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  • Hi, thank you for taking your time to read my message. Just curious... two questions for you:

    1: If I use the Tripwire Official CDN for maps/mods will it download EVERYTHING from the CDN to my server immediately or do I have a choice of which files I want to be on the server and which ones i'd like to not use?

    2: Can I actively use the steam workshop for some maps and a redirect for others not on the workshop? The workshop is quite limited when it comes to custom maps, but they do have some i'd like to keep.
    hi manager.Please help us get ranked for [CN]Fire RO2 BaiduTieba Server 5#.The application has been made for more than 15 days but the server is still unranked.Thank you very much!
    hey i'm having a problem with my copy of red orchestra 2 where after a minute or two of being on a server It kicks me out and says your connection to host has timed out and it does this no matter what server I use could you pls help me with this
    hello could you rank our server ip: please the application has been sent one week before but still unrank.thanks a lot
    Hello, I would like if possible to add my server to rankeds, I have done all procedures on Sunday (15) or second (16), can not remember for sure but still unranked and this is already boring that nobody wants to play on unranked servers.
    Please if you have anything I can do I thank you.
    PS: Sorry for the English'm on google translator.

    server IP:

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but would like to evaluate my server.

    Already sent to the ranked offbeat program but for more than 24 hrs and had no return, my server is for the Brazilian community and is the only one we have right now.

    Please see if you can help me with this.
    hi, one question, my server is ranked? . port: 7888
    i get this error: Removing ranked status: IS_RANKED_UPDATE returning FALSE

    pls help me. thank you!
    Sorry to bother you, I saw you on the forums. I have applied for ranked status but that was a week ago. My IP is:

    Thanks if you can help me out :)
    Hello sorry to bother you again, my friend has a red orchestra 2 server and wanted me to ask if the IP is in the ranked server list, he did apply but has had no change yet.


    Thank you.
    Hello, my IP is
    Port: 7777

    I did apply but that was last week, no change in status for ranked.

    Thanks you.
    Hey Ramm could you guys consider adding in a way for the TL's to draw on the map for the SL's... and is it possible when your looking at the map and watching all the blue dots move... you can see where the SL's are located?

    Please and Thank You!


    Loving Rising Storm!
    Hi Ramm.

    Thanks for all the work you are doing. I still cannot get over Mamayev Kurgan, some very nice work there too. :)

    I can't wait until Rising Storm now. I am already looking at getting another server up and running in anticipation.

    For better or worse, I'm glad to see you active in the RO section of the forums again. Your presence is appreciated.
    Hi John -- If you have a couple minutes this morning could you please check out the map & thread at http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?p=983318#post983318 to see if you can offer suggestions to get it running. A couple guys are trying to get their MP servers to run it but crashing.

    I just had the thought that maybe it has to do with the file prefixes: there's a hyphen at the start of the assets file GBS-Ogledow.upk Could part of the problem be that it should be an underscore?

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