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  • Hi mate,

    Got an interesting one for you.

    With the Members section and the criteria for a kick to make room for a member, I understand it is based on ping and idle and so on. How can it also look to a list of undesirable players and if one is in the server they get kicked first.

    This would be pretty nice.

    Great work with the admin panels.
    Hey,could you help me if u can with something?...i've run in a problem with the servers on Red Rrchestra 2...i exited the game three days ago and since then it won't let me join any server.It says i lost connection with the host...please reply to me if you know how to solve the problem :)
    Greetings Ducky!

    I made a thread on the suggestion sub forum for KF2. It was about some Firebug changes. It said it needed to be accepted by a mod, and since its been several days, I was wondering how long it usually takes?
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but it would be possible to speed up the rank from my server? I did the application procedure even on Sunday and so far is unranked, know it sucks to be asking this but I am dying to play and have good servers are always full :(

    If possible I thank you.

    Server IP:
    I would like to request that you unlock the thread http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=113016

    There is only one other thread on that exact topic. It was started by someone intentionally trolling our group in the steam forums. The person stated their intent to specifically troll and derail us.

    I announced we were going to move the discussion to Tripwire because we want to start a dialogue with Tripwire execs on this issue. The person who started the other thread immediately registered on these forums and started a negative topic to intentionally derail the thread.

    Check their history, it is the only thing they have posted on.

    They are now laughing about it on the Steam killing floor 2 forums how they manipulated the situation.

    We have a group of 100 people currently and expect it to be a group of 1000. We wanted to create a polite posting that would let us state our point of view and request TWI execs to respond to our customer issue.

    We can not do that in the other thread with how it was purposely slanted to create a flame war . Just read the OP where he talks about crybabies whining ..... That is not the sort of discussion in which we are interested.

    No name calling , flaming, baiting, trolling. A chance to have an OP that clearly states our point of view with a chance for the thousands affected to post their point. Others are welcome to comment, but we will not be getting into flame wars regardless of the name calling, cursing, flaming.

    I hope you will reconsider. If now would you please pass this request on to the community manager for TWI.

    Thank you.
    Hey ducky,

    I received a profice infraction. (Been using the same signature since the release of RO2 (not sure why after so long the signture is considered to large (this in the first place) and why was it allowed for so long?
    No courtesy to send a warning via PM either?

    If you did send a me a PM please show it.
    I never got one...


    Dennis Span a.k.a. Rrralphster a.k.a. Costarring
    Hi, Ducky. We have a problem. Durind downloading TWIL mutator the game crashes with error. Its somewthing with PB, the game not see PB. Its hapenned only during downloading TWIL mutator. We try to reinstall the game but its not to work again. Whats wrong ? Thx
    hey ducky we're having problems witht the steam ids and butch just went offline their steam ids are as follows
    STEAM_0:1:20846268 thats tides
    STEAM_0:1:42539853 and thats red commie
    if you could fix this asap that'd be great! :D
    ducky - we have a match in 30 minutes and my members cannot join the servers
    we have sent butch the steam id's but they cannt get in
    can you add me on steam friends so i can send them to you?

    thanks in advance
    nevermind found the problem [0012.00] Log: PunkBuster Server: Game Version [7258]
    [0012.00] Log: ReservedSlots.u Failed - Removing Ranked Status
    [0012.00] Log: ReservedSlots.u Failed - Removing Ranked Status
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