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A reminder of Post Launch Changes The Team Is Working On

Planned Post Launch Changes
While we’ve been reacting to player feedback from the latest beta tests, not everything the team is working on will be ready in time for launch day. Please find a partial list of some of the changes that are likely (please note that future developments are subject to change as items are prototyped and worked on. Items listed here may not come in the exact form listed or at all) to come in updates after launch:
  • Increased rewards for being the first to loot a Vault Terminal room
    • Example: A guaranteed purple keycard
  • Penalty for shooting civilian NPCs. The goal is not to punish agents who accidentally take one down during a fight, but to prevent rampant murders and spy checks.
    • Initial prototype makes agents scale up in “heat levels”, this results in them taking more damage from guards and other agents as they do. Heat goes down over time. (ONCE AGAIN THIS IS A PROTOTYPE SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
  • The training room will display shot damage on the back screen
    • Addition UI elements to help players understand the weapons better are also going to be added post launch
  • Private Lobbies
    • We know this is a much requested feature for friends to play with each other and it is slated for post launch development. We do not currently have an expected ETA on this feature to share.
  • Agent Balance
    • We’ll be continuing to adjust agent weapons and abilities, improving those that are under-performing and bringing down those that are over-performing.

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Intel Brief: Bonds and Seasonal Catalogs


Hello agents! With launch right around the corner we wanted to give some details on our premium currency, Bonds, and what to expect from their use in the future.

Bonds is a cosmetic only currency that is used as an alternative to credits to buy cosmetics straight from the agent menu or to unlock shop exclusive cosmetics that are in rotation. Bonds will also be used to purchase the premium version of seasonal catalogs which we will detail down below. They can be purchased with real money, but you will be able to get some bonds from the free pass of a catalog.

To make things clear:
  • Bonds cannot be used to get loot briefcases, these are progression rewards only.
  • We won’t lock new gameplay elements behind bonds.
  • New agents will be unlockable with credits earned by playing.

We are excited to show you what we’ve been working on in the future so please stay tuned for more information!

Seasonal Catalogs

Our seasonal updates will come with what we call our “Catalogs”. These will feature 50 unlockable items, 10 seasonal titles based on completion and a few more surprises.

With the apparition of catalogs, you will start earning “Catalog Tokens” to claim a reward of your choice. Every reward costs 1 token and you can proceed to the next page of the catalog after unlocking 3 items out of 5, giving you a choice to prioritize what you want to unlock first.

20 of the 50 rewards will be available on the free version of the catalog, 30 will be premium only (including some bonus cosmetics we will show you later on). A catalog will cost 1000 Bonds to purchase and will NEVER EXPIRE once purchased. No fear of missing out here, complete the catalog at your own pace and unlock everything in it without fear of losing on a costume you really want. We will also let you purchase a previous catalog at any time through the season menu if you are interested in a previous season. Catalogs expands the world of Deceive Inc., it will not shrink over time.

Here’s a sneak peak at a page from the first catalog “Misery Empire” with a Film Noir theme!


Now, that’s not all. Catalogs will be released with sizable updates available to everyone! This means a new agent, unlockable either through the premium catalog or with DI credits earned by playing, and major gameplay updates.

We are very excited to show you everything new coming with our first catalog, but it will have to wait a LITTLE bit longer.

Cosmetic Bug (PS4/PS5)

Maybe your inventory hasn't loaded yet when you went to matchmaking. In my game, all my characters are wearing their accessories at bootup but if I change them before the inventory has loaded in, they revert to default.

Try making sure your inventory has loaded fully before matchmaking. On PS4, I wait on the menu screen for maybe 4 to 10 seconds after bootup until the screen freezes for a second or two. That's how I know the inventory is starting to load properly and after a quick check from seeing the items in the inventory screen do I proceed into matchmaking.
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Work In Progress Deceive Inc. Launch Changelog


Please keep in mind the following document is a Work In Progress (WIP) and items are subject to change.
Welcome Agents! Launch is finally here and we’re going to dive into the changes you can expect on day one. Before we give you the full rundown of this build of the game, a few things to clarify:

The launch build was stamped *before* we could dive into all the great feedback received in the Open Beta cycle. Some elements of feedback we could act on in the short term, others will have to wait a bit for post launch updates. For more details on some of those post launch changes head over here: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/deceive-inc-state-of-the-build-post-open-beta.2338921/

As always, your feedback is invaluable to the team and we take it very seriously. If something is not there yet it does not mean we are not seriously considering it/working on it. We’ll do our best to give you a transparent look at what we are working on regularly.

