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  • Originally posted by [TW]Ramm-Jaeger View Post
    The week before BF3 came out - Peak player counts about 3,000
    The days after BF3 came out - Peak player counts about 1,500

    Facts are facts...
    This is wrong for many people.
    I have stopped playing because of things in RO2 that I dislike or don't want.Nothing to do with BF3.
    I don't care about BF3 or the latest COD game.I wanted RO2 to be the next best thing.
    But from the start I had major issues even connecting in the beta.In fact it wasn't until the 2nd or 3rd patch in the full release that i managed to play a proper game.So that pissed me off before I even got into the game.But I stuck with it hoping to get the game I wanted.My mate ordered the beta when I did and he gave up in disgust when he couldn't get it to run after much f***ing about by both of us.he hasn't bothered trying since(and he loves his FPS's and online shooters).

    But there are many design decisions that I hate.Unlocks, the sheer speed of the game,The almost total SMG fests,The fact that I tend to die with no clue as to who shot me,the broken tanks,The very poor tank map.The poor(in my eyes maps),the sheer stupid speed of the game,Lockdown,The stupid honour system,the ping and lag issues,the clunky menu and server system.In fact there is more i dislike than like.Which is why I have clocked about 12 hours in game time since it came out and haven't touched RO2 for about 2 weeks.In fact i have gone back to playing WOT(which has major issues for me but is at least fun to play).

    So unless something drastic is done I can't see me returning to RO2 for a long while.
    Sorry mate but you made a game I don't want or like.
    My Russian motorcycle website and forum.
    [QUOTE]no offense, like the game or not, you really sound like an arsehole here[/QUOTE]


    • Originally posted by koschi View Post
      nice to hear, i realy hope that the content contains the coop mode
      Co-op is mainly what I bought RO2 for.
      There is just something satisfying about hooking up with my gaming group on TeamSpeak and working out strategies .. especially if the game adds extra Ai and/or difficulty for each player that joins.

      Hopefully, this game will have co-op campaign and also special co-op modes and maps.

      That is is Tripwire even adds co-op as advertised!

      Is there even an approximate date!

      That's also assuming that TWI will find a solution for the hang at splash screen so the game will load.
      Last edited by Lethall; 11-03-2011, 05:35 PM.


      • Thanks RJ for the thread, I belive the forum needed it.

        Can't wait to see the game evolve.


        • The game is dead, bad maps, no SDK, ****ing lockdown, minefields and ****.

          I had so high expectation for this game, and I have in total played 22 hours.
          for 2 months, you know how bad that is?...


          • " Many people is touting the drop in player counts as the death knell of the game. Certainly I think we'd all be happy if they were as high as they were a few weeks ago. But this is really to be expected."

            I'm sorry, but if you expect you're player base to drop severly...well maybe you re-think your...err... You want to grow! WE want you to grow! I got more enjoyment out of waiting for the game to release than I did actually playing it. Researching, watching WWII movies, reading books, and imagining the awesome battles that would ensue in a few months. And for that I thank you! I learned a lot about the Battle of Stalingrad and if it wasn't for TWI, my understanding of what took place would be severly lacking. However, I think this "dead horse" that is bothering you so much should be a wake-up call. From what I've read, I interpreted this response as brushing off this monstrocity of a game. The dead horse isn't "RO2 is dead now OMG". No. That's a fact. The dead horse is "being a independent company that has a small budget" . Rubbish. RO1 had character, finesse, and replayability. RO2 in conjunction with Punkbuster is a ****ing nightmare. No native language option? Don't tell me to edit files in the .ini and removing the zoom option? This game started downgrading the moment it struck the market, hence the severe drop in players. Go ahead, add the free DLCs and mods. Woop-Dee-Doo, Basil. The only people that will download the game, countless patches (that either fix everything one day and then ruin everything the next), DLC, the patches that fix the DLC, mods, and more patches that fix the mods are a few thousand hardcore fans that are holding onto this small thread of a game and would probably hang from your testicles if the chance arose.

