Suggestion for level.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 9, 2006
Ok orel and black july have got me thinking recently why not make a infantry level the size of arad or ogeldow. It could do for the infantry what orel did for tanks atm we have plenty of infantry levels but the firefights all take place at 100 metres max with the exception of tula i think which is quite awesome tough but great, i would love infantry levels with view distances of some of the tank levels eg ogledow but without the tanks.
Actually dont even bother making a totally new level we've had the tankification of infantry levels eg bavoska-tank odessa-tank why not the infantrify some tank levels.
What about modify arad only one or two tanks maybe none at all, the rest infantry slots replace the forests beside the villages with type of forests moz uses in black july two halftracks on each side i think someone is making a russian halftrack. Or even ogledow that already has good infantry fights.
Obviously some of the terrain and objectives would have to be changed but hey it could work.
P.S i know this wouldnt work on servers with under twenty people (well maybe it could if the objectives were limited) but on full servers it just might work and of course the clown car has to go for this to work.