Now without further ado, let’s dive in!

Console Specific
PS5 Crashes

We’ve had the chance to have a lot of Playstation 5 players jumping into the Open Beta and their feedback has been invaluable in tracking down an issue leading to high rates of crash on the platform. The team at Sweet Bandits and Tripwire have been making great progress and are confident that stability will be significantly increased for the launch build. With that said, our team of engineers are going to continue to closely monitor things.

General Changes
Jump Fatigue Tweaks

We’ve had a lot of feedback on the new jump fatigue implementation through our Open Beta cycle. We’ve tuned it for launch to be much less disruptive of normal movement while still slowing you down significantly if you mash it in a fight.

We are keeping an eye on reports that shooting jumping characters in close quarters is more frustrating than it should, so you can expect news on that front in the future.

Controller Tweaks
Refinement to controller quick turn when holding the joystick.

Created unique aim assist profiles for different weapon types to better tweak the experience for controller users. This gives us the power to tweak aim assist on a per-character basis if need be.

Base Max ammo pools tweaks
The overall max ammo numbers for agents has been toned down slightly. This should give the max ammo field upgrade a bit more value and give a bit more tactical depth to taking a fight. This does not affect the presence of ammo on the map or how much ammo you gain from a single pack or dispenser.

Recoil Smoothing
We’ve had a lot of feedback on the difficulty of hitting moving targets in the game and recoil has been a big part of that feeling. Expect less harsh recoil overall for a smoother shooting experience across the board.

Razer Chroma integration
The launch version of Deceive Inc. features full Razer Chroma integration for PC users. You can expect Game phase contextual patterns that evolve depending on the current state of the match, Event contextual patterns that react to actions like changing cover, hacking, taking damage and mapped key highlights to showcase your active keybinds.

Razer Chroma features are enabled by default but can be turned off in the general section of the in-game settings.

All Operations are a GO

With release, Operation Hard Sell, Silver Reef, Diamond Spire and Fragrant Shore are all part of the map rotations. Go get that package!

Spawn Pool tweaks
Diamond Spire and Fragrant Shore have received a fresh shipment of intel to fill their drawers a bit more. Diamond Spire has also received more intel overall to better pace the looting on all floors of the level.

Balancing Tweaks
We’ve got a big list of balancing changes to the entire cast. Our biggest changes are around fast firing weapons that take a lot of hits to eliminate a rival spy. We’ve tweaked the modifiers of this weapon archetype across the board to make body damage more reliable, limb shot less punitive and headshots a bit less of a modifier to compensate. In most cases headshots will do the same damage as before, but consistent body shots will lead to more reliable eliminations. We hope this makes these characters more accessible and less frustrating to use in prolonged combat.

Another area of focus has been on making weapon mods that were lacking a clear identity a bit more unique. We hope this makes choosing a weapon variant a more interesting choice in build making.

The overall goal with Squire this update is to make his base weapon feel more reliable and less headshot dependent. We also found the javelin to lag behind a bit and lack a clear identity. With this we want to pivot the javelin more clearly as the big damage, headshot dependent variant of squire’s weapon.

Base Weapon: Lance
  • Increased damage from 15 to 17
  • Reduced fire rate from 3.6 bullet second to 3.1
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Reduced headshot modifier from 1.5 to 1.3
Weapon Mod 1: Trident
No Change from Beta

Weapon Mod 2: Javelin
  • Increased damage from 20 to 23
  • Increased headshot damage modifier from 1.75 to 2.00
  • Reduced fire rate from 2.45 bullet second to 2.40

Ace has been doing pretty well recently, as such we are not making radical changes to her balancing. We wanted to give a bit more personality difference to the jack of diamonds and give it more of a role as Ace’s most reactive option.