            Too bad I didn't get this on GMG. I could get a few dollars back for SONIC and then maybe pick this up in the bargain bin in 2 years.


            • Originally posted by Aquda View Post
              The game is dead, bad maps, no SDK, ****ing lockdown, minefields and ****.

              I had so high expectation for this game, and I have in total played 22 hours.
              for 2 months, you know how bad that is?...

              Oh stop talking, that's just pure bile and you know it!
              If being a competitive gamer means doing this then I've never been more proud to proclaim that I am not a "competitive" gamer


              • Originally posted by Josef Nader View Post
                Second post in this thread, I smugly declare "I told you so". You can see how well it went over.

                You and I have been shouting this back in the faces of the howling, poo-slinging chimps that have been swinging all over this forum since the beta, but we were just overly optimistic TWI fanboys who couldn't see the bigger picture of TWI wanting to screw their playerbase out of their money and sell them another disposable, crappy modern shooter.
                Indeed... and you even got two thumbs down from even posting the above.... nobody likes logic and reason anymore these days.... they just want to be right even when they're wrong and rep down anybody who doesn't unquestionably agree with their fear mongering, baseless crap.

                Especially the people who continually act as though RO1 is the only game Tripwire ever created, that RO1 is the original RO..... and that somehow RO1 was perfect and flawless at launch and must have had everything it currently has in it from day 1 launch..... which it wasn't, it's not and it didn't.

                And what gets me laughing (or shaking my head) are the people who act as though they were completely shocked and taken by suprise on what RO2 would be like and how Tripwire pulled a fast one on them by not telling them or showing them what RO2 was going to be like..... when there's piles of images, video, interviews and commentary from the devs on what to expect in RO2, long before the Beta was released......

                Oh, but Oh Noes!

                Tripwire lied to them!!!

                So yeah.... sorry if I lost patience with these people and trying to talk maturely towards their crap, but I've been doing it for the last few months now and they start every new day as if they wiped their memories from all of this.... and then recycle the exact same unfounded tripe as the day before..... possibly thinking if they keep repeating the same crap, suddenly it'll become true.

                So yeah, I'll suffer a few extra down reps from these people.... I personally don't care.

                All that matters is:

                Hey, I've been wrong in the past before and I admit when I am wrong or take things the wrong way..... it's just too bad some others can't man up and accept that they were wrong and continue to try to keep the argument going by trying to drag out every trivial stat or graph from Steam to try and use as some sort of justification for them remaining butthurt.... while ignoring everything else that trumps their position.

                Oh well..... I'm not in here to make friends.... I'm here to size up the people I'll end up shooting in the game & squatting on their corpse's face to fart.


                • Originally posted by Josef Nader View Post
                  By the Nine, I don't think the attitudes on this forum could get any more toxic....
                  This may be the most TRUE statement on these forums. Goodness...


                  • Originally posted by grothesj2 View Post
                    I know it's an elusive issue. I don't experience it that often so it's not a game breaker for me (I tend to think of it as dud rounds), but it seems almost everyone has similar stories. I fail to see how they can claim it never happens to them, unless they are just not playing very much.
                    Well see for me, I never experienced this problem before, and I've been playing a lot since Beta.... so it's difficult for me to try and reproduce what you guys are experiencing.

                    I do have the odd AT Rifle shoot what seems to be nothing (no impacts, no hits) but I think that's a different issue and it doesn't happen all the time.

                    I did have a couple of games where it seems as though I couldn't hit crap at close range, but I chalked that up to the resolution and video settings I had that lagged my display and killed my FPS more than normal.... when I switched to something better, hitting people at close range wasn't an issue again.

