fixed bug where incorrect realism mode was displayed when mode and map changed by webadmin
    • Fixed objective and player spotted icons in the World Widget (HUD overlay) being located incorrectly while using non standard aspect ratios
    • Added <> brackets s to hints where a key press is required

    Map changes
    • All official custom maps now have a more standardized squad unlock system, so that in low player/clan matches you do not end up with too many smgs etc.
    • Custom map names now appear on the loading screen rather than just "Custom Map"
    • Fixed misplaced tactical view ammo icons for most MCP custom maps.

    • Moved infantry spawns closer to the villages.
    • Added AT rifles to all ammo locations around the objectives.
    • Fixed matinee tracks for recon planes - lifted their altitude.
    • Cover improvements
    • Multiple buildings opened up for infantry
    • AT rifles placed at ammunition supplies
    • Added Transport Spawns

    • Changed North and South Village capture times from 15s to 30s to promote better fights over the final objectives
    • Marksman roles now show up with less than 16 players
    • Fixed elite assault roles not having classic mode overrides
    • Cover improvements

    Bridges of Druzhina
    • Re-centered the map which should reduce/eliminate cases where weapons would be inaccurate at range
    • The radio on the first bridge now works for both teams.
    • All roles have been redone from scratch hopefully fixing the invisible ppsh/ or the ptrs looking ppsh bug.
    • Cover improvements.

    • Re-centered the map which should reduce/eliminate cases where weapons would be inaccurate at range

    Gumrak Station
    • Added squad names

    Mamayev Kurgan
    • Fixed cover in one of the initial pillboxes to allow MGs to properly deploy

    Myshkova River
    • Cover improvements

    • Cover improvements
    • Made changes so tanks can no longer easily get stuck in the trenches
    • Messages, about events moved up from the center of the screen so they are less likely to be blocking your view

    • Minor collision fixes
    • Removed ability to win 2 rounds instantly

    • Fixed players flying into the sky if you kill them in the underground airfield bunker
    • Fixed an invisible wall near the Red Cross objective

    Iwo Jima
    • Changed tessellation distance to help reduce terrain related exploits

    • Cover improvements

    Issues that can no longer be reproduced (likely fixed by some other change)
    • Selecting the TT33 lvl25 makes you spawn with only 1 weapon
    • Selecting the SVT40 Sniper lvl50 no longer crashes your game (and your entire team)
    • Issues with the lvl 25 pzb rifle
      • When deploying when prone your character moved up into the air
      • No visible muzzle flash
      • Bullets hitting nearby objects when the player was aiming further away

    Crash Fixes
    • Fixed several of the most common crash reports that came in
    Fixed the ability to join a full team by going spectator first and then selecting the team

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