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Constant DDoS

Is anyone going to address the ongoing issue of ddos amplification attacks? for those of use using cable internet theres no way to mitigate these attacks unless its a ISP level. I shut my server down due to these attacks and would like to know if anyone figured out a real solution. Ive tried all the ddos tools posted here and they dont stop the attack completely and still manage to slow down my internet until all players on the server disconnect. Anyone out there can help?

Server KF2 server on CentOS Linux DDoS defense with the help of firewalld

An attacker has been trying to use my server to do amplification attacks again. However this time round it's a lot slow. They have been sending a couple of hundred packets per minute. Not enough to get caught by my packet rate limiter. They have also changed the way they are attacking using the same ip address with multiple source ports for a couple of minutes then moving on to another ip address and repeating. This is not really a issue as the script that reads the kf2 logs blocks these connections. However it's annoying to be part of a ddos against someone else's infrastructure and have CPU spikes because of these attacks. So i have another filter for the community that seems to work well for this kind of attack.

iptables -I FORWARD 1 -d <KF2 server ip address> -p udp --dport <KF2 server port range> -m connlimit --connlimit-above 20 --connlimit-mask 32 --connlimit-saddr -j DROP

iptables -I FORWARD 1 -d -p udp --dport 7777:7779 -m connlimit --connlimit-above 20 --connlimit-mask 32 --connlimit-saddr -j DROP

This filter limits the number of connections you can make from a single ip address to the server port to 20 active connections. A client only really needs one connections.
I shut my server down last month as none of these methods were enough to repell the attacks. if you have a cable connection like me then none this is going to work becuase it will be too much traffic to try and filter
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Medic buffs are plummeting frames on all consoles

I'm not sure if it's caused by medic buffs but on PS4 (base PS4), I have noticed more instances of terrible framerate lately on multiplayer. The worse instance was when I was healing everybody with a healththrower (3 FPS...sigh) in a confined room in ashwood asylum with a LOT of things going on so...maybe it might have something to do with medic?
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M32 Grenade Launcher: Multiple ammo types

I always think of the movie Dogs of War, an early 1980 film where I first saw a grenade launcher with a drum magazine. I always thought that would be perfect for a game like this one. Having it preloaded with different ammo rounds could be fun.
I mean... It would just behave the same way the M32 does? Both are "revolver-type" grenade launcher... Although the Hawk MM1 has a massive TWELVE grenades loaded !

I do believe that, should such a mechanic be implemented, the best way would be to have full control on the grenades you load. Maybe the gun could have regular grenades once you purchase it, and then have the option to buy one or more other types of grenades at the Trader Pod? You could then manually load each grenades... So you could have a mag full of "specialty" nades, or a mix of styles !
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An idea for prestige

This topic has been discussed already years ago.
It was unanimously decided during the suggestion of adding the prestige system, that it should NOT grant any perk bonuses what-so-ever, as it would just force players to grind levels instead of having fun playing the game.
Considering that game balance is already in shambles, trying to add modifiers from prestige would just ruin it even more.

On top of it, prestige was added for those players who kept asking for an option to just RESET their progress and start from 0, and tripwire threw in a little bonus of shiny new emblems.

In short: prestige granting perk bonuses ain't happening.
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M32 Grenade Launcher: Multiple ammo types

I think if we're calling it a fragmentation grenade, it oughta actually fragment like most explosives in Killing Floor 1 :p
Of course ! The point is to reach further with your explosives so you can actually annihilate every small-to-medium zeds in a zone ;)
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Update concepts

-I dig the map idea ! I feel like we're lacking an "Offices-like" option in KF2. That's to say a map that's a bit more cramped, in a building, with very few options to escape so you'd be forced to stay close to each other... I'm also very fond of "Dystopia 2029", so having another map located into a Cyberpunk-flavored location is right up my alley.

-The Extermination HMG Mark 5 : by the sound of it, it seems like a Survivalist weapon... And possibly another broken one at that ! I don't know if we need another minigun, although the ZED MkIII truly impressed me. It also somewhat feels like a Killerwatt with extra steps to me.