                    I believe you and many others are having this problem.... I truly believe it does exist, but there is simply no useful information for tripwire, myself or anybody else to even attempt to reproduce your problem..... that's why I was suggesting to get some friends together to test these problems on a map and record it on video so we can see what's going on..... and if you post your video settings/effects, I'm guessing that would help a lot as well.

                    If it doesn't happen to me, if it doesn't happen to the people at Tripwire and it doesn't happen to many other players, whether they play often or play very little..... it's not going to suddenly start happening to us out of nowhere.

                    I've been following many of the complaints about this issue since the beta release and while many players, such as myself, never report having this problem, I know many others do have this problem...... but none of us who aren't experiencing this problem can reproduce it, because nobody knows what's causing it and there simply isn't enough information to know when and how it occurs.

                    That's not to say the problem doesn't exist or that nobody is interested in trying to fix it.

                    It's just nobody knows where to start to reproduce this problem.... that's all I was saying, and I have never once saw any post or comment from Tripwire stating that they don't give a damn about this problem or have no interest in fixing it....... they simply don't have enough information to figure out what's causing it.

                    I was providing a possible solution by creating a few random gameplay videos with your friends at different distances and with different weapons.... upload the clips that show this problem occuring and tell everybody what your resolution is, what effects your have on/off, etc.....

                    I say that, because I'm thinking it's more of an issue with your display not quite showing you what the gameplay physics is doing and could be slightly off centre of the screen, kind of like how the iron sights don't always align on the screen sometimes..... again, this is just a guess on my part, because I don't experience this issue.... but it is a start towards providing some decent information on the issue.

                    Originally posted by Cyper View Post
                    Difference is:

                    Bohemia didn't sellout their old audience for the mainstream like Tripwire have done.........

                    Fight the Power, meh Brotha..... Stick it to da Man!
                    Last edited by Cpt-Praxius; 11-03-2011, 07:22 PM.


                    • I think most people left because of the bugs. Hard to enjoy a game when you're running at unbearable frames and the servers all 'overheat' and pings go from 50 to 300.


                      • I know it's a weekday night, but I'm really disappointed after looking at the server browser. All of the servers I use now seem exist in name only.

                        Are listen servers still on the table? When there isn't anyone playing this game I hope we will eventually be able to kill some bots with our friends.
                        "I wish you'd stop being so good to me, Captain."


                        • Originally posted by Cpt-Praxius View Post
                          I'm here to size up the people I'll end up shooting in the game & squatting on their corpse's face to fart.
                          That's slightly odd.
                          "I wish you'd stop being so good to me, Captain."


                          • I will repeat what I have said a lot of times:

                            I believe that sooner or later TWI will solve the issues people have with the game atm, such as:

                            - Historical issues
                            - Certain weapon characteristics
                            - Missing models
                            - Incorrectly modelled objects
                            - Map balance issues
                            - No big maps (A real selling point of the series)
                            etc etc...

                            All of these will most likely be addressed in the end, and I'm sure it will result in a well polished game.

                            We shouldn't stop posting constructive critiscism though, because the developers need the feedback in order to know what they did wrong and what to improve upon, and I'm sure sure they also welcome this.

                            That having been said, I agree that it would be nice with a little more feedback from the devs at times, but if they don't respond to our inquiries often enough because they are working their arses off actually fixing what we're complaining about, then I can live with it. I'll just keep posting about the issues I find within the game and then hope that the devs are listening and taking note, cause in the end that's all we can do anyway.
                            Last edited by Unus Offa, Unus Nex; 11-03-2011, 09:00 PM.
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                            • Originally posted by melipone View Post
                              Sometimes I wonder what your intent is Nader.

                              BTW, if RO2 was their most successful game yet and sold more than RO1 in the first week compared to RO1 in its whole lifetime, why is it played by so few players? Where did they go? Don't blame BF3 btw, thats like blaming Lady Gaga for your indie band being unpopular
                              Er, MOST games suffer a severe drop in player count after launch? A lot of people buy into hype only to play the game for a few hours and never touch it again? This is universal for almost every release under the sun?