Base Weapon: Queen of Diamonds
  • Raised fire rate from .75 bullet second to .8 bullet second.
  • Raised fire reload time from 1.6 seconds to 2.3.
Weapon Mod 1: Jack of Diamonds
  • Raised fire rate from 1.25 bullet seconds to 1.35.
  • Lowered reload time from 2.4 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Weapon Mod 2: King of Diamonds
No change from beta

Chavez has been performing quite well recently. We simply put vigilante more in-line with other fast firing weapon changes we are making in this patch.

Base Weapon: Sentinel
No change from beta

Weapon Mod 1: Vigilante
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
Weapon Mod 2: Duke
No change from beta

Larcin is seeing a bit more changes in this patch. We found his base weapon to be outclassed by his other options on all sides. We wanted to drive a clearer use case for each weapon in this patch. Silence will now be a more reliable option that is not headshot dependent, cadence will be a preferable long range option with bigger ammo capacity and violence will drive further the need to land that gun throw for big damage while keeping superior headshot damage on the bullets.

Base Weapon: Silence
  • Increased base damage from 9 to 10
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Reduced headshot modifier from 1.5 to 1.3
  • Increased reload speed from 1.1 to 1.0 second.
Weapon Mod 1: Cadence
  • Increased base damage from 8 to 9.-Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
Weapon Mod 2: Violence
  • Reduced bullet damage from 13 to 10
  • Reduced fire rate from 4.75 bullet second to 4.5
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Increased reload time from .8 second to 1.2 second.
  • Increased thrown weapon crit modifier from 2.0 to 2.5 for BIG bonk damage.


Xiu is probably the character with the best use case for the fast firing tweaks. With these changes, we want to increase the extremely fast time to kill for landing only headshots. By the same token, we are also making kills far more reliable overall by mitigating the penalty on limb shots. We are once again trying to drive weapon personality further by giving Longshen a better use case as Xiu’s harder hitting longer ranger option.

Base Weapon: Zhulong
  • Special note* Xiu’s stats were not correct in the open beta build, this is compared to the next fest balancing which was the correct one[/B]
  • Reduced base damage from 10 to 9
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Reduced headshot modifier from 1.5 to 1.3
Weapon Mod 1: Longshen
  • Increased damage from 8 to 10 per shot.
Weapon Mod 2: Xuanwu
  • Reduced damage per shot from 7 to 6
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Reduced headshot modifier from 1.5 to 1.3

We fixed an issue where Xiu’s expertise would not use the correct values. Here’s the rundown:

Expertise Base: Cobra’s Deceit:
  • 45 meters max range for a shift instead of 40.

Expertise mod 1: Serpent’s Bluff
  • 10 meters max range to set your recall target instead of 40.

Expertise mod 2: Python’s Ruse
  • Each jump now has a max range of 15 meters, this used to be 40 meters each.
  • You now have a 2.5 seconds delay to shift again. No more holding the next jump infinitely.

Hans has been in an interesting spot recently. His base weapon and weapon mod 1 have been underperforming quite a bit while his weapon mod 2 has been dominating the game very fiercely. With these changes, we hope to give every weapon a clearer use case and a more evident drawback to the uppercut variant.

Base Weapon: The Hook
  • Increase damage from 40 to 45 (when all pellets hit).
Weapon Mod 1: The Jab
  • Increase damage from 25 to 30 (when all pellets hit).
  • Increased headshot multiplier on ADS from 1.5 to 1.75.
Weapon Mod 2: The Uppercut
  • Reduced fire rate from 1.8 shot second to .8 shot second.
  • Reduced ADS shot damage from 50 to 30.
  • Slowed reload speed from 2.1 to 2.2 seconds.

  • The duration of all Hans expertise status effects has been extended from 3 seconds to 4.5 seconds to give better utility in closing the gap with rivals.

