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Winter trigger guard?


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Nov 27, 2005
Palm Coast, FL
I'm guessing in reality, the guard was made wider so you could shoot easier with a glove. Perhaps it improves the rate you can fire a weapon? But the weapons are already true semi auto, so I don't think that's it. Maybe cosmetic? But since when is a 1 inch wider trigger guard considered cosmetic? What weapon is this for?
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Apr 3, 2011
the winter trigger guard allows you to wear gloves and comfortably operate the trigger.

If you dont have that equiped 10min into the match you will get frostbite on your figures and youll have them amputated.

seriously i dont know whats for lol.

I can just imagine TWI during their creative meatings.

Dev1: Come on guys we really need to think of some more unlocks
Dev2: Its hard, we have to keep it kind of believable.
Dev1: what else could they have possibly attached to their guns in ww2 aside from a bayonet and maybe a scope?
Dev2: hmm...
Dev1: hmmmmm....
Dev2: How about a winter trigger guard?
Dev1: what does that do?
Dev2: Nothing!
Dev3: Guys i dont think this is right. Maybe we should just abandon this unlock sytem; its obvious we're including it just for its own sake and because everyone else is doing it. We need to keep RO2 unique, we dont need to copy from other games
Dev1: Get the f*** out of my office and turn over your desk. The unlock system is AMAZING! They'll LOVE it!
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Sep 13, 2011
Yea that's what I was thinking. Other than having a certain FOV you aren't seeing the trigger. Wracking my brain for an explanation...

I have an explanation....its another idea Tripwire implemented to draw in the COD crowd...the people who feel the need to receive statistics showing how 1337 they are and stupid, lil, pointless unlocks that do nothing for gameplay and that you cant even see on yourself...this is why Ro2 was rushed out before Bf3 and Mw3...copy a few game mechanics from CoD and try to steal a few players away before MW3 release
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Aug 31, 2011
There's almost no explanation for anything in game. The squad system, the unlocks, hell the team leader is supposed to be able to direct the squads but I've seen very little indication in game of what the commander wants me to do when he tries to command his fireteams.

To be fair, there is a squad leader tutorial, just most people haven't run through it. Additionally, most people don't even really order people around very much.
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Aug 31, 2011
You said choice. Is it actually? My Kar is lvl 29, but it still shows as locked on the stat screen.

I am at level 32 with the K98 and I still don't have the sight hood removed, and it says that unlock is at level 25.

Has anyone else had the sight hood removed from their sight hood removed from the K98? I am really looking forward to this unlock for some reason.
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