                              You guys are acting like RO2 is the only game that has had a significant drop in player count during the first few months. A lot of people tried the game and didn't like it, or liked it but got distracted with some other games (like myself), or simply don't have time to play constantly. The difference between RO2 and these games is that RO2 is going to have extended, continual support with dozens of waves of fresh blood in as free weekends and sales roll around, whereas CoD and co. are simply thrown out into the wilds and left to fend for themselves while the company squirts out a copy-paste game they can charge $60 for.

                              RO2 isn't going anywhere because TWI needs RO2 to pay the bills for the next six years while they develop the next game on the charts. They can't -afford- to let it fail. According to the hard numbers, mate, RO2 is doing phenomenally well on their part. Continued support is only going to jack those player numbers up. It's the same thing they did with KF and RO1. A bad launch with bad numbers across the board, and then they keep cranking at it and draw in more and more players as the game becomes more and more polished. They're doing -exactly- what they did with KF and RO1. It just shocks me how many people are surprised by this, and who are convinced that TWI would so readily abandon their meal ticket.

                              What Ramm said, and what I have been saying, is that RO2 is doing -very- well for a TWI game this early in the life cycle, and that all the good content that so many members look back on with rose colored glasses wasn't added to earlier TWI titles until well after launch. The same thing is true here, only they're starting with a much larger playerbase than they had for any of the previous games, which is a very good sign for them as a whole.

                              As for the Batman macro, well, the head of TWI has come onto the forums and told us "guys, RO2 isn't dead, it's actually doing really well!" and several members are all to keen on correcting his statement with their own brand of reality...
                              Last edited by Josef Nader; 11-03-2011, 09:33 PM.
                              I solemnly swear that as of 9/15/11, I will use solely LMGs and pistols in my crusade to exterminate the Mkb/AVT horde and avenge Comrade Ogeltez!


                              • It's a ****ty attitude from the devs to say battlefield took their players especially when RO1 vets are switching over.

                                Even worse to say the game can be changed with the SDK like it's an overnight deal. It will be at least 6 months before any mods to the gameplay are done, and then you have to wonder if the community will come back for it. It just reads like laziness from the devs after they failed to deliver.

                                Originally posted by Josef Nader View Post
                                What Ramm said, and what I have been saying, is that RO2 is doing -very- well for a TWI game this early in the life cycle, and that all the good content that so many members look back on with rose colored glasses wasn't added to earlier TWI titles until well after launch. The same thing is true here, only they're starting with a much larger playerbase than they had for any of the previous games, which is a very good sign for them as a whole.
                                'life cycle'? Games make 90%+ of their profit in the two weeks after release. It would make much more sense for them to pull out. It wont make a difference as they can still have sales for it.

                                Originally posted by Zetsumei View Post
                                I dont see any clear effect of BF3 when looking at the player amounts though. First there is a rock steady decline, then a patch released and the player amounts got a bump and went down with a slower decline. With a small spike every weekend. There is no clear jump around the 25th when bf3 was released although the slope of decreasing player amounts might have increased a bit.


                                Anyway for giggles player amounts for RO1 with gamespy + waybackmachine
                                16 October 2006 at 11:00 us time Roost had 1261 players
                                8 Jan 2007 at 18:38 us time Roost had 1609 players
                                May 17 2007 at 19:48 Roost had 1705 players
                                Aug 18 2007 at 23:19 Roost had 1407 players

                                Steam stats + waybackmachine
                                7 sept 2008 Roost had max 1097 players
                                11th of may 2009 Roost had max 1095 players
                                Really interesting. While RO2 was a bigger 'success' the game will most likely be dead in a few months.
                                Last edited by smokeythebear; 11-04-2011, 12:29 AM.
                                Originally posted by Bennanteno
                                The genius of beachassault was that the wire you were supposed to satchel was also your spawn point at that time.