Cavalière's base weapon was underperforming a bit recently. As before, we are removing a bit of emphasis on headshots and making her time to kill more reliable overall by raising base damage and lowering limb shot modifiers impact. This change also carries well with the hydras where landing only headshot would create extremely low TTK, but hitting limbs would make kills extremely long to get. This should really shrink the extremes on both sides. For the wyverns, we want to reward headshots more and make it more of a precision alternative while punishing going only for body shots only a bit more.

Base Weapon: Dragoons
  • Increased damage from 10 to 12 per shot.
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Reduced headshot modifier from 1.5 to 1.3.
Weapon mod 1: Hydras
  • Reduced damage per shot from 13 to 10.
  • Increased fire rate from 4.25 bullet second to 5.00
  • Increase headshot multiplier from 1.5 to 2.0.
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
Weapon mod 2: Wyverns
  • Changed limb shot modifier from .75 to .9 in accordance with fast firing weapon tweaks.
  • Reduced reload time from 2.1 seconds to 1.8.
  • Reduced headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 1.5.

The split pellets have been a dominating force in Yu-Mi’s arsenal recently. Having headshots modifiers on a weapon that behaves like a shotgun creates a very random experience for victims that could lead to almost instant death in some cases. We hope to make the pellet a more reliable and less frustrating weapon that we can better balance with these changes.

Base Weapon: Tactical Slingshot
No Change since beta

Weapon Mod 1: Experimental Split Shot
  • Removed headshot multiplier from this mod to make it closer to shotgun behavior (like hans).
  • Changed damage of pellet before split from 34 to 30.
  • Changed the charged damage multiplier from 1.5 to 1.6.
  • Changed damage of pellets once splitted from 7 to 6.

Weapon Mod 2: Heavy Longshot
No Change since beta

The team is keeping track of several top known issues and workarounds in the Support Knowledgebase here: https://support.deceiveinc.com/en/knowledgebase

Thank you for your continued feedback and support, Agents!

Deceive Inc.: State Of The Build (Post Open Beta)

Hey Yoshiro! I’m really invested in the development of this game and excited to see where it goes. I was wondering if you guys have thought about implementing a slide/dive mechanic? Also can you say anything about possible future maps? I think a winter lodge/ski resort themed map would be really cool!

Currently I do not believe there are any plans around slide/dive mechanics. There are lots of ideas for future missions.
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Team Deathmatch and multiple lives

Isn't it quite an oxymoron to praise the infiltration favored by the game, then asking for a mode where the goal is to kill as many players as possible? I haven't played the game myself, but it also seems like some characters are more geared towards direct combat than others, so I don't know if it would be very balanced.

I remember a team deathmatch mod in the first Killing Floor back in the day. It was fun, but pretty damn hard to balance due to the variety of weaponry

Maaaybe something similar could be tinkered for Deceive Inc. ? I don't know if they plan to support any player-generated content with their game, even if it's only in the shape of mods.
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March Bug Fix Updated Live

This is much more global change, all bonuses of all perks that modify weapon switch speed are now restricted to these perk's on-perk weapons - Commando, Gunslinger and Sharpshooter and do not work with off-perk weapons.

And this change completed broke Survivalist's switch speed bonus (35% less time) which now does not work at all, except very few of its native guns such as Arc Generator and Freezethrower (ones that have AssociatedPerkClasses(0)=class'KFPerk_Survivalist' in properties).

Have tossed this over for investigation. Thank you.
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March Bug Fix Updated Live

Addressed issue in which Gunslinger: Quick Draw skill was increasing switching speed to all perks weapons
This is much more global change, all bonuses of all perks that modify weapon switch speed are now restricted to these perk's on-perk weapons - Commando, Gunslinger, SWAT and Sharpshooter and do not work with off-perk weapons.

And this change completely broke Survivalist's switch speed bonus (35% less time) which now does not work at all, except very few of its native guns such as Arc Generator and Freezethrower (ones that have AssociatedPerkClasses(0)=class'KFPerk_Survivalist' in properties).
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March Bug Fix Updated Live

March 2023 Quality of Life and Bug Fix Changelog

Bug Fixes
Also mentioned in the 2022 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ As with every update, we’ll be addressing a multitude of issues legacy and new that arise over the year.. Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/forum/killing-floor-2 and posting in the ‘PC’ or ‘Console’ sections.