-The Calvary's Redeemer : it feels gimmicky to be fair. I'm a bit tired of the trope of adding "elemental effects" to weapons to give them a bit more flair. More often than not, it feels tacked-on and not really interesting. The Frost Fang for example rarely actually freezes zeds and often just blast them away (except against bigger zeds, which the weapon doesn't really excel at killing). I do like the idea of having a cavalry saber, but possibly for a future game, as I don't really see what it could bring to the zerk class (except maybe a faster attack speed? And even that would be meh)

-The Ripples of the Wind : eh... it's yet another gimmicky weapon imo. A double-edged sword is an interesting idea on its own, but possibly in another game where melee-combat is more developed? I'm thinking of For Honor as an example. In KF2, besides fancy animations, I don't know what it could truly bring. Maybe the soundwave could instead push back zeds rather than slowing them down? Like, the shockwave would stumble them ! And it would fit the zerk's gameplay pretty well I think.

-HAAR-17: again, the plasma attack seems tacked-on without any real reason... And it also feels like a baby version of your Extermination HMG Mk.V as a result.

-Violet Nova Curtary : I dig the art, really ! But the design seems too... bright, too colorful for KF2. Take the Horzine Mk.7 armor as a reference point : while it has some colorful outlines, it's still a solid black futuristic armor that seems somewhat "believable" in a near-future setting like in KF2. Your character not only seems to stem from a space opera, but it really screams "shoot me!" due to the bright neon colors. I do have to add that I'd keep two great stuff about your idea : we definitely need more female characters in KF2... And a cyborg character would be pretty neat ! Sure, we have D.A.R. but... It's not exactly the same flavor.

-Corrupted Slasher definitely sounds like a pain in the ass ! And that's a great thing considering most people find the current state of the game to be too easy. The fact it regenerates its HP is no big deal, considering it's a mere slasher (in most cases, I believe you wouldn't even notice it, especially with latter weaponry and/or higher-leveled perks). But the main problem is... You can only kill it via headshots. Most of the time, a single headshot is needed to kill a slasher. So would the self-healing matter that much? Plus, for perks that aren't truly capable of dealing headshots (like with most zerk, firebug or demo weapons), what would you do? Switch to your 9mm each time the zed appears? I guess it adds some challenge yeah, but it would also break the flow of the match. Kind of a shame IMO.

-Corrupted Stalker : Most of my criticism related to the Slasher can also apply here. I believe only the ability to teleport, moving faster and being fully invisible should be kept. That would already make for a tougher and more annoying enemy to deal with !

-Corrupted Brute : I must admit I thought you would have taken inspiration from the old "Brute" mod from KF1 ! The fact it self-heals is yet another idea I don't know what to make out of... Nobody likes bullet sponges, it's just a cheap way to add challenge and make a fight drags on for far too long. It also feels too similar to the King Fleshpound to truly make it an intriguing boss that you have to relearn. And considering it can self-heal AND is always in a rage state... Is it a good idea to make it spawn zeds? Especially ones that can also self-heal and are only vulnerable to headshots? I don't really think so... It would make for a very frustrating fight.

So what I'd keep from all that are :

-Zemeli Industries
-Corrupted Stalker
-The will to bring forward better, more interesting and more complete updates !
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Perk Idea - Hunk

So, yet another Machine Gunner suggestion? I'm still convinced that the idea can't work from the get-go, because there's no way you could make the perk interesting enough, mostly due to a very "static" arsenal. And considering the main appeal is to have large mags and generous RoF... Would it be that different from a SWAT in the end?

But still, I'll study your proposition as I always do !

-Interesting to earn XP by killing ranged zeds ! I dig the idea, although it would have fitted the sharpshooter better I guess.

-The passives are by-the-books, but they should work nicely enough.

-I find it weird to start up with a beefed-up STG44... The gun (or more accurately : it's prototype) is a T3 weapon in the hands of the Commando. And suddenly it's merely a T1 for the Hunk, despite having a bigger mag? I know that game design should always prevail in face of realism, but it does puzzle me. It's the main gripe I had with every "machinegunner" suggestions : how do you come up with a convincing T1? I'm not very knowledgeable in weaponry, so maybe there are some low-caliber LMGs out there. But from the get-go, it just feels like a perk whose arsenal would already start at T3.

-Energy grenades feels a bit out-of-place, and I kinda believe the perk should have more "supportive" form of grenades instead (considering it's about tanking and suppressive fire).

