[Info] White-Listed mutators

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May 22, 2011
If a server runs a white-listed mutator of a specific release (we will name it release A for now) and a new mutator release is submited to TWI for white-listing (we name that one release B), then release A will drop from the white-list as soon as release B enters that list. This means that servers running release A will suddenly become and stay unranked until A is deactivated or replaced by B (will also need a server restart).

The developers of mutators have no idea on which servers their mutator is used and for that reason it's hard for them to inform the server admins on time about the newer version.

For this reason it would be wise if server admins would inform the mutator developer that they are using his mutator. Please PM them and pass them your email address. The mutator developer can then notify you when:

  • He has submitted a new mutator release to TWI.
    which would be mean that in a few days the servers running A would go unranked. This is where a mutator could be deactivated by the server admin to prevent going unranked for a short time.
  • His new mutator release entered the white-list and a new download is available.
    Server admins can then download and install this newer release and activate it. The developer can make it easy by sending an email to the admins on his list passing them the instructions plus download link.
This way your server won't go unranked (because you can deactivate the mutator release A before the new release B will kick A from the white-list).

Below you find a list of mutators which are currently on the white-list together with a link to the developer of that mutator:

If I forgot a mutator (or some other important information), then please reply to this post and I will add it the the above list.