Crash Map improvements
  • Fixed a collision spot in the SW Street Area that would cause Zeds to walk in air.
  • Fixed a doorway where players could obstruct Zeds from entering an area with dynamic elements.
  • Fixed part of geometry that was missing in the SW Street area
  • Fixed issue in which fire FX disappears when the player approaches

Community Fixes
  • Reduced FPS drops associated with Field Medic buffs after the player has been in a long-term session on the same server.
  • Having too many weapons marked as a Favorite in the trader could result in crashes. We have now limited this to 12 weapons.
  • Coliseum Weekly : Blood Sickle: Fixed issue in which this weapon was not displayed in Trader Pod
  • Blood Sickle: Fixed issue where the first of the two heavy attack hits deals zero damage
  • Fixed issue in which HRG Locust can cause self damage if player doesn't continue to hold the weapon after firing it
  • G36C Assault Rifle: Fixed weapon jiggling after the shot in iron sights by auto fire mode

Weapon fixes
  • ZED MKIII: 3P: Fixed Player twitches when turning left while crouching
  • ZED MKIII: 3P: Fixed Player twitches when turning left while standing
  • ZED MKIII: Fixed when fingers of the left hand appear for a second on the other side of the weapon at the end of the 1P clip check animation
  • HV Storm Cannon: 3P: Fixed when Left hand fingers were clipping to weapon while crouching
  • G36C Assault Rifle: 3P: Fixed issue with the Silencer and Tac Laser have one-sided texture on drop model
  • HRG Ballistic Bouncer: Gravity Imploder: Blunderbuss: Fixed issue with these weapons were showing in pistol type tab in trader pod

Individual fixes
  • Addressed issue in which Gunslinger: Quick Draw skill was increasing switching speed to all perks weapons
  • Fixed issue in which outfits' helmets and suits aren't sorting by sorting rules
  • Perk Roulette: Online: UI: Fixed syringe indicator not filling in after respawning

Balance Tunes
  • Increased HRG Ballistic Bouncer max damage damage to 300 from 200

Will this game have eu servers at launch?

And we will have South America servers at launch?
I believe we have server availability there.

That being said, if there are not enough players in your local region trying to matchmake at the same time, the matchmaker will send you to a nearby region to get you into a game.
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Deceive Inc.: State Of The Build (Post Open Beta)

Open Beta Takeaways

Welcome back, agents! We could not be more thrilled to see so many of you jump into the Open Beta, discover Fragrant Shore and experience crossplay for the first time in DI. We are incredibly grateful for the reception you have given us. With that said, we also have our work cut out for us: We’ve received large amounts of feedback (THANK YOU!) and we are excited to dive into it to make the game better.

Before we get into some of our big takeaways, a few notes: Some of the items you’ll see here we’ve already been working on from previous feedback, that means some of that feedback will land on launch day, but far from all of it. We will note when things are expected to come (on launch or post-launch) to keep expectations aligned with the reality of our work on the game.

This does not mean we think some of this feedback is less important, it simply means that to ship the game we had to make a cut-off eventually and push some things to post launch patches. Now let’s start things off!

TOP Team Priorities

PS5 Stability Issues

We are aware of issues for PS5 users that would lead to crashing in multiple scenarios, especially when playing Fragrant Shore. We are putting this as our highest priority and actively working on getting these issues sorted out as quickly as possible for our PlayStation players.

Agents Balance
Overall balancing of agents is always a very popular topic and we are keeping an eye on agent balance. You can expect a deep dive into balancing changes in the launch day patch notes as well as a continued commitment to update and tweak the game in further post-launch patches around community feedback.

Overall Performance Issues
We have had reports of some performance issues/fps hitches and we are looking at our options to optimize the game further. We have targeted some areas that could definitely benefit from more performance work and this progress will be ongoing in post-launch updates.

