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  • Officially Retired, I'm hanging up my Flamethrower and Syringe for good.

    Sadly KF as I knew it doesn't exist anymore, and playing modern KF doesn't interest me at all. Thanks for all the laughs folks, day one downtimes, screwy hitboxes, Fleshpound one stabs, Medic speed nerf, katana endless nerfs, OP Xbow, KEPT, the KF Beta, broken assed Zerker, Community Beta, the TF2 model for game destruction, its all been a load of laughs.

    I'm rarely on Steam now, but I still go on from time to time, send a friend invite and/or a message.

    Cyaz around.

    Undedd Jester
    When it comes to modern gaming... well lets just say whenever I step in what dogs leave in the street I tend to say "whoops I've trod in an Modern Warfare 2...
    And I'm back. Sorry that thread turned out as ugly as it did there folks, I know how bad it can be when people are arguing and burying other peoples posts.

    Got it out of my system now so :)
    I would like to see a L115A3 sniper for Sharpshooter, a British soldier make 3 shot(2 enemy and one machine gun placement) in 2475M without missing his target.
    Hehehe, I don't think its stupidly overpowered, but its definately in 3rdc spot of overpowered weapons ;)
    Just realised none of my responses are stored on this page.. so I'll post them here for other visitors :p

    @No Glory
    Did I write Mercy? Sorry dude, I must have had the game on my mind, meant Glory, my bad :p

    Well lets just say I wouldn't pick demo man on your team in a FF server :p

    Yo O to the Livier! Sup dawg? :p

    Nearly up to the big 200! And i'm desperately trying to think of something witty to put here... but at the minute I really need a piss and I can't be assed to go....
    Hey, who is this No Mercy you talk about in the ideas and suggestions thread? (for the genetics perk suggestion)

    Lol! I thought maybe he was someone I had yet to meet!.....do you really think I am merciless? :p
    Steam seems to work on my laptop tho, so it must be a problem with windows 7 :S (my laptop got xp)
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