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  • hello im new to the forum ive played red orchestra 2 and rising storm for a few hundred hrs and ive come across an issue that idk how to fix punkbuster keeps kicking me from servers saying im having failure to communicate with the server but my ping is just fine and I can play on servers that do not require punkbuster. it is rather frustrating if you have any idea on what to do anything would be appreciated
    Hello ..I am an RGN member and Mike Nomad and Fishsticks said to ask you for the Beta Key. I regularly help test and I also help research scenario and Table of Organization for RO2...I am a Disabled Vet and a WW2 historian.
    Nester...Im part of the RGN clan that plays on a pretty regular basis (Ive got 866 hrs logged so far). Mike Nomad said that it may be possible to get a beta key from you to help out with the beta. I would love to give some feedback and try out the beta. Thanks for your time.
    If I may send this idea of mine directly to you - since you're obviously not giving up on 'Spawn on SL' as a feature for RS, an apt compromise might be to add a 50 or 100m radius around the SL which should block spawning if there are enemies inside - to avoid the issue of Japs spawning on top of Marines and vice-versa. This could of course be averted for fixed spawn points behind enemy lines which the mapper put there intentionally :)
    can you tell us (community)the release date we waiting all so long.

    P.S.:Sorry for my bad english i am german
    Any reason why you didn't approve my post?

    It wasn't abusive, it wasn't counter productive, furthermore it was related to a valid point which you chose to both respond to and challenge for citation.

    This is my first experience with a moderated forum, and I'm a bit confused.
    It was a draw - they cheated a bit and so did we ;) - I did, however, totally pwn the f1 driver in a face-to-face shootout in a bunker :D
    I have been listening to Hawkwind for about 30 years. I saw them at Stonehenge '84; you can see the vids on youtube of that.
    Not to be disrespectful, but you are old enough to be my father and yet you listen to Hawkwind - I find that both awe-inspiring and awesome at the same time, even though it's probably more reasonable for you to listen to them than myself. =)
    Ignore that last message, its just that the drop down boxes are so white, and so far to the right i couldn't see them, all ok now thanks.
    Hi Nestor, the registration page on the new forums isn't working, i am unable to register or leave a message
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