Weapon Damage Transparency
We’ve talked about giving more transparent information around weapons in the past. Our first step with this will be a fully interactive DPS board in the training range and pre game lobby. You’ll be able to shoot at dummies set up at multiple different distances to get a feel for damage, distance based drop-off and location damage.

We want to go farther with this in the longer term, but this is an important first step in giving you more information on your loadouts. The next step a bit further down the line will include a full rework of the agent select screen to show granular stats of weapons.

Here’s a sneak peak of the dps screen:

You can expect this to hit the game in a post-launch update.

Polish to gunplay
We are making a lot of tweaks to gunplay to refine the experience post-launch. This ranges from tweaking character hitboxes to make hits more reliable, refining recoil on weapons to make aiming smoother and reducing and making the ADS transition snappier.

Overhaul to gameflow
We’ve been combing through feedback since the last few playtests and have been working on some upgrades to the overall gameflow structure of matches.

The first thing you’ll see from this work is a change to a room without vault terminals in the insertion phase of the match. We’ve had a lot of good feedback on the fact that these rooms are not only disappointing, but don’t give much incentive to keep looking after opening a vault terminal.

The tweaks we’ll be adding post launch will guarantee a purple keycard in rooms without a vault terminal and remove the possibility of finding one in rooms that do have one.

This is not the whole extent of the change and we will outline it in more detail soon, but the overall idea is to guarantee a room without a vault terminal is still a worthwhile destination.

Expect this to hit the game post-launch with a detailed run-down in the meantime.

Teams Communication

We’ve received a lot of feedback around non-verbal communication in teams and making it more detailed. We are currently working on a contextual ping when downed to ask your teammates for a revive, but we will look at other opportunities in the future to make the ping more fully fledged and helpful in matches. Feel free to give us more suggestions around this topic in the future.

Team mode adjustments and tweaks
We’ve been gathering feedback around the nature of team matches and how they play out and we have some targeted changes we are testing internally around team mode.

This includes a change to intel that means you won’t be able to loot the same intel as your teammates. We’ve been playing this change for a while and we really like how it slows down the rush heavy nature of teams and gives a bit more strategy and communication to overall looting. We think this makes the overall economy and teamplay aspect of the game more interesting and are excited to see your feedback on it.

We are also aware of a large amount of feedback on the revive mechanics of teams and are in the early days of prototyping a new revive mechanic we MIGHT introduce in the future.

Once again this is all post-launch and we will give you the details soon.

Melee Attack reliability

Melee attacks have gotten better since the days of closed alpha 1, but they still have a good amount of misses that should not happen.

We have ongoing work on melee reliability that should make it much better in the future.

Controller Experience
With our first foray in a fully crossplay test, we received a lot of feedback around how to make the controller experience better.

While some of this feedback will take some time to materialize (like adding more options to fully customize the experience), you can expect improvements in the launch day build of the game.

You’ll see some tweaks to aim assist to make it a bit more useful and adjustments to the quick turn speed when fully holding your joystick to give more control between fine aiming and fast movement.

We’ll continue looking at feedback from our console players and make adjustments in the coming patches.

Vertical Audio
Problems with vertical audio were once again mentioned quite often for this beta. We have been working on this internally and have made progress on making these easier to discern. We expect to have a good first step on this topic soon after launch. We are also looking into tweaking NPC reactions to multi-level fire fights to remove some confusion from their reaction to danger.
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Berserker Nerf

I still struggle to understand how y'all (especially ZERK MAINS) manage to play in a way that makes the perk feels underpowered. If we have a quick recap, here's what the perk can do better :

-Mobility : being the only perk able to escape a clot's grab means it's far harder to get boxed in as a zerk. You're also naturally faster, and unless you go for the heavier weapons or lots of upgrades, your weapons are almost all pretty light. This means you can escape more easily... or go for hit-and-run strategies, which is honestly what you should usually do if you want to avoid getting mauled (you're the most likely to survive such a scenario, but even the berserker ain't invincible)

-Tanking : no matter which skills you choose, a zerk often have the best survivability around, except maybe for a Medic/Survivalist (under different circumstances). You can either have double the HP or slowly regenerate. You could also choose to heal on kill, although doing more damage is often preferred. The parry mechanic is a STAPLE of the perk, being able to tank much more damage than any perk without such an ability (that's to say : nearly all of them). If you pick the "Parry" skill, you'll get even more benefit from it, both offensively and defensively. If you got a medic on your ass, you're damn near invincible. And even without one, you'll often be able to escape most fights unless you're biting more than you can chew.

