Some fresh ideas, from a vet player

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 6, 2010
Though new poster. Anyways...
Just little things, mostly video links, to weapons that would be interesting to include into that game. Sorry to firebug lovers (like me, with my lv6 :eek:), but I couldn't really find any fire weapons...

Medic: Thompson smg; [url=]YouTube - Thompson Submachine Gun Montage[/URL] A powerful, but light machine gun, it would give the medic a bit more punch. It can have a clip (20-30 rounds) or a drum (50 rounds). I think a small 10mm healing grenade launcher on the side would be nice too (area heal, aiming dart sucks sometimes), and maybe a little degen to foes hit...he he

P90; [url=]YouTube - P-90 Demo[/URL] (stop around 3:50), A very compact and light gun, fires fast and accurately, if not super powerfully. Laser sight could be replaced with some sort of healing delivery system (maybe aerosol, to heal all in front over short distance, perhaps with a slowing effect on foes!)

Sharpshooter: S&W .500 Mag; [url=]YouTube - S&W .500 Magnum[/URL] Sure it only holds 5 rounds, but it rip though stuff a deagle couldn't touch. Super high recoil, slow fire, and very limited extra ammo would almost make this cannon not worth it if it didn't destroy all in its path (Fp's will shake with fear!)

Berserker: [url=]YouTube - Ninjutsu - Shuriken Throw[/URL] (shuriken), [url][/URL] (double knife), [url=]YouTube - Ax Throwing[/URL] (ax), [url=]YouTube - Kukri Machete : Cold Steel Knives[/URL] (kukri, skip to about 0:45), [url=]YouTube - JAVELIN THROW - TOP 10 JAVELIN THOWERS[/URL] (javelin), [url][/URL] (spear head, nasty), Currently, the serk has to rely on others weapons for range. This sucks. So, throwing weapons. Shurikens (throwing star) are the weakest, throwing knives (double sided) are next, then throwing axs (hatchets or tomahawks, or even the double sided viking ones), and throwing machetes (kukris, though not per say throwing weapons, in my experience are very good at sticking) and finally, javalins (Olympic types, long and aerodynamic) and thick nasty barbed throwing spears.

They would all be very light (shuriken weight 1kg for several, the heaviest would weight 3-4kg total), would be med-high expensive, but have low 'ammo' and do weak damage at best. The serk would get extra 'ammo' for them, have a reduced price to get and resupply them, and would have greatly increased damage with them. They would be limited in range, true, but serkers would also get harder throws as they lv, thus extra range (like firebugs flamer extra range)

Commando: Beowolf m4 50 cal; [url=]YouTube - 50 Beowulf - Future Weapons[/URL] A badass gun, and nothing more then a mod of an m4. 10 heavy shots (12 w/lved perk), but low acc and reduced effect vs small foes and bloats (all to soft)

Am15; YouTube - AM15 Part 2 Because a S.A.W. is too obvious and heavy. A light gun with little recoil and a 150-200 round clip (unperked) with very low damage and a pretty long reload, never stop shooting all those crawlers

Support Gunner
: 40mm pump action grenade launcher with m576 rounds; [url=]YouTube - The 40mm Pump Grenade Launcher[/URL] (launcher, skip to 0:25) and [url=]YouTube - Firing the M576 Buckshot[/URL] (round. skip too 1:00. he misses, I know, but its like the hunting shotguns double barrel blast, and from one round!) A badass gun, and badass shots. These are used to clear out rooms from the outside, and i mean from the outside of the house! Basically a hunt shottys double blast, but adds knock back too! Slow reload and pump (about x2 time reload, and 33% more time to pump after fire time respectfully, I would say)

: Sag-30; [url=]YouTube - Czech Grenade launcher SAG-30[/URL] A repeating grenade launcher, heavy but powerful. Its main nicity is a clip, which while it takes a while to get on, would still be faster the reloading 6 shots from a MLG

Neopup Paw-20; [url=]YouTube - NEOPUP PAW20.wmv[/URL] This things just wicked awesome. A real nice grenade rifle, and I mean RIFLE for sniping! Only 20mm, but that's ok because it lowers risk of blowing yourself up, and less dust in the way after

Well, that's all for now, hope this give KF creators and players alike some cool ideas of what could be!

Oh, and :troll::IS2::troll: trolozank with dual trollocket launcher protection, just try to flame me, I dare ya!!!:eek:;):D:p:rolleyes:
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Active member
May 20, 2009

I think would be cool if moderator could approve suggestion before it's seen to public. Or make clear rules to limit suggestions.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 23, 2010
I liked the "axe throwing" vid,but it would be kinda hard in the game.I mean how many would the player carry?Or would it be a tier 3 weap for flesh pounds etc.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 30, 2010
under your bed
i would rather see a whip for the zerker :p.

overall, these are cool ideas, but im not sure how much this would influence the game. kukri would do what? be an grade between katana and machete?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 18, 2010
"Veteran player" my arse.

Pretty much every "veteran player" is sick of seeing these threads crop up, let alone suggesting them themselves.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 3, 2008
cool, more evidence of the infamous Youtube double-post bug! :eek::cool: oh wait, somebody once tried to explain how this bug doesn't exist :rolleyes: i'd suggest switching to Google Chrome as that browser apparently eliminates the auto-link embedding which causes this bug. :)

as for the content.....every idea has been suggested before....on multiple occasions. :troll:


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 30, 2010
under your bed
troll face is "problem?" face...
he's a cousin of the much loves "awesome" face

(o god, now people will start demanding the awesome face as emoticon)

edit: daimn, i cant get this picture to a smaller size.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 2, 2009
Beowulf, i've seen before. Overpowered.

Pretty much everything is gamebreaking in some way.

Also :troll:

A veteran player would've realised these are bad ideas, and you should've taken the time to search for some of the cancer-like Weapons Posts that are replicating at an exponential rate.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 15, 2009
"Veteran player" my arse.

Pretty much every "veteran player" is sick of seeing these threads crop up, let alone suggesting them themselves.

He said veteran player, not veteran forum hanger-outer.

Also, @OP, that's not a P90 demo, this is a P90 demo:

PS: OMG! Add staff weapons! And lazer eyes!