-I don't really get your choice of weapons First of all : do we really need that many? Sure, a new perk should be up to speed with others, considering it releases so late after the latest inclusion (Survivalist). Having merely four guns would be far too little ! But then, if we delve into your choices :
1) Dual DP27? WHAT? Fully loaded, the gun weights a whopping 11,5kg... Imagine dual-wielding that !
2) The Raffica sounds like a weird choice too... It's not an LMG, but a PM. And while it would definitely make for a pretty ludicrous weapon in the gunslinger's hands (hence why the G18 is a T4), it would probably be mad underwhelming for a dedicated LMG perk. At best, it should be a peculiar sidearm, kinda like the buckshot for the support !
3) Do we need TWO M247, for the same perk no less? I'd rather see the "boosted up" version to at least have something a bit different in its arsenal.
4) It sounds very weird to have two WWII-era LMGs as the higher-tiered options... As iconic as these guns are, and again I'm no gun-nut, I'm pretty sure modern examples would perform better. The MG42 was known for overheating profusely for example, due to its massive RoF.

Now let's look into the skills !

Level 5 : Nothing much to say. Both seem helpful without being too much. And I actually don't know for sure which one I'd pick... It would probably depend on my weapon. Which is definitely something we don't see enough of in KF2 !

Level 10 : Both bring forwards some pretty neat gadgets ! But I feel like skills that only caters to grenades are just too... limited. Maybe one of them should be the perk's special grenade? Maybe they could be purchased at the Trader's Pod for a low-price (around 50-60, so just a bit more than a regular grenade?) I like the nades, mostly the shield (considering ranged zeds are less of a nuisance). But having merely one extra weight slot (rarely enough for anything, besides upgrading one of your gun one more time), or being free from the siren's main gimmick is not enough, considering you're playing a "hitscan" perk.

Level 15 : 100% extra armor is a lot ! Sure, you also have to pay more to fully repair it... But that's something that even the Medic and SWAT don't have access to. The Medic needs to slowly level up to increase his armor, while the SWAT requires TWO skills to reach that 100% extra. Again, I get that the Medic has other tools at its disposal (better and faster healing, faster movement), same for the SWAT (lighter weapons !). But I believe you could get a slightly smaller boost... An extra 50-75 would be enough, especially against the other skill "Studded Leather", which sounds fun but underwhelming, especially against a massive increase in your armor. Keep in mind that even if you lose like 80HP in a single hit, that wouldn't amount to much if the opponent only receive 10% of that itself... Maybe they could also be pushed back after they hit you? Or get a bleeding effect for a little while (5 seconds or so?). And even then... Double the armor is just too good to pass up.

Level 20 : Bullet Combo sounds STUPIDLY FUN and I do wonder why the SWAT never had that ! I do believe it would be mad cool, although I believe it should be a tad lower (0.5% maybe ?) because you'd end up either wasting a lot of ammo by mistake or just nuking everything by the time you reach the end of the mag (many LMGs have 50+ rounds after all !). That or maybe the boost could slowly drain out when you're not firing? Or totally reset once you release the trigger? "Lead Returns" is also pretty cool I must say, but on the flipside, I believe it could be a little more generous... Maybe regen 3-4% instead? Sure, if you get crowded by clots you could pretty much fully reload your gun... But at the cost of being on the brink of death ! It's tough to measure I suppose, maybe it could be tied to the damage received more than the amount of hits? Like a Fleshpound could replenish 10% of your mag, but a mere clot would only give you one extra bullet? I'd say it would be fairer.

Level 25 : What's the point of refilling my mag if I get everything from my reserve ammo anyway? :p I believe it should do a little extra than a mere "skip reload", especially considering you can't control when the Zed-Time drop, so you might only reload like two bullets ! "Ferocious Presence" is a bit better, although quite similar to SWAT's own skill.
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M32 Grenade Launcher: Multiple ammo types

Okay, maybe medic grenades might not be the best idea, but it was certainly the first thing that came to mind when suggesting that the M32 should be reworked into a multi-launcher
Maybe you could have two types of grenades instead? AP (Armor-Piercing) ones that are very efficient at dealing with a single target (still a bit weaker than the RPG-7 to make up for the fact that you can quickly launch six of them before reloading). And a "frag" option that has a larger radius, to better deal with larger groups of enemies. Hell, maybe you could throw in a third, expensive type of ammunition called a "cluster grenade" (similar to the MIRV from Team Fortress Classic). This would explode and scatter multiple smaller grenades over a wide zone.

But that's the only way I could see such mechanic work. The demo is all about explosives after all, and I'm a bit tired of perks stealing the spotlight of other perks.
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HRG Locust still too powerful - Suggestions

While I'm not going to dispute any of the previous points, I agree it does rob the thunder of an experienced team.

On the other hand, I'd like to say that when you play with players who play like headless chickens on suicidal (I get that a lot on console), this thing is a lifesaver if your team is really really bad. (Locust + SMG Medic + Sentinel = Team Savior)
Well yeah, but that's not the point. It will save your bacon like a get-out-of-jail-free card and no game should have that. At best, it should have a little something that allows you to breath... temporarily. Think of the cryo or EMP grenades for example. They can get you out of a hairy situation, but you gotta make them count because you clearly don't have many grenades at your disposal. The locust has a very good amount of reserve ammo as well after all...

Veteran players keep saying this, but we really beg for inexperienced players to really hone their skills in normal or hard (considering normal is REALLY lenient). Jumping straight in the harder difficulties is bad for everybody : you'll die very quickly so you won't partake in the fun, and the rest of your team will have to make up with your mistakes. Don't get me wrong : it can happen to the best of us ! Of course I already died a few times because I truly wanted to kill the zed in front of me instead of healing and died because a zed snuck up on me... But it should be minimal. If you die every wave, you're a disservice to the team.

And it's even worse if you PURPOSELY play in a suboptimal game with randoms. Even if it ain't a competition, it's obviously more rewarding and fun if you can all win instead of dying a wave 5...

We had a pretty lengthy discussion about it not too long ago : should we play the fun police for the sake of winning, or let people enjoy the game how they want? Honestly, I'm all for having fun and trying underrated weapons... But do so either with your friends or in solo. Random players shouldn't have to make up for your selfishness.

A game should always offer challenges and the tools to conquer them. If you avoid them altogether because the game offers you something to get you out of every difficult times, then the devs did something wrong.
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HRG Locust still too powerful - Suggestions

While I'm not going to dispute any of the previous points, I agree it does rob the thunder of an experienced team.

On the other hand, I'd like to say that when you play with players who play like headless chickens on suicidal (I get that a lot on console), this thing is a lifesaver if your team is really really bad. (Locust + SMG Medic + Sentinel = Team Savior)
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M32 Grenade Launcher: Multiple ammo types

Meeeeeh... I get the meaning behind it, considering that it's indeed a very neglected weapon (and I think it will be even more with the surprisingly versatile ZED MkIII) but I don't think we need yet another perk that steals from others. EMP and Healing would really feel slapped on just because. It's not the perk's role at all. Plus, the Gravity Imploder kinda shows that having "different grenades" don't really make for a better weapon.
To me, the M32 is kinda the middle ground between the very high-power RPG-7 (that suffers as a PDW/CQC weapon, you better have a great team to back you up or a decent sidearm) and the recent Zed MKIII (melts through everything with its generous mag, but lacks the capability to get rid of a tough target quickly).

The M32 is good because you can continuously shoot if you reload frequently (kinda like most Support's shotguns). It's good because you can quickly blast a zone clean of every zed around. It's like a more lenient RPG-7, that trades some of its massive firepower for more comfort. I agree that it might seem as suboptimal, but I personally believe it does what it should. Simply, the demo's task is to be a Fleshpound's nightmare, hence why the RPG-7 is just a better option.
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M32 Grenade Launcher: Multiple ammo types

I dunno if it's even possible for the M32 to be made a viable sidegrade to the RPG at this point. I think it'd be more productive to push this weapon towards a more gimmicky direction similar to most HRG weapons. Perhaps the M32 could have the following changes?

New Damage Type: M32_EMP
Scrake: 1.5
Gorefiend: 1.35
EDAR Variants: 3.0

New function: Change firing mode

High Explosive - The default damage type. has the highest explosive and base impact damage.

Healing - Medic Grenades for Demolitionist. Has a longer minimum range to prevent self-healing, grenade impact deals 100 Ballistic_Rifle and 75 Explosive. Grenades do not have lingering healing gas but players caught in the explosion are healed 30 HP

EMP - Has no minimum arming distance. Explosion deals 30 EMP damage/100 EMP incap power, grenade impacts deal 125 M32_EMP damage. EMP Grenades do not injure the user

I'd mention other firing modes, but three would already bloat up the weapon selection cycle as it is.

Let us reset perk level after prestige 5

Sheesh, that's indeed an impressive amount in "just" seven years ! That's a whopping 260 DAYS spent playing :p Even on my most played game (Team Fortress 2), I have one third of that.

But then again, while I understand why you'd wish for more reasons to come back... You can't really blame a game that you played for so long to lack new challenges for you. Hell, there's quite a few games that you can complete in merely a couple hours 🙃
Hence why i advocate solo queue long suicidal, the random skill level of players is what brings challenge :kekw:
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Killing Floor 2 Winter Beta is Live! Read the Changelog here.

Sniper is my main and favorite perk, and I can safely say that the new rifle needs to be nerfed. And it is desirable to completely remove from it the ability to kill and stop several zeds. She is able to stop any angry zed, this is already too big a plus. Some bosses, like the Abomination, just twitch and don't move when they're shot at, long enough to reload and stop her again. For example, I suggest one of the following:
1) Leave the characteristics as they are, but increase the weight by 1kg, this will put it on a par with the railgun and it will become a new heavy weapon and will not allow you to buy the M14. Also slightly reduce the amount of ammo.
2) Remove the ability to stop more than 1 zed, and it is also desirable to remove the chain damage after the shot so that neighboring large zeds do not get angry. There is an idea to completely change the mechanics of weapons: When killing with a headshot, an explosion will occur, stunning nearby zeds (as a skill for a survivalist)
I liked this weapon, but if something is not done with it, then I will remove it from my server, just like the locust, kaboomstick, frost fang, thermite and hrg dragonsblaze.
Sorry for the double-post, but I've finally tried everything the update has to offer (which includes the Storm Cannon) and I must say I fully agree with you Anapa. That gun is truly a sight to behold.

It's absolutely insane that the last two updates alone gave us the Locust, Ballistic Bouncer, ZED MkIII and Storm Cannon. All of which are insultingly good, to the point where I wonder if the team even test their updates before launching... I know that's the whole purpose of a beta, but there are some things that you should have noticed while coming up with the new guns. The visual bug we already mentioned while you use a skin (and the sights are totally obstructed) is also part of that : how did you launch the weapon without even noticing that you can't ADS?

As for the gun itself... It's yet another gun that has everything going FOR it. It's super powerful and melts a trash crowd with ease. It has next to ZERO recoil, allowing for follow-up shots bloody easily. You can totally use the sniper rifle from the hip and it will barely impact your performance. And the stun mechanic works on everything. Including bosses ! Including raging zeds ! It just does it all, and that's a huge problem. I'm coming back on the problem of power, but honestly : you can kill a Scrake in three headshots, a Fleshpound in four. That might sound like a big deal for a Sharp weapon, but considering you can stun with a single headshot AND can quickly mash the fire button to unleash the rest of your mag... It means you can kill two big zeds in a single mag. And hurt/kill trash zeds that walked by too. Way too much.

I can picture at least three ways to make the gun a little fairer :

1) Make it a bolt-action rifle (it would probably turn it into a cranked-up Mosin-Nagant rather than a better M14 EBR... But it would also make your shots matter more. Even if you manage to stun a big zed, you have to crank the bolt to land that much-needed follow-up shot. It's less lenient in a way)

2) Increase the recoil, so you can't pepper zeds as easily. It's ridiculous how easy it is to hipfire with a damn sniper rifle. It's already an oddity in the Sharp's arsenal (only the M14 EBR is really efficient doing that... and weird weapons like the Beluga Beat), but it even becomes a nuisance with the Storm Cannon. And if you add the semi-auto capabilities of the gun, it quickly becomes surprisingly easy to rack up the maximum bonus of "Rack'em Up". Add some oomph to the gun : it would FEEL better, and make shots a tad more difficult to land !

3) Remove the stun altogether? It seems like the core concept behind the weapon is to be able to electrocute multiple zeds as an extra reward for scoring a headshot (not a bad idea : it gives you even more reasons to aim for the head!). Having stun in addition to that just makes it a little too extra to score a headshot, which is already what you should be doing with most perks and especially the Sharpshooter. The fact that you can just mash to make the most use out of that stun is also problematic. At least make it totally inefficient against bosses and raging zeds, and make it so you have to at least land two shots in the head of big zeds (and even that would be quite easy to do really...)

You don't have to do all three, but I think a mix of only two of those attributes would put the HV Storm Cannon more in line without compromising its gimmick. Because as it stands... Yeah, it's definitely on-par with the Railgun and M99. You might not one-shot priority target, but you're so versatile anyway that it doesn't really matter. You're trading instant stopping power for more liberty in the way you play. Again, hardly a problem in most games... But yet another factor that favors selfish players in KF2.
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Let us reset perk level after prestige 5

Uhhhhhhh.... yeah, about hours....View attachment 2337101
Sheesh, that's indeed an impressive amount in "just" seven years ! That's a whopping 260 DAYS spent playing :p Even on my most played game (Team Fortress 2), I have one third of that.

But then again, while I understand why you'd wish for more reasons to come back... You can't really blame a game that you played for so long to lack new challenges for you. Hell, there's quite a few games that you can complete in merely a couple hours 🙃
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