-Crowd Control : it's arguably one of the best perk to CC with. He has EMP grenades to bring zeds to a crawl. He can stumble zeds, even bigger ones, with a lot of his weapons. He can stun-lock quite reliably with many weapons too.

-Arsenal : like most, if not all, perks in 2023, he has access to a wide array of weaponry that are usually quite stupidly efficient. The Pulverizer is as great as ever to take down Fleshpounds, and it has great stumble power. The Bonecrusher allows you to push back quite a few zeds, and defend against attacks much better than by parrying with other tools. The VLAD is a quite formidable weapon that has very little ammo consumption if you can score your headshots. And while the Teslauncher has no rights being a Zerk weapon, it's an absolute facemelter.

-Dosh : quite obviously, with such an emphasis on melee combat, you're bound to spend far less money on restocking your ammo. To compensate, the zerk's weapons are often a little bit more expensive... But not overly so, meaning you often have a little more dosh than your allies do.

The only weakness I can think of regarding the zerk is against some zeds which are devastating at closer ranges. Namely the Siren and the Husk. It is true that, unless you have a sidearm (like the Vlad), those zeds will give you a hard time, and put you in a potentially dangerous position. The EDARs have a similar issue, but it's mostly due to the fact you can't really aim precisely straight to their weakpoint.

One must realize that the zerk is actually not meant to be a killing machine, even though its DPS can be quite scary. A high-level zerk with the right skills and weapons can be a force to be respected, but it's role is still mostly to incapacitate the zed horde AND act as a distraction for its team. Its ability to tank and swim around the battlefield are both tailored for that. And while I could find examples of "tank archetypes" in video games that are also dangerously powerful, their common denominator is often to protect their team more than to get the highest killstreak. As such, I honestly don't see the Zerk as being weak, far from it.
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2022 End-of-Year Survey: WEAPON Suggestions

There the point was in context, which is hard to notice if your goal is to win an argument on the forums
Context or not, the answer is pretty self-explanatory my friend. The Husk quickly chews through health and armor alike at close range, and its kamikaze attack is often a one-shot kill. Attacking it as a Zerk is ill-advised, unless you either manage to quickly stun him, use an EMP grenade, or fall back to a ranged weapon.
At their core, Killing Floor's perks were designed specifically to have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes it was to certain types of enemies (the Firebug and SWAT are great at Crowd Control, blasting away hordes of trash zeds with ease... but struggle against tougher zeds), sometimes to certain situations (both the Sharp and Demo tend to need their team to cover them at close distances... Hell, the Demo didn't really have a reliable PDW weapon on release!)

It's only in latter years that perks began to be stupidly efficient at dealing with anything, especially with additions to their arsenal that often made little sense or were just far too rewarding for too little risk.
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Prison Escape Mode, aka Escape from Alcatraz

So pretty much "Death Run" ? It's been a staple of Source games for years as well !

I'd say why not, but honestly it really seems to depart from the base game's formula a little bit. I'd expect the Community to do the dirty work... That, or we'll have to wait a few updates down the line for the devs to consider it, I think.
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It really depends on the characters, but usually they are behind a paywall.

-Both "Bad Santa" and "Mrs.Foster" are DLCs.

-You'll need to purchase the Deluxe Edition to unlock DJ Scully.

-You'll need the original Killing Floor to earn both Classic Briar and Classic Masterson

-Liking the community page on Steam will give you Jaegerhorn (FREE !)

-Owning Rising Storm 2 will grant you Anton Strasser

-Having the first Chivalry game will give